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I know, but I wanted to expand what I said anyway, and to continue the conversation. People ask me why I say things about young people, so I feel I should tell them where I get so e of my info.
Because I have a daughter who is now 22. She's got a lot of friends. I've asked them if they ever break their phones by carrying them that way, but they say no, that everyone does that.
Girls, particularly young ones, put their phones in their back jeans pocket. How they don't break them is something I don't understand, but they do do it.
You can bet that if it were easy to get rid of them, then everyone should have already done that. But the screens have circuits on those edges, and so it's impossible to get rid of those. One small screen manufacturer had shown an edge less screen, that is, almost edge less, but I've never heard of it being in high production.So, progress is being made, but we're not there yet.
I think the 4.7" model will sell very well indeed. I know a lot of people, who have told me that they will get the next iPhone if it's about that size. Some people have mover to Android because we're all older, and it's easier for them to use. But they will come back for a larger iPhone. I do have one guy who went to a larger Android phone, but was disgusted, and came back.The 5.5", or whatever it will be, will get a smaller number of people. But I do know people who have...
That's probably true. Though, the naming will be interesting. So what will we have? A "small" larger phone, and a "large" larger phone. But will they call the larger model an iPhone, or something else? And will the new version of the 5C be called the "6" something or other? A 6c perhaps?I'm having more fun trying to figure out how they will name these things than anything else about them. Though personally, I'm going to get the 4.7" model.
Oh, and these bezel-less mockups are very nice, but unrealistic.
I've read somewhere else, that this photo shows a 4.7" screen. One has to be careful measuring these things, as the phones aren't from and center, they are at an angle. But one more thing matters. Turn your phone on, and you will see that the actual screen is slightly smaller than the cutout on the bezel. So if the bezel is being measured, the screen size will come out slightly larger than it really is.
I disagree. I do think the links Marvin presented gives a good idea of what Apple could use. But we're really just going around in circles now. I'm willing to call it a day on this, since we're only just guessing anyway.
That's the problem with being armchair analysts—we really don't know much.
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