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No, I now have about 88,000 shares, which includes some bought during the recession. I would have bought more when it dipped to $400, but didn't have enough free cash to make it worthwhile.Look, no one thought that Apple would get this high. But I can be very persistent. I decided to let it sit. As I said, the initial investment wasn't that big. But it's well outgrown everything. My other investments grew well enough, but if I had invested everything in Apple back mid...
Not familiar with that one.
Understand margins. Are you talking about gross margins, operating margins, or net margins, which is actual profit? It's not likely that Apple makes a 40% net on their phones. I was an electronics manufacturer, and Apple's pricing seems right to me. Ignore the things you read from iSupply and others. What they say is nonsense. Even assuming that their parts pricing is correct, and I can pretty much guarantee it's not, selling prices for products are normally from between...
I think what he's saying is what I've been saying. It's been shown that a chip that's emulating another chip needs to be five times more powerful in order to run software at the same apparent speed. We don't need that (yet) for iOS, but would for OS X. There is a way partly around that, but whether Apple is interested or not, is another story.
It fixed my problem of the App Store not accepting my username or password. Boy, that was frustrating. Haven't had a chance to check anything else yet.
What I think isn't understood about Apple is that even though they have what I read as described as the best upper management team in the planet, they will make the occasional error. After all, they aren't robots. But they recover.And really, as a business, all they need to do is to be a little bit better than everyone else. And they certainly are that!
Well, I hope not, because you seemed to be. But what about what I said in that post? What is your argument here, the definition, or the consequences? I don't mind discussing it.
This isn't the first time Chen has said something stupid. He's not the only one. Some writers have problems in getting even the simplest thing correct.I read an article today about the electronic sim that Apple and Samsung are negotiating with the GSM group. He stated that this was a great idea, because not every one has the equipment and experience to change sims. Really, he said that!I told my daughter, and she began to laugh. So I suppose we can't all get the paper...
They are all saying the same thing as far as definitions go. I don't know what you're so upset about. This is a simple concept. The disagreements aren't in what rationality is, or efficiency. They disagree as to whether they are efficient, or rational, or by how much, or when, or how we can tell. That's different. Then it does become complex.Is that what you're arguing here?
They do. But, when they announced this new guidence scheme they said that their guidence should more closely reflect actual numbers. Don't you remember that? Previously, their guidence was so low, they were almost guaranteed a large beat.But the financial community, being what it is, is never satisfied. Personally, I'd prefer that companies don't give guidence at all. Many don't.
New Posts  All Forums: