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As someone who has always built things, and who has woodworking, plastics, electronics and metal working and machine shops, I can say that having something on the bottom of the wrist is courting disaster. While it may work for some people, when you put your wrist down, which side ends up hitting the surface? If my watch was on the bottom, I would have destroyed it long ago. The bottom of my wrist is always banging up against something that's solid metal.I get the ease...
My thing is that I see no point to an OS X machine that wasn't 100% compatable with OS X apps. Other than not being able to run apps that would run poorly on a low end machine, there shouldn't be any restrictions. An advantage is that they could also make it iOS app compatable.I've never liked the "just a recompile" argument. While I haven't programmed for some time, I still remember enough to know that the recompile is just the beginning. I've never used Apple Xcode. But...
I posted this to someone else, but I'll post it again.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FaceTime#StandardsThis is just a basic bit of info really, but it's enough. Move down to where it says "standards" within that, there is the info.
I think he knows very well.The thing about his hiring is that he received $83 million. And they say that Cook is overpaid! Now, normally, when they bring in a turnaround specialist (and quite frankly, I don't believe that Chen really is one. He had good fortune once before, that's it), you give a good bonus, and a good salary, but the bulk of the compensation is stock.That keeps him, or her, honest. Work hard, and be successful, and your stock will be worth a lot more.But,...
I'm pretty sure that was tongue in cheek.
I did the quickest thing.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FaceTime#StandardsThere are, I'm sure, more details on this in other places, but this should give you the idea.Move down to the "standards" section. Right under where it tells the standards it uses, it mentioned what Apple did. The whole thing is useful as it explains some of Apple's contributions, which is the part they released to the standards body.
If a company like Microsoft has a monopoly, then they can be restrained in what they do, and can be required to what they don't want to do. It's proper.But yes, what Blackberry wants here is nuts. It will never happen, and so it's not something to get too frustrated over. There's a good thread in Arstechnica about this as well. It seems that pretty much no one agrees with what he wants. It does smack of desperation.
Well, the previous one did go pretty far beyond.
Benj, let's not expand this please. If something is going on here that's not correct, we'll do something about it.
Language changes over time. The first one I really didn't like was when people began saying "so fun". I was hoping it would go away, but when my daughter's teachers began using it when she was in elementary school in the mid/late '90's, I just knew it would stick around, I still don't like it.But I've never heard champing at the bit until I read, somewhere, that chomping was wrong. Since it's just really an idiomatic expression, it really doesn't matter either way. The...
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