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You must have seen, in your browser prefs, the option of how long to keep your mails on the server. You have a choice there. Companies that handle email don't want your mails clogging up their servers, and even have mailboxes that fill up. I'm sure you've had that happen to you once or twice.But if you're using Bing, or GMail, or Yahoo, or any companies services that are free, and where they don't have another business that this is a part of, they will keep your info for...
I don't think Apple will do that, but who knows? I do expect merchants to begin their terminal upgrades this year. After all, now that the rules have changed, and the merchants will become responsible for fraud costs, rather than the banks and card companies, if they don't upgrade, we will begin to finally see wider spread adoption. It's the more out of the way locations, and small shops that will put this off, or won't bother at all, and will only accept cash. And if you...
If you can't delete it from Google's servers, then you are not deleting it. This is the same problem you have using GMail, and messaging. You can delete the mail and messages from your machines, but Google keeps them for their own use.Sorry, but I don't want that. It's one thing when a store keeps a record of my purchases, but I don't want an entity like Google to keep them.
I don't seem to have noticed any random page loading.Some forum software is better than others.
I don't think you know what you're saying.
You still do t get it. Apple's higher price isn't in the SoC. It's estimated that Apple's SoC costs a few bucks more, but that's about it. It's the case and screen where the difference is seen. Also these other manufacturers are doing what Windows PC manufacturers are doing, and cutting orofits to the bone. Just look at what the manufacturer of the chip is claiming. That what matters here. Stop flinging the BS about pricing. Samsung's top tablets, for example, cost as much...
I mentioned it because that Intel's competition in this space. Their Atom based line is pretty large, from 2.3 watt draw, all the way to about 20 watts.
That's not exactly a test. Some of those things are fast enough that you we be able to tell the difference. You actually need to use an app that requires performance. Otherwise, just sit back and wait for Anandtech's review. That will tell you more than you need to know. They will even compare it to others.I wouldn't be surprised if you did sit on it. From the things you say, I'd think that you would believe that would be the best place for it.
No pazuzu, you just won't buy one. But that's ok, you really don't have to. Samsung needs the business.
So you think that multitasking is the only thing that matters? Do you own a computer, or are you just typing on someone else's? If the latter, then you should know that many apps need as much performance as they can get. I do CAD using AutoCAD 360 on my iPad Air, and it was a big improvement on the older model. This one will be even better. Same thing with video editin, photo editing, and higher end video games.You don'tt need to multitask to need high performance ,...
New Posts  All Forums: