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It isn't identified until you lift your wrist, and look at it. By identification, I mean by sound, so you don't have to read it. That's a big difference. Since you can't do that, limiting what appears on the watch is necessary. Perhaps you don't get more than a few notifications a day, and perhaps you have few apps that use notifications. For for many of us, that's simply not true. We need to limit what appears on the phone, and more so, on a watch.I get notifications from...
That's what I meant.
They were told to merge, period.You also need to know how governments and corporations are owned, and managed, in Europe. Very often, governments own a percentage of the company, and have representatives on the boards, and sometimes, even in management. It's very different than here.
They also need to make a profit. I don't understand why people seem to think that pricing is arbitrary. This isn't jewelry, a high priced mechanical watch, or high end audio equipment.
Straps, I suppose. But if a standard spring and pin is used, then no one needs to do anything about bands. I think the new watch went with a custom band release, from what I've read. And true, a dock is something, though if all you can do with them is charge, other than for some small convenience, it's not really much.As the Apple Watch came out with 3,500 apps, it's doubtful that you tried most of them. Some of the apps have received very good reviews. It's just that most...
I'm assuming you're not being totally serious about that, but I get the drift.
I don't know if I would agree that it isn't a smartwatch. They have several models. But I do see regular fitness bands being lumped into the smartwatch category if they have any kind of a display. If the display gives the time, I suppose you might be able to call it one, but it's a real stretch. You need apps for the "smart" part to mean anything these days. And something that just tracks steps and basic heartbeat isn't much of a smartwatch. It closer to a featurewatch, or...
As I said, most reviewers. You can look up reviews if you are really interested. Just type Pebble watch review into Google, Yahoo or Bing, whichever you use.
Let's get something straight. Pebble has had problems with venture capital from the very beginning. The reason the went to crowd funding in the first place was because venture capitalists weren't interested. So here we are with their new project, and again, they are not interested. Nothing new. We can look back to the beginning. Here's just one article from that time. http://www.forbes.com/sites/rakeshsharma/2013/07/04/deconstructing-pebbles-mainstream-push/
Except that that is a problem for most people. Reviewers have been really bothered about getting constant alerts without being able to turn off ones that weren't important. Without being able to know which alert is what, something that can't be modified on these smartwatchs, you need to look at all of them. The purpose to a smartwatch is to make things easier, not more annoying.
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