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Ah, if it were only that simple. We can all remember Google's standards, and guidelines, for independent Rez. That didn't work out either. You still need to do manual work on these things, unless the app is very simple. I'd be willing to bet that Apple has this worked out better than Google does.
The point I was making is that he is right. That's what my comment about the front or the back of the finger meant. If you count with the front of the finger, you get the beginning of the month. If you count with the back, you get the end of the month. So counting to June with the front of the finger gives you June 1, which is as it should be, at 5.5 months. Count with the back of the finger, or the entire finger, gives you the end of the month.It was a joke. Get it?
Sorry for my typo's.Yes, Russia is suffering much more than we might. Also the huge deal Russia made with China several months ago for a ten year supply of oil (I believe it was for 400 million barrels over that time, or per year, I forget) was already considered to be very low. If that price ends up higher than the price of oil, then the Chinese might decide to renegotiate.
It's not as bad as that. Oil won't drop much further. There isn't all that much geothermal energy to tap, that's a myth. If there was, we'd have been tapping a lot more of it, as the technoloy's well understood. But solar and wind are becoming financially equitable.
I've read that shale oil production costs in the USA are about $53 a barrel, and in some places, as low as $43 a barrel, and that these costs have been dropping. Russian oil from Western Siberia costs almost $65 a barrel to produce, due to their antiquated machinery.Yellen has just said that USA banks have little exposure to Russian problems because of the sanctions, so it's not a big problem. A Russian collapse would affect everyone, but not nearly as much as it did in...
Cracking is on,y a part of it. More efficient myths od recovering oil are important too, in reviving older fields. But it's mostly the shale oil business in the USA right now that having the biggest effect. We're producing over 3.5 million barrels a day in shale oil.OPEC is trying to break our shale oil production with low prices, as costs for most OPEC members are less than the costs to produce shale oil, which is high.
That would just relax the sanctions. It would take a bit of time to remove them. But even then, it's the price of oil that going to be their biggest problem. Current oil prices are below their cost of production. It's expected that the low prices will remain for some time. A quick calculation shows that if the continue to product 9 million barrels a day, and sell that much, they will lose over $100 billion over the next year. Considering the size of their economy, and the...
Sometimes, he does. But all too often, he uses twisted logic.
It's very possible that the watch does have the chip. The 5s doesn't support Apple pay on a terminal, but does if used with the watch, through the watch. That tells me that the watch is storing that info, while the phone is storeing the fingerprint info. There is no way for the watch to get the fingerprint info, so it needs the phone. The phone simply tells the watch "yes, (s)he's authorized", and the watch completes the transaction.In other words, we need both, in the...
Except that Apple said that it would. I don't know how, but if Apple says it, what should we think?
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