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There are a number of potential battery technologies out there. But none of them have ever come to market, because what works in the lab (when the companies aren't fraudulently stating that they can do what they cannot, such as Envia), usually doesn't work in production.They can't even get lithium air batteries to work properly in the lab.I really recommend people to get the book I mentioned earlier, it's an eye opener. Splurge!
I completely agree about performance. That's why I buy a new iPad every year (except once). But battery performance increases only about 5% a year. That's not enough.I recently finished reading a book about the invention of the lithium battery. It continues until the book was written late 2012 or early 2013. It's called The Powerhouse by Steve !evine. I bought it from iBooks. This is a great read. Especially if you want to understand why things aren't better. A123, the...
I don't know if most runners are used to it, or even care. Most runners run in the same places most of the time. They don't need GPS. If they're in a race, they also know where they are. It's rare when they run in unfamiliar places.
I think that it's just a bit much to try to get Iovine to help a competing company. Iovine isn't known in the industry as a shrewd manager for nothing. It's one reason why Apple bought the company.
The WSJ is really pretty good. But Cook himself said that they lowered production of the 5C and raised production of the 5S. Looking at the MSRP you can figure out an approximate percentage of these. In addition there are ways to see what retailers are selling. All of these organizations have an in with retailers, suppliers, etc. The assumption of 60% for the 5S, 30% 5C, and 10% for the rest seems about right.
I also think that somewhere around 14 through 16 hours would be ok. Someday, with better batteries we'll get there, or better. But with tablets, the conflict between battery life and weight will always be a battle.I do think that phones are light enough.
I didn't say he's hiding it. I said that it's well known in the auto and battery industries. I suppose I should have also said that these who follow those industries know it as well.But the public at large doesn't know it. When we had an article in Ars a few days ago about Branson talking about working on an electric car, and I mentioned some of this, I got voted down into oblivion. People only want to hear about whatever Musk does if they consider it to be visionary, and...
Exactly! There is a newer li-on technology that is supposed to supplant the one everyone is using, but the problems of getting it to work have been gigantic. If they ever do, and they're trying to auto use, then we might get twice the power per CC.
I wonder about that. While some people say that, they keep buying devices that are thinner and thinner, even where it makes no sense.Do we really need Tvs that are .25" thick? Do cars have to so be low to the ground? Manufacturers seem to be telling us that they do, but we're buying into it too.
That's actually bothered me too. Ten hours seemed like such a long timeā€”five years ago. And while Apple was well ahead of everyone else, it was. But now that not true anymore for other higher end tablets.But Apple decides what's enough, and stays with it for a long time. I do know, after having all of the ipads except one, that declining weight does make a big difference.
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