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Ah, ic. No, I meant relic as something holy/sacred. This inside joke when my wife critisized me for trading iphone for s3 at work even though i had no choise. Now I understood your point about updates.
Quadra, I'm not on a quest against Apple so you don't need to convince me. I'm happy with iPad and Mac book but I'll trade them with easy heart if something better will came out. I'm as former owner of iPhone just happened to have my own opinion. Maybe it's biased by my frustration of release of 4s instead of 5. You don't need to eat me for that. If 5 will be amazing I'll just transfer one of my tmobile numbers to wife's Verizon. If not - will just continue to use...
Tallest. The difference between our attitudes is that I'm doing a favor to Apple, Infiniti and Publix by buying their products and you're buying relics that I treat like nothing but a gadget and replacing them back and forth. Simple.
They want to pay for the phone as much as for IPhone when it was released.
Roflmao. No kidding! Apple is evil and all others are saints. How perfect is your world.
Touchwiz is as clumsy as any Samsung UI I ever saw. They should learn from HTC sense. At least no lawsuit danger.
Well, I had Windows Mobile phone when iPhone came out and I was deeply impressed. While it also was rectangle with round corners it didn't have damn stylus and apps were 99c while apps for windows mobile were as expensive as for PC. User friendly UI etc. But years later it's still the same. My old Touch is still alive; impressive battery life. But UI isn't much different from latest iPhone or my ipad3 and this is primary source of frustration for me. I lol'd at first...
He will disappoint you because you lost.
Naive Apple believes that everyone will trade modern devices for iphone. More apple spends time in court - more I believe that there will be nothing special and exciting in iphone5. SIII looks like iPhone? Just file motion in any court other then Californian and face reality.
I have no doubts. My wife for example pretty happy with 3G thus never upgraded to 4S. But when she needs hotspot for iPad for some unknown for me reason she's sitting on my LTE.
New Posts  All Forums: