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Considering that his take on proper design is that the entire device perform properly, and that design doesn't stop at the outer shell, then yes. Everything that I've designed was designed for best performance and ease of use. The outer attractiveness is an important part, but just a part.The "problem" of the slight projection of the camera is the requirement of a certain minimum thickness for the module. If Apple cared less about the quality of the camera, they could have...
And I'd bet that most of us don't care.
Everyone can update, they just have to do it through iTunes. When updating over the air, the image downloaded to the device is much larger than the space needed for the finished update.
You take the least important thing, and turn it into the most important thing?
I don't get that at all. You're talking about two cameras. That would be more than twice the cost, and twice the space. A terrible solution. It also doesn't explain why two lenses are needed, or how the zoom is performed.Normally, zoom is effected by an optical sub structure within the lens that has its elements move independently of the focus, that changes the size of the image. If Apple could do that, then another lens isn't needed. Simply using another lens doesn't do...
I don't see how we can have great depth of field, if by that you're talking about thin depth of field. I see the cameras getting better, but the first thing Apple has to do is to allow RAW images, which they don't. Even Android does, in the latest OS.But larger sensors will always be better than smaller sensors. Nothing that can be done about that.
But it is fine for a lot of people. I just bought my wife a 6+ with 64GB. But she only had used 9GB on her 32GB 5. That carries over everything she's had since her first 3G.Some people forget that most people don't get that many apps, don't take that many pix or movies, and don't store GB's of music and movies on their phones.
And Apple will win this one too, or it will be thrown out of court as have some other lawsuits against Apple like this one.
I don't understand how this two lens zoom is supposed to work. I've read about it briefly somewhere before, but it still makes no sense. There is a company that has a prototype of a zoom lens using two sliding optical wedges inside the lens, but that seems different. I don't know how well that works anyway. As far as the force technology goes, well, it does sound interesting. People shouldn't dismiss it because they don't like what it does, or something. It could prove...
This isn't just about Apple though when it comes to Samsung. Samsung is one of the worst companies.They were convicted three times on price fixing, and paid out hundreds of millions each time. In fact, Apple and Samsung were going to build, and run, a memory plant together, when Samsung was convicted of memory price fixing, and had to pay a fine of $350 million. Apple withdrew from the project.The chairman of the overall Samsung Chabrol was convicted twice, in S Korea, of...
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