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Put it into gel skin and chill.
Map looks ok to me. I don't know why people are so frustrated. After all you can install chrome or dolphin HD and run it from google. But nothing really wrong in TB. I can see my house, build route. All those apps still are falling behind commercial GPSs. The best use of The app is to explore.
/fail I was trying to find where the heck it is. Another mystery. YouTube is gone, maps are ok, no panorama. This drummer Cook really plays weird bit. Who would expect that best tablet on a market will fall behind average phone.
Tallest, I have factory GPS on both of our cars, plus maps on iPad kind of pointless while on a phone could useful when visiting places. But why YouTube is gone? I actually prefer app over any browser. It was damn good app. I just checked App Store and there's nothing good. Awwww. Hello hello. This message is written by Siri and I approve it!
Those fanatics in a lines know exactly what they want, this a part of their apple-fan-culture and this dumb ad just is an insult to a people, tasteless amateur effort to look stupid. This reminds me car salesmen. When I called and asked when model I want will be released he tried to sell whatever was in a stock. He called few times later until I raged: why don't you f***g understand ( copyright Christopher Bale) I want THIS model.
Hey, guys, did I miss something? Where's YouTube App? O.O
Page not found, tallest, but thanks for the effort. For some reason app store also stared when I clicked on link. Interesting.
Just as I expected, stretched iPhone4 plus LTE . I hope I'll convince wife to accept it as Christmas gift. Nano look epic after fail generation. Touch is OK and that armband is very useful. Earbuds with noise canceling was great idea for the phone. I hope quality will not be as crappy as on classic earbuds. Out of 8 devices (iPads dont have in a box) I have only one survived pair of earbuds and replaced them with durable Sony. Adapter old2new connector for $29 omg. I...
Well, I'm excited. Anyone can link any article about what's new in iOS6 for new iPad?
I don't know how old you are, but I'm mid 40-s and 3,5' are no longer big enough for my eyes. I don't want to have phone only glasses. Thus my expectations were 4'++. I don't really care about multicore and retina on a phone. This is the only part I like about S3 - screen size. I hate touchwiz and I wish it have sense and their amazing weather gadget. Again, just an opinion.
New Posts  All Forums: