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I really dislike it when people make definitive statements as you have, about something which you can't possibly know. It would be much better if you put a "I think" or "I believe" in front of it to show that it is after all, just your feeling about what is going to happen.
We have to stop thinking that this is a watch. Yes, it tells time, but it's a computer. It's just about as powerful as the first iPhone, to be sure. It's also more independent than most other smart watches, of the phone its paired with. That will likely continue to evolve.If you spend $350 on this, there is no reason why you would need to get another ever year, or every other year. So while newer features and hardware will come out, so what? Do we always have to get the...
Actually, that used to work for myself when concerning my daughter. I told her that her job was to do well in school so that she could later afford the lifestyle we gave her now. As a reward for that hard work, we would buy the things she wanted. That included while at university as well. So she received a new top of the line MacBook Pro. For her last year, she got a Retina model. I've always believed that young people should understand that life is made up of rewards for...
Teens care about fashion. But their fashion is not your fashion. They probably consider you to be hopelessly boring in the way you dress.
They didn't state it, and we have no reason to suppose it is LiquidMetal. If it were, one would expect that they would have a reference to it. It isn't something that they would want to conceal as it would be a selling feature.So perhaps, if they will use it, they will announce it when the watch actually is available next year.
We don't ban by name of the user, or their username.Some of these guys are actually amusing in the way they write their posts, even if not intentionally so. But responding to some of the trolls is also sometimes cathartic for the one responding. It's interesting having some of them around. It's not all bad.
I want to be absolutely clear about this; I'm not saying that Apple will do this, but wouldn't it be wild if "way too long" referred to an ARM Mac? They really could do it this year, with two SoC's.
While I don't care about the thickness, though Benj will say that it's way too thick, I do care about the weight. Thinner should mean lighter. Even my Air weighs too much when I'm reading in bed. If I get the 6+, I may use that in bed instead.
Oh, ha. Clever.
Enough already. You really don't have to say that more that once a thread.
New Posts  All Forums: