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With Apple being the worlds largest user of memory, and Samsung the worlds largest producer of memory, this isn't surprising.
If you read the commercial computer publications and financial publications online, you will get a different answer. The iPhone is 43% of smartphone marketshare here, and rising. iOS users spend a lot more with their phones and tablets than do Android users, and are more likely to use apps that enable payment. This is documented. There have been many articles about this saying that the industry is waiting to see what Apple will do, and until then, they are holding off.We...
Google has it's own standard which isn't accepted by the readers generally used. There are a lot if differing NFC standards around the world. One doesn't work with the others.
I seem to have two types. Some are also grey. But they still say what it is. I'm looking at one on my phone now for Michael Kors handbags that's grey. But at the top of the iMessage, it says—iMessage. It's small type, but it's there. Gives the date below it.this one was for. Mon. Aug 4, 1:16 PM So colored or not, you know what it is.
Yes, of course.
SMS is green, and iMessage is blue. You don't need to reply to see that.I've gotten both.
What makes you think that just a few hundred people are getting this? It seems to me that a very large number of people are getting them. I've gotten them. My wife and daughter have gotten them, and most of my friends have gotten them.When this sort of thing begins, it begins slowly, and builds up over time, as the first to do it become bolder, and more entities begin doing it.When I first began to get spam on my fax, it was about one a month. Over time, that built up to...
A few hundred, a few thousand, hundreds of thousands. So far, most other iMessage users I know have received at least one spam message. Most, such as myself, have received more than one.I doubt it's as rare as you guys think it is.
First if all, you're talking about a debit card. Try that with an Android phone equipped with NFC, as many are now, and it won't work.
There's NFC and there's NFC. Yes, the London Underground and busses use NFC. You get an Oyster card for long term use, or buy cards for short term use. But that's different from using your phone everywhere. Major transport systems cost so much that the cost of these terminals are just part of it, and it helps the flow. But commercial establishments must show a profit, and terminals that cost thousands may not fit into that. Large stores with several dozen registers may see...
New Posts  All Forums: