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I don't care about both Apple and Samsung. I'll buy best technology. Looks like someone takes it personally.
Apple beware, better do not disappoint with iPhone5 as it was with 4S. My corporate Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon 4G LTE with 24mbps made my FIOS with 13Mbps look like junky dial up. Wifey's Verizon iPhone4 "rocks" at 1.1mbps. At least some 1B $ relief for Apple for being one year behind competitors. Rambus was also winning in courts.
War gets ugly. I knew Google will join Samsung fight against Apple. What a mess. :(
I don't think iTouch is in danger. It's with no doubts best audio-video player on a market. Imo Nano was kind off bastard child until merger with shuffle. iTouch will hold position of PDA and iPad-mini - budget alternative to iPad. There are many customers who use prepaid/simple phones to save on expensive plans with data who will choose iTouch due to WiFi capabilities. It will be perfect lineup if iPod mini will have size of Kindle Fire.
I would guess it's canceled iPhone5 that was replaced by 4s or fake. I don't believe apple will just release iPhone4, stretched to four inches and call it 5. Has to be more then four to keep up with androids. Glass will be as on iPad3 thus will benefit on bigger screens. I hope on different design of home button. Classic is malfunctioning on one of our iTouches and iPad2. /fail. It will be nice if iOS will "borrow" design of autocorrect on android to cut off the oxygen frm...
      I hate Apple for doing this. Seriously, as consumer. I even switched iPad3 for Dell Laptop to type this. Here you go! Viewsonic V35/V37! My first PDA with PocketPC 2002 and pocket framework.  Is it rectangle enough with round corners? 
I'm sorry OP about your bad experience with AT&T products. But there's nothing wrong with Android whatsoever. I own T-Mobile HTC Sensation and absolutely love it. Nothing personal. My HTC runs latest OS and really user friendly. Test selection + Copy/Paste is just amazing. I have household full of Apple products - iTouches, iPad2s, iPhones, but never owned iPhone myself sine T-Mobile never had it. For some of us ATT and Verizon - stay away zone.
New Posts  All Forums: