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Netflix could easily do a miniseries that people could binge watch.
This update does not resolve the issues with gMail. If you use Mailbox app on Iphone (inbox zero) Mail still is not 'compatible'.
Team Viewer works better anyway.
Apple has a relationship with HP?
That was hilarious. It makes me wonder tho - if Samsung keeps going down this road if Apple will get pissed and open a big can of "I'm an iPhone, I'm Android" ads like they did to Microsoft. Apple has a knack for attacking with humor while highlighting it's products.
And let the flamewars begin about why the so called 'isheep' should have book palm treos or blackberries at the time….
That is just positively dickish. What if you have hardware that is not supported by Mt Lion? I suppose you are supposed to 'upgrade' your hardware too?!?!?!?!
Pretty bitchy San Fran.   Wonder why Apple didn't try to update the standards?  Manufacturing techniques evolve after all, not just at Apple.
If Woz wants to contribute then he should go back to Apple.  He should stop firing spitballs from the outside.  It's not helpful to his legacy and it's not helpful to Apple's.
  My point had nothing to do with malice.  MY point was sarcasm.  YOUR assumption was malice.  If you don't want people to express themselves, turn off commenting.  Otherwise - be more accepting of other points of view.
New Posts  All Forums: