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  And this is exactly why this is his last meeting..  After more than a decade, he still truly does not get it.
logic has always had an arpeggiator, it just required setup in "environment" before X.
  Ok BMW marketing, I'll bite.     Agreed, touching the screen is as unsafe as it gets... That's all the more reason to adopt Apple's "iOS in the car."   Plain and simple, iDrive is awful (yes I've read the manual,) although I do agree with you that pressing the talk button and telling the BMW system what you want it to do is easy, the problem is the technology in the system stinks and never gets things right, unlike Apple's excellent SIRI.     Furthermore, you said...
  I have the technology package on both my 2013 and my partners 2011 BMW and find both the iDrive and ConnectDrive services and app to be severely lacking with poor UI's and horrible voice recognition..    I'd take Siri and Apple's built in iOS integration in a heartbeat were it available.   Furthermore, as much as we love our Bimmers, integration with Apple devices is the single most important 'interior' feature for me.   I would go with an Audi when my lease renews if...
  Agreed,  I just sent Feedback to customerrelations@bmwusa.com.   I'd encourage any BMW owner who wants iOS inegration to do the same..   "Dear BMW,   As current owners of 2013 and 2011 BMW's, I was very disheartened to learn that BMW has no future plans to join the 14 other on-board auto-makers in incorporating the newly announced Apple 'iOS in the Car" and instead plans to stick with it's own technology.   BMW shuns Apple's 'iOS in the Car' to stick with its own...
Well it's a clever idea...  But honestly, how many women did the developers think they'd get to go around marking all of their male FB friends that they'd like to secretly bang..    Gays on the other hand.. :)
There is really no sexual content in the app. It just basically sends email info between FB friends who have stated they are interested in each other. It's basically a matchmaking service that is utilized mainly by the gay community. Nothing offensive in the app itself.
It's mainly a gay hook-up app.     On iOS it was called "BWF,"  on Android it's actually called "Bang With Friends."
It was posted on April fools day.. hmmmm....
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