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Nintendo trademarks and copyrights everything in their games. Copyright is much more insidious, because it pretty much never runs out. You can't just patent a patent of a patent. It's not that easy. You need to extend the usefulness of the original patent with something new. And guess what? Anyone else can do that to your patent as well. But you can trademark an effect. Then, no matter what the code, no one can duplicate it. Apple haven't done that.
It's the same thing. Low level smartphones, for the first part.
Bs. You don't know what you're talking about. Everything I've said is what has been said in those journals. Wake up, read the link I provided. It gives some idea. Do,you want to see more?
I'm not so sure we'll have that for a very long time, if ever. Live satellite data would be extremely expensive to implement. How many satellites would be needed around the globe for that to be accomplished? And we'd need to be able to receive data directly from them, I would imagine.I'd love it to happen, but maybe for the military.
Apple has taken a lot of mapping work in-house since the disaster of the initial release. But, it needs to be remembered that Apple hasn't been responsible for their mapping data, that's Tom Tom. Apple just renewed their licensing of that data. I think it was a mistake to not buy the mapping division of Nokia earlier this year instead. For such an important function to them, another $3.5 billion, particularly since it would be from overseas cash, that amount would be...
This is all very nice. Useful? Well, that's something else.
It's not an unusual situation. Have you ever heard of spontaneity? People sometimes change plans at the last moment. Maybe you don't.
Even with Watch OS 1, the watch does a number of things without the phone. With Watch OS 2, it can do so much more. While you're right, I carry my phone everywhere, and I don't yet have the watch ( I plan to get the next model), that doesn't mean that I would be happy to have the watch die. I wear a watch, and I have since I was a kid. I like wearing a watch, and a lot of others do as well. Last year, the same number of watches were sold around the world as watches.You...
Since most people want a longer time between charges, I must disagree with that.
I haven't seen positive changes in India that are dramatic. I've seen significant changes that are backwards. I see a population whose growth is out of control. I've seen more poverty than ever before. I see corruption that, if anything, is worse. Disruption in that society is ever continuing. There are states that despise the idea of foreign business. This is a country that is in major trouble. This Prime Minister has done nothing to reverse that, and his party is a...
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