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It doesn't need to put a large dent into battery life. All design is a tradeoff. This would be just one thing in many affecting battery life, and as such, was likely considered. When I designed equipment, memory draw was always a consideration. Whether or not you want to believe it, it was very likely a consideration for Apple as well.
Just as a point of interest, as this discussion has veered way off course, and the last I'll post on this: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2684613/in-scotland-tech-firms-fear-independence-vote.html
To clear this up, let me explain how DRAM works. Most people should know this, but apparently the lesson has been forgotten.Dynamic RAM needs to be refreshed every few milliseconds. That uses power. It's not like NAND used for storage. Even if there is nothing in DRAM, it still needs to be refreshed. DRAM can need heatsinks because it can get hot, in high performance modules. This uses power. Where does power come from in mobile devices? Yes, batteries. How much power gets...
Now more apps can run more tasks, different tasks.
A GB is a GB regardless of the memory width, because that capital "B" stands for byte, which is 8 bits. All memory is called out in bytes. If it's Gb, with the lower case "b", then it stands for bit, which is one eights byte (eight bits in a byte). So you may read about a 128Gb chip, which is a 16GB chip.If you read about a 32 bit memory path, or lane, that doesn't mean more memory, just how it's organized. The same thing is true of 64 bit memory path.
There's no Constitution over where you are. So there are no overriding rules you can point to. It's not proper to ask those not directly involved to share a vote. If that happens, it becomes impossible for a group to leave. This is a difficult question. But in a lot of countries, areas were brought in by force, and so leaving may be an issue, as it was for the Soviet Union. Here, in the States, there is no method by which a state can leave the Union. But then, all stated...
I don't know how you can make a statement like that. Many screens are broken because that are dropped. As far as I know, that's the main mode for breakage. If you don't agree, I'd like to see something showing that.
I don't understand that. This is a government thing. Are you saying that Apple hasn't submitted their products for certification yet? I don't believe that. They're received half of what they need. Why wouldn't they want the rest? They could delay the release afterwards. Are you saying that will give them an excuse?
So you're saying that China will never see the new iPhones, iPads, Macs, or any other apple products?
If you look at those lists, you'll notice that the countries that are at the top, and are very small, are also countries with a lot of oil. So that really doesn't count, as they are not normal economies. As far as lux and Licht go, both are subsidized by France to a certain extent and as their size is so very small, along with their tiny popularions that tourism is sufficient. They are also not comparable to Scotland.The charts say nothing about Scotland.
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