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I hope you aren't being serious.
No. It would be far more than that. $2800 might be the price of the gold itself, but then you've got to multiply that price by at least 5 times to derive the price of the case. And remember that gold weighs more than SS does. In addition, the LG case is bigger than the Apple case. It could easily weigh 6 oz if the case were actually made of solid 23k gold.
Because they're in competition with Parallels, both companies release their new products about the same time, and the new Parallels has been released. I've already upgraded. I actually have both. But I don't like VM as much, as it usually has performance deficits when compared to Parallels.
Unity mode is a major feature, and if it doesn't work correctly, it's a big problem.Most reviews and users, myself included, consider Parallels to be a superior product.
That's not really true, is it? The first camera had a 2MP sensor. They've moved that up several times to get to 8MP. Apple's been stuck at 8MP for several years, but that doesn't mean they don't want to move forwards. But they're still well behind in the MP wars here, even if they do go to 13MP, as other flagship cameras are, or are moving, to 21MP. In addition the top models of the Lumia have had a much higher Rez sensor for years.So don't worry, they'll still be...
I doubt the availability of a flash for that camera. Pictures and descriptions of the front glass show no opening, or clear area, for a flash.
I've read elsewhere, with very good reasoning, that the camera will be 13MP, because Apple's module source is exclusively Sony. Because of that, the only sensors that fit the size that Apple can use in their bodies are 13MP sensors.
I don't understand your point. There are a couple of serious bugs. It's a product. There shouldn't have been a rush to release. They seem to know about the nastiest one, which they say they won't fix until a "." Release. That's just not right. I've upgraded to the new parallels, and it doesn't have any real bugs I can find that's serious.
According to the review on Arstachnica today, this has some bugs.
I've already explained this pretty thoroughly. All I would be doing is repeating myself.You pick the worst examples. Examples that have nothing to do with this discussion, because they don't relate . RIM buying QNX is nothing like a watch company hiring a few electronics engineers. These watches are pretty simple. They consist of an SoC, a battery, a screen, a couple of extra chips, and a button or two. They buy the SoC. They buy the other couple of chips, the battery, the...
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