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Medical industry actually has two possible area of use. First - physicians and iPad hands down is the king here. I see no place for mini here. Second and absolutely MASSIVE scenario is phlebotomy and Apple is absolutely out of the picture so far for absence of infrared scanner on device. Some big hospitals have as many as 8K users and they all want to scan labels - specimens, tubes, patient braslets etc. On this field our best seller is pocket PC version even though we...
21 message a day for two straight years. Impressive dedication.
I bet for iPad Air too. Will be good Christmas gift for kids.
Because you aren't fellow member of his cult.I completely agree with your point. When I got iPad3 for birthday we compared it with wife's iPad2. We probably aren't hawk eyes to see any difference in better screen and true multitasking with dual core CPU. Just a bit thicker and hotter on a back, other than this - same old iOS, not much different from my first iPod touch. Fanboys are talking about innovation but I see Apple stack on its maybe EPIC, but already AGING design....
I have no doubts that American customers will pay for this since Samsung will definitely put a tiny bit of this loss into ever single product they sell.
CanadianDude, it's so simple. Gadget freaks go after latest hottest devices while brand name cultists they locked on previous brand even when it has 3G when everyone has 4G and 4G when everyone on LTE. Apple intention to dominate is clear because it's what every corporation is dreaming about. They go with small steps after the google. But US court can rule only over US market thus cannot kill as some suggest. Apple has no chances to score same win in EU because unlike US...
Oh yeah, sweet memories. Sony fanboys trolled me for saying that streaming will bury any winner of the media format war. 4 years later my Panasonic collects the dust, BR media migrates to public library and LG used only for streaming Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu and Pandora.
Those guys have no sense of reason. This is apple fun site and not iPhone only. I also disign iOS, Mac, windows and android front ends for our medical software and have good experience with those platforms. If I say iPad is best on a market - because it's stable, solid and easy for programming and I enjoy it. But if I say iPhone is behind competitors its not to offend sarcastic moderator or unknown post generator, but because I just sharing my opinion. We were...
Our Nickname for iPod Touch.
How about 2 adults sitting on iPads and 2 kids streaming pandora on iTouches from my hotspot without any lag during this summer vacation on a ocean. Use your imagination.
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