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Surprising, our Pros came in late Thursday afternoon. I just ordered them at 4:15 am Wednesday! They were supposed to arrive on Monday. That pretty good. Maybe they got shipped from a local mode. But whatever the reason, I've used it extensively since. I do almost all my posting with my iPads, and all too often from a moving car (no, I'm not driving). I agree with most of what Neil say here. I would like more of the file system to be exposed. I would like iCloud Drive to...
I never expect an iPad to have the latest camera. That's not its purpose, and you should know that by now.
I don't care about what John says. Esthetics aren't a real issue here. Game play, battery life, and ruggedness are the issues.
You can't tell the quality from the picture. It's s simple design esthetically, so what? What matters is how it works.What I'm happy about is that it's modeled on the PS3 controller, as most of the others, such as the Mad Catz, which is modeled on the XBox controller. Since we're a Sony console house, we're not happy about that. So if it gets good reviews, we'll buy a couple. It's less expensive than the Microsoft and Sony controllers, which are $59, the same as the Mad Catz.
We ordered the grey 128/LTE. It seems as though the rose gold devices are amazingly popular.
Wow! Our new iPad Pro's just came in. Supposed to get here Monday. Hopefully, the Pencils will get here early as well.
What you're trying to do so valiantly here, is to deny all of the evidence that proves you wrong. I could post a lot more, as can others, as well as a lot of photos of burned in screens, but you will still come up with these useless excuses as to why it isn't real, or doesn't matter. Burn in is real. You don't have to like that, but it's true. Now, stop wasting our time on this.No doubt, burn in is an issue for the Apple Watch as well. But these smartwatches are looked at...
This is all very nice. But I still think that the key to clear the screen of the keyboard is too wide. Same thing for the number shift keys. If they made the keyboard key narrower, and the number shift key narrower, on both sides, and the emoji, keyboard key narrower, they could move that .com key to the left side, and put arrow keys on the bottom right. That would be a great thing to have back.
New Posts  All Forums: