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If Apple does use force touch on a large screen like this, I hope it works better than the click screen of the old Blackberry Storm.
You are making several major errors in your assumptions. First of all, it's interesting that Apple hasn't come out with this mythical machine that you are saying they can come out with, with the A8x. Obviously, they don't agree with your assumptions. And shortly, we'll have the A9, and possibly, an A9x. If they don't come out with this machine then, what will you say?Now, I inderstand what you are saying, which is why I responded pretty specifically to it. I just don't...
No, it's weird that you assume it won't be.
You are really in la la land here now.
It's difficult to know whether you really don't understand what we're saying, or pretending to not understand. No one is saying the things you are stating we're saying.I really get the feeling that you aren't reading our posts with any care today. What's going on, you're not usually like this?
That statement makes even less sense. When did I say that an OS wasn't needed? We're talking about OS X vs. iOS. We're not talking about OS X vs. no OS. You insist that OS X is needed for basic tasks that iOS is perfectly suited for.
You're saying things without any evidence of them being true. If, as you said, an ARM Macbook would just need those basic functions of software that you spoke of, then OS X clearly isn't needed. I don't understand why you think it is.
But you're not making a good case for it. There's no reason for it to be "Mac-like" if it doesn't NEED Mac software. So we go back to the iPad, which is what I'm typing on now, and which is what I do almost all of my internet work on. I use it for e-mail, eBay, Amazon, and basic database tasks. I use it for many other things as well. If you really need a keyboard, many are available too.There is absolutely no reason why OS X is needed for any of this. You're just being...
You must have pretty low standards if you think the Macbook runs photoshop "well". Sure, I suppose if you are an amature, and have small files that you do simple editing on. But try multiple 100MB files that you are comping, and come back here and tell me how well it runs. Or do some real movie editing with FCPX, or some real CAD. Try the latest games too. Please, we've already read the reviews. We know better.Of course, not running Office would be a killer. One major...
I don't agree. There is no way that Apple would, or could, add a "Mac" that didn't run OS X software in its entirety, within the limitations of the power of the device. That means that the latest Macbook, which is considered to be underpowered by many, can still run most everything. What it can't run is software that people wouldn't buy such a machine for. But by "not run", I mean that it can't run it well.But to say that someone couldn't run Office, or other widely used...
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