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What a lot of people forget in their rush to criticize this, is that while Apple's product expansion has been going on for a while, they still have a relatively small product line for the amount of sales. Because of rhis, they can spend more money on fewer things. I remember some time ago when Apple's R&D expenses was compared to that of Nokia, and found wanting, that I went and counted the number of phones Nokia produced. It was over 225! Plus networking products, etc....
Actually, these days, the easy and obvious has mostly been done. It's the hard and not so obvious that's mostly left. The more sophisticated technology becomes, the more difficult, and epensive it becomes to advance it further. I'd love to know just what it is that you invented that gives you the eperience to say what you have..
Not quite. But I read today that Apple's $179 billion in cash and investments was equal to $10 for every man, woman and child on tne planet.
It has not been debunked. The reporters who used that LG phone stated that it was pretty hot, hotter than a phone should be. Perhaps Samsung has a different standard for heat output than trailing edge LG does.
Apple was just part of that, the 810 chip was the majority. Qualcomm mentioned that their sales shifted towards radio chips, presumably because of Apple's large sales but a large part of the drop is because of the "large vendor".
Thats a lot of phones, above the whisper number of 73.5 million. Net and sales are also above the whisper numbers.
It doesn't have to be hard coded. But Apple might be adding addendums to the database that need an update to function. Plus, they could be fixing bugs, working on some underlying code, etc.
Because it needs to be appended to all of the menus, among other things.
99% of the time it's ok. I'm updating my 6+ now. If that seems ok, then I'll update my iPad too.
It didn't materialize, according to some, not because Apple didn't release it, but because Apple intended to keep the security protocols in its own hands, that is, to not allow third party modifications.
New Posts  All Forums: