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IPads could be most wanted on medical field IF they have IR port to scan labels. There are cases iPad with IR port on em but they are costly and also new lightning connector was big screw up for this market. As far mini vs maxi, my wife (ARNP) says most of their staff switched to mini due to size that fits lab coat's pocket. We have one of those and I found it adorable. Overall I believe that devices with 7" will be more popular due to price/mobility reason.
  Don't worry about it. When I got  Retina iPad we compared with wife's #2 and both see no difference. Seriously, if you need watching glass to see difference it could be neglected. I also got iPad mini for my daughter for xmas and neither of us will regret it when mini with retina will surface.
Ah, that. Santa will bring me Nexus 4 with genuine 4.2 experience and for side by side comparison with iPhone5 that he has for my wife, ho-ho-ho
What the point?
And what's wrong with it?  There are only 4 major providers in US.  Changing AT&T for Verizon and the other way is pointless since they're the same price wise. T-Moblie doesn't have iPhone (this  is why my wife left them). I see no problem to pay $200 for the phone and stay with them another 2 years after 7-8 years with them.  Fanboys will upgrade hardware with partial discount when new hardware comes out. I don't think there will be big demand for unlocked iPhone5 in US....
omg. $650 for 16gb. Nexus 4 is $350.
No deals on mini, only $31-41 off on regular falls short to last year's $50. Does Apple hired Scrooge McDuck?
Whatever teens do - FB, browsing, pandora, netflix, cat photos ... My wife biased against iPod2 since treats it as old hardware.  But same time we expected retina on mini for $329. It feels like scale down #2. Thus i'm stuck at the point 7-9 vs 9-7 and pretty much leaning towards bigger. But mini weights only 0.68 and has almost 13hrs of battery live. Anything else? 
Christmas nears and with blackfriday next week I have good chance to buy good gift for teenage daughter. I don't know if Apple will throw $50 off like on last thanksgiving but I already found deal in Walmart for iPad2 - standard price plus 75$ gift card what makes it 325$. I looked at mini at Sams today and found it adorable but have doubts sine can have full size for the same price. What would you recommend? I wold like to know pros/cons.
Tallest, do you work for Apple?
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