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Well, considering that all higher end ARM SoC's for Android are either 4 core, or 8, usually using all of the BIG and LITTLE cores, they have nothing to complain about.
It was very interesting. They were asked, severalI think I get what's happening. You don't seem to understand that as of now, the phones are selling in just 60% of the total intended market, and that by the end of the year, most of the market will be included. That means demand will continue to ramp for some time. We all know that after a while, sales droop. You don't have to tell us that.But meanwhile, while Cook said that while production was ramping up, demand so far...
The difference is that Google is the go between, Apple isn't. Google processes all of the Wallet transactions, and sees all of the data. Unless you are buying something from Apple, Apple sees nothing, as it doesn't go through them.
I'm not arguing the convenience. I'm just saying that it will take a long time before we can stop carrying out credit cards with us. And I've only had a problem with scans a few times in my life. It's not something I even think about. And it's always possible that a terminal will misscan NFC as well.
I'm assuming that you do?
Other than playing with it, what exactly do you expect to be testing in the store?
I'm not even concerned with i5 comparisons. What intrigues me is that this is now around i3 low power performance. That, in itself, is major. We're talking about an SoC that is likely the most expensive SoC around, but that is probably no more than about $40, possibly less. The i3, plus support chips, costs around $140. That price difference alone, is a major accomplishment.Now, I'd love to see a notebook with two, giving six cores, and double the graphics performance. Six...
I can have ten tabs open. Mostly, they are from threads I am in. I've got three open from AI, another two from ArsTechnica. Some from financial sites, etc. I'm not using them as bookmarks. I'm sure others use them for the same purposes.But, and here's the thing about page refresh, when in a forum, you want the page to refresh when you reopen it. Most sites don't have push on forums, so if you use the cached page, you don't get the newest posts. So it would be; tap on page,...
Why are you bothering to say things we already know?
No. It's Gingerbread, and newer. It's just an Android problem that I've seen over the years. Some phone model and OS configurations seem to have odd problems like this. Some lack in the electronics, possibility.
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