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To get back to what the article, and the thread was SUPPOSED to be about, there is this. http://pxlnv.com/blog/tech-company-diversity-stats/ Some of you might have seen the link to that in today's Daring Fireball. So, actually, when compared to other tech companies, though this is limited to software companies, so not entirely comparable, Apple comes out pretty well.
It's just that Christians try hard to conceal the meaning of the holiday so as to have everyone celebrate it. They've always done that. It shouldn't be called by the rather neutral sounding name of Christmas, but rather do it boldly, and call it what it is; Christ's Mass.
Regarding the metric system (to get away from the religious arguing for a short time), Congress passed a bill encouraging companies and school systems to move to the metric system as fast as possible, so to encourage acceptance of American goods and the understanding, and use of the metric system in daily life.When did this happen? In 1866!
I wanted to finish reading the thread before bringing that up. But as you did already...Much of Christianity is based in paganism. Even the concept of the Trinity was a sop to the pagans of the time. When early Christians were battling Mithralism for the top slot, it wasn't the appeal of Christianity that caused them to win, but the secrecy of Mithralism that caused them to lose. Christians took their major holidays from the ancient pagan holidays of planting and...
It's also self serving for those who do.It's a calender. It shouldn't have to be constantly thought of as a religious reference.
I feel as though it required, as you either don't understand what I wrote, or chose not to.
Ah, I see. But really, it's all about costs. The rest is just a smokescreen to attempt to hide that.
I'm not assuming anything about you. On the other hand, your saying that doesn't give me pause to think you are not a white male either.
You can go ahead and post anything you want to. But please don't try to denigrate scientific work like that. There have been many studies done over the years, and they all come up with similar answers. When I was studying psychology I read a number of them ,and they looked pretty good to me. I also did some work with the Council on Social Work Education early on, and some of what you find out is eye opening.One thing that has always fascinated me is that people who are in...
You obviously have difficulty in understanding what I wrote. Perhaps you should read it again, more slowly.
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