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If it's still using Lightning, then it will be exactly the same, physically. But we're seeing the first internal change with the Pro. It now communicates at USB 3 speeds. Or will, when the new cables come out, which is something that I don't understand. It's a cable, it should be out the same time as the device that needs it, and should have been included.
It looked like a regular iMac, except that it was just in white.
Mine are Procreate and Sketchbook Pro. I've never seen Sketch Club, but I'll try it.By the way, to show where these more Pro level apps are going, AutoDesk, the makers of AutoCad, are buying iOS app makers like crazy. Sketchbook Pro is an Autodesk app, and my favorite drawing/drafting app iDraw has also been bought by them and renamed Graphic. They've now got a bunch of pro and semi pro apps here.
Since I've been retired, I haven't needed professional features such as BIN, and others. I've had Bently CAD and others on my Mac. I do use AutoCad 360 on my ipad, though for my use, the $99 yearly fee is stiff. Still it's a pretty good app, and I can use it anywhere. With my new Pro, and the Pencil, which came in a half hour ago, this should be a lot better. I also went looking for my favorite drawing app, iPencil, but couldn't find it on my Pro. I did find an app I don't...
The Pencil is great. It's just like using a real one, except for the feel across the screen, which is pretty nice. I can do whoever I can do with a real drawing Pencil. I'm really impressed. I've just tried in quickly in Notes though. So no brush, though the pen and marker work very well.
Shame on you! That's the bottom of an old E-Mac. My friend needed to take the drive out, which was buried inside. The unit had stopped working, and so it was going out. After I took it apart, I found the two speakers were mounted in nice polycarbonate chambers connected together. I bought a stereo amp kit, and I had a nice power supply. So I took it to my shop downstairs and cut the case the way you see, in the front. I mounted the power supply and amp on the bottom, in...
I know what they do, but it's trying to squeeze something into something else that it doesn't properly fit into. No matter what they do, the performance of PS on the Surface will be much poorer than a computer with more RAM and a graphics board. I expect that PS will do fairly well on the top model Surfacebook. But the lessor ones will have the same problem PS has on any laptop when compared to almost any Desktop with a graphics card and more RAM.It just shows that you...
And, hey! My pencils just now came in. Opening up one box now.
I was never a very fast typist. My speed was a bit over 70 WPM. It's slower now, as I no longer do the publishing work that I used to. Still, I can type 2,000 words a day just from all the posting I do in various forums. The words add up more quickly than one might think. I do most of my typing on my iPad, and now, on the Pro. My speed, as measured on the iPad was about 45 WPM, but now that I've had the Pro since Thursday evening, last week, I've gotten used to the new...
You're still doing it. Your intention to belittle while trying to make it sound as though you're being conciliatory, is a problem, as you aren't just doing it to me. You know very well what you're doing here. Don't act innocent. I'm very liberal, and so I haven't already deleted all of your posts, but if I don't do it, someone else might.
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