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We've had these for decades as part of the old X-10 infrastructure. I've had some. I see no reason why they won't be done for this as well. But I imagine companies are first concentrating on ease of use, and replacing an outlet isn't easy, or safe, for most folks.
TrueType was worked on by both Microsoft and Apple. Apple approached Microsoft at the very beginning, and asked if they were interested, and they said yes.I never said that this had anything to do with Spindler. I said that Adobe moved from Apple because Spindler did a couple of things that resulted in Apple losing the confidence of business, and as a result, Adobe began to support Windows.I do t really care bout Warneke's reaction, assuming he really was that upset,...
Between my personal Macs, the ones of my wife and daughter, and most importantly,those I bought for my company over the course of 16 years, it would be over 100. So that's a fair amount of direct experience. When you include the thousands of Macs in the NY board of education from the FI e my daughter was in kindergarten to the time she graduated high school that I was, in several ways, partly responsible for the board buying, and maintaining, I rhink I've got sufficient...
More lke a 60% rate on major items, possibly higher. He doesn't always get all the details right, as they change, but otherwise he seems pretty well connected.
What does your accumulated wisdom say about it?
Adobe was a very strong supporter of Apple, and Apple was a very strong supporter of Adobe, actually, the reason why Adobe succeeded at all, until Apple's sales began to falter after the incompetent Michael Spindler made a couple of major blunders that had it appear that Apple might go under, and Adobe decided to port their software over to Windows, and then decided to support Windows by refusing to support Mac hardware and software features so that their software would be...
You really are overdoing this. No one knows what this problem is yet, or even that it has anything directly to do with Apple, and yet, you are jumping to lay the blame on them. Shame!You couldn't rip all of those hundreds of thousands of boards out of the laptops of pc manufacturers, which were where most of the problems ensued from, or from the one board pcs where this sub board was soldered in. Please, don't make claims about something about which you seems to know...
Cough, cough.
But you're not in favor of this type of technology anyway. I would therefor expect you to be skeptical. I also remember that when cellphones first came out, people were saying that they would never be practical. We need to give it some time. Apple's watch seems to be much better, from what we do know, than what's out now, which seems marginal, at best.
Not entirely true. Native apps will be coming out. Apple has revised XCode to allow for that.
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