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No, just the opposite. It's what kept the U.S. from being in the same situation that the EU is in now. Even conservative economists here have admitted that.
That "hag" has no say in governmental matters.
Is it their responsibility, or something else? Corporate responsibility would be to do whatever is legal to benefit shareholders the most, over the long term. Causing banks to fail, and help push a region towards recession isn't in a company's best interest. It wouldn't be just Apple, of course.Since over 60% of Apple's business is now foreign, if Apple showed a lack of concern, that would hurt them in no versus ways. While citizens in the US have no loyalty, or patriotism...
No, it's not. Look at the latest EU bank findings. A lot of banks are tottering. A number have been declared insolvent, and will either be closed down, or merged with stronger banks. Why? Because they don't have enough deposits to cover their loans, as well as other reasons. If Apple takes billions out of these banks, then they will be even less stable. More might fail. If they sell instruments (stocks, bonds, etc) in large amounts, then those instruments will fall. With a...
Thats a rather simplistic view.
Our corporate tax system was set when US companies sold most of their product here. Foreign sales were a small portion of their sales. But now, with multinational corporations being based here, the situation is different. The corporate tax system needs changes. But companies like the system the way it is, for the most part. Corporate minded representatives work to keep the status quo. While my economic views tend somewhat to the left of the Republican Party, as its moved...
That's why I really want in on that call. They must have good reasons. I'd love to hear them. Likely we'll know much of it later.
Well, that's too bad. But Apple's stock has hit $109.44 last I looked. Perhaps it's happening now.
Do you really want the EU regulators to point at Apple, publicly, and say that the reason those banks failed was that Apple withdrew all their accounts, and that it was responsible for economic turmoil? How would that affect consumer attitudes towards Apple? Do you think it would help Apple's sales and reputation?
Well, Apple, for example, paid a total tax rate of 26.1% last quarter. But their US tax rate was higher. My estimate is about 32%. That's one of the highest, if not the highest of all large companies here. And then there is the State taxes they paid, which was about $900 million. Local taxes too.Yes, we can get ticked at large companies (GE, for example) that pay no taxes, or even get money back. But that our fault too. We vote for the people who propose those schemes. We...
New Posts  All Forums: