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My friend paid almost $25k for the entire system, including the drilling of two deep holes.
Touch is definately more secure than a passcode, unless you're using long passwords made of of totally random characters, which isn't true for most things. I do that for my WiFi, but not for much else.The idea that a fingerprint can be bypassed easily is myth. The two guys that did it, were very careful to put a very good fingerprint down. The likelihood is that there is no fingerprint on your phone or case, or one that's good enough to use. We're too used to watching...
Oh, go away, please.I was talking earlier about Nokia again MAKING phones. You always do this to us.
It needs to tether to the phone, because it won't work without the phone being present, from what I've read. I'm surprised that Apple stated that it would work with those older models, because it's the Touch ID that gives it the extra bit of security.
And you.
Yes, they can, but we're talking specifically about phones.
In the short run, it will, and has already been hurting all of them. In the long run, who knows? But a number of the countries you mentioned, the oil companies are owned by the state, and have been run into the ground, producing less oil now, then several years ago, at higher costs. So they are being hurt the most. We can guess as to which are in the boat.And yes, in those countries, oil is a major, if not the biggest, portion of income, so they are suffering terribly....
The areas of significant geothermal energy have been mapped. It isn't that much, compared to the total energy use in this country. Even if they multiplied the use by ten times, it would only be a few percent.There is a different form of geothermal energy that you might be thinking of. That with drilling down a ways, we do get get hotter rock formations, and there is equipment to use that energy to heat a home, at least partially. A friend of mine on Long Island does that....
I see you didn't get the joke either. Oh well.
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