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Yeah, it's about magnifying glass of course and not a zoom. I always use this neat feature on iPad and like it. Unfortunately the only tool that helps to deal with dumb autocorrect. I checked on N4 and it doesn't have anything like this. Even though JB has more intuitive corrective suggestive entry system manual correction (after autocorrection) isn't as friendly as on iOS.
Lol, tallest. He's your kind. He probably saw Nexus on a cover of magazine. Just read this."I have this tablet and it fking sucks. Should have saved money for the mini instead"Nexus7 is $300 while Mini is 329$. I know, I played Santa for Christmas. Enen though I choose Mini, primary due to investment into iPad software and good value overall, N7 is comparable to the mini. So, that kid with No-Samsung logo can afford 300$ but needs to save $29 more for mini.
^this. Beautiful but overpriced hardware, boring and aging iOS and ugly monster on top of it - iTunes, great idea, poor implementation. I want to have widgets on my iPad. I don't want to exchange photos between tablet and laptop through iCloud. I'm really impressed with Jelly Beans while iOS6 was ... Well, just like 5.. Or 4 ... Not much different from the one that I got on 1st and 2nd Gen Touch (both still alive btw).
Who cares? Fanboys are offended, but who really cares.
Why not? Pre-retina screen, A5X, about 5", no LTE shouldn't be expensive. On the other hand I wouldn't expect Nexus's $350 price tag on greed.inc branded product, but 450 is possible. Maybe it also will run on T-Mobile. Inexpensive phone on expensive network doesn't make sense, but T-Mobile with their value plans just fine.
@Relic. WebMD on iPad mini is very handy. Also all kind of client-server apps have good usage on tablet platform. Imagine phlebotomist going from room to room in a hospital, collecting specimens, scanning labels and posting on his iPad/Nexus. Don't forget about Cisco VPN client and Citrix for iOS/Android so you can access corporate environment from outside and run apps on Citrix farm.
Lol, indeed.
Dude, please turn on imagination. I was referring to 7" and 10" markets.
@Sr2012, Nexus 4 (4.2.1) is a best phone I ever hold in my hands (including iphone5). But S3 and One X .... Nah. I would disagree. Beautiful screen on S3 is ruined by cheap looking construction and clumsy touchwiz, while Sense is a bit annoying for stability issues. The only issue I see with iPhone - it's designed for petite people who don't use reading glasses and love everything classic (outdated iOS UI). Thus iPhone5 > S3, one x.
Tallest, it's funny how you always switch subject on Samsung. So much hate. Who's maker of your home TV? Sony? ))
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