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Because (1.) it's not only "what" it will do, but "how" it will do it.. and (2.) It may do things that the MacBook won't or vice versa.A cheap $400 windows machine will pretty much do the same things as a $1000 MacBook.. They both do email, internet, movies, photos, music, office productivity etc. etc.. The key difference is "how" the MacBook does them.. The Mac is (arguably) a better user experience all around, that's what people will pay for. It's the same idea...
Actually, you missed my point entirely.. People are complaining about the rumored $700 pricepoint for the Mac tablet.. I was trying to put things in perspective by simply stating that a far less capable device is on the market for $500.
Like I said earlier, the Kindle DX is 9.7 inches, it has non-touch black and white display, it ONLY functions as an e-reader and it sells for $489. Even if the tablet only does what an iPod touch does (and Im sure it will do much more,) it would be a far better value the the Kindle DX..
Maybe not a second plan, but a tethering option added to your 3g plan.
Amazon Kindle DX is 9.7 inches, has a black and white non-touch display, and does one thing, acts as an e-reader.. It sells for $489.
I would suspect you're probably right... But then again, I'd just be guessing..
Has Apple released any official statements regarding this future product?? NO?? Then you are guessing, that is all there is to it.. Call it an educated guess if you must.. It's still guessing.Guessing is also sometimes known as assuming, and you know what they say about people who assume.
The only thing you are accurately pinpointing is the rumors you've been hearing for the past 24 months. We all knew the iPhone would make phone calls and double as an iPod, but there was a heck of a lot more about the iPhone that we could not "accurately pinpoint" than there was that we could. Basically, without official facts, you can not accurately pinpoint anything. You can make a guess based on rumors, and some of them may turn out to be true, but guessing is...
Because maybe it does things that your MacBook Pro can not or does not do..
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