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It isn't just artists. It's those in architecture as well. Reading the architectural journals, you can read excitement in interviews with those in the industry. It's also gaining a lot of interest in the CAD and construction industries. Those industries have been using iPads almost from the beginning, but they believe that with the Pro, and Pencil, that their useage models will expand.When talking about Adobe, I think we have a very interesting situation evolving. But I...
So, according to you, Windows is unusable without a stylus, because apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator require a stylus to use properly. That's really strange.The proper way to look at this is whether most uses are made much easier with the stylus or not. On a Desktop, most uses are not only not easier with a stylus, but more difficult, as long as a keyboard and mouse is present. But for a Windows tablet, most things are easier with a stylus. With iOS, the opposite is...
That kind of post is the kind that gets you, and others in trouble.
Impressive non reply on your part.
My dining room iPad, and now, iPad Pro, set-up. Hopefully some people here will recognize what its sitting on.  
Why is it that you always deliberately twist what people say so that you pretend they mean what you want them to mean, rather than what they intended to mean?
I wish it were less, of course. But then, I wish everything were less, don't we all? But without knowing what it really costs to produce, I can't say whether its a good price or not. Like most everything else, if you think you need it, then it's worth it. I look at prices other than the initial cost. I look at how long I expect to have something, which is generally years, and divide the purchase price over that time. If I buy this, and keep it for three years, then it just...
This is difficult to say. Keyboards have changed drastically over the last 150 years. Hard to believe they've been around that long. My mom's old Underwood, has (yes, I've still got it) a keyboard that was considered to be a standard for almost 50 years. But today, almost no one would want to type on it.Stenographers can type 350 because they're not typing words.
I don't understand what you're saying. How would the keyboard "sink" into the case? For typing, the partly horizontal position is great, but it's not good for everything. Viewing video isn't great that way. Drawing is great. Games are so so, esp. with the controllers.I've got a different way of doing in my dining room table that would make most people shiver. If the software on the site would cooperate, I'd take a pic and show it, but I've haven't been able to use pics...
It's a woven nylon, or some such material, which is very durable. Likely it's impregnated with a chemical that waterproofs it and resists dirt. From some pics of the tear down, it also looks as though the back has a thin layer of something bonded to it that also prevents water intrusion.You're not supposed to be trying in a pub. You're supposed to be drinking, considering which, typing would be a hopeless task anyway.
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