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I used ApplePay two weeks ago at the Barclays Center during a Brooklyn Nets game...
I saw someone buy 4 iPhones, the last 4 that they had in stock, with a gift card yesterday so it looks like that would work
I listen to the MLB channel and games on XM all the time in the car
the same exact thing happened to me too...
I have an iPhone on AT&T and I haven't hacked it or anything, but your logic seems flawed... obviously Apple makes more on iPhones that are on AT&T, but aren't they actually making more money by people unlocking them as opposed to buying other phones to work on whatever other network they are on?
For me on at&t when I was home in New York I constantly had this problem but when I got back to school in Connecticut the issue stopped and texts have been displayed perfectly. Just a weird observation...
haha I know it's been a while. I was stuck watching chick flicks with my girlfriend before so I figured AI on my iPhone was a better choice over paying attention to the movie. How've you been Shawn?
I prefer laptop over notebook. Whenever I hear notebook the first thing that comes to mind is the notebook that you write and take notes in.
did you try restoring the phone?
I'm almost positive that the only way to get it to work is by unlocking.
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