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I have heard this sometime ago just cannot remember the source.
I've had an ATV since v1 and now have two v2. Love the concept and gets used quite a bit. Having invested in the whole Apple Eco system I find them a joy to use and seems to bring everything together. The possibilities for future iterations is excellent and looking foward to what Apple has installed for its gem of a product.
Industry very wary of Apple. So scared of another iTunes domination. No doubt about it Apple are loosing their charm and wow factor.
Cook is a logistics man Steve was a visionary. Two entirely different people and styles of leading. Apple will ne'er be quite the same again and people should accept this.
Comeback to your family....
IOS experience needs to be updated and I'm looking at you iTunes/videos/music app. Also multitasking on iPad.
Looking foward to this.
Safari all the way for me.
What makes iPad mini is price,lightness and design. Apple need to make the iPad more like the mini.
Apple need to re-think certain things about the iPhone. I know many people have defected from Apple to Android especially for the Galaxy S line. People genuinely love the big screen size. Value for money Android is excellent but just not quite as refined as IOS. For me ios works great on the iPad( multitasking needs a re-think) but for the iPhone it needs to change. I suppose ios was originally designed for the iPad and it's starting to show. Still love my ios products...
New Posts  All Forums: