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Let's not change the subject please!I never said that Apple was too big to "be affected by anything". Apple is affected by things every day. But market forces are huge, and effect everything. Trying to manipulate a company's stock worth $700 billion is something else. That would be done by a small group. Apple is too big for that. If one large financial institution sold all of it's Apple holdings at once, the stock would drop a bit, but without other reasons, would move...
I believe that to be a nasty accusation on your part. If you really believe that you should report it to the SEC. Otherwise, don't spread FUD.
I don't agree. Since they sell that band in two sizes, it will fit. There is no indication from Apple that the mounting mechanism for the sport model is any different than these for the SS and gold versions.
This already does a lot more than Androidwear watches do, or Samsung's Tizen watch. As Cook said, there are already thousands of apps submitted to the App Store. How many are there for AndroidWear, that's been out for more than a few months? Did you really see the watch presentation? It was awesome!Also, every Androidwear watch I've seen so far looks cheap. Even the newest ones. One may not like Apple's styling, but that means little, as there are thousands of expensive...
I read what the Apple retail store app says. Perhaps that all that Apple will be selling. But perhaps AI has other information. We don't know that yet. They could also be wrong. I wonder where they got those numbers from? Did someone from Apple, at the event, tell them that?
I'll wait to see a real review before worrying. Windows is a pretty inefficient OS, so we'll have to see how this works out. But it's obviously not intended for heavy duty use.When the Macbook Air first came out, it was a terrible performer as well. Let's remember that. This is just the first in the line.
I haven't been to Apple on this yet, but I wonder how many levels the new touchpad will register. Apple said it was great for things such as calligraphy, though they didn't use the actual word. If it has 256 levels, that would be great! That's 8 bit sensitivity. I had those in my company well back to use with Photoshop and Paint. It was enough, though newer models have many more.This is also a pretty big trackpad. It covers the complete distance from the bottom of the...
That new trackpad is a winner, using Apple's Force technology from the new watch screen. Still not convinced of the need for a touchscreen on a notebook. They haven't sold well on the Windows side. The extra cost alone will turn people off.
You also know nothing about high quality watches and bands.
Is it a big deal to you because it's annoying? It certainly can't be the actual $10 if you're going to spend at least $400 for a watch, plus, most likely, taxes on the sale. It just seems to me that a company has a choice to make. Average out the pricing, which some companies do, with the lower priced product priced higher, and the higher priced one priced lower. Then there won't be those people who carp at the higher pricing on one. Other companies price the individual...
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