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Yes, positive. In the article here, there are numbers by IDC and Gartner. Gartner's are down. The numbers linked to are those same Gartner numbers as here. Did you not read the entire article here? If you did, you'd see the Gartner numbers towards the bottom, and the mention of them. Go to the link, and you'll find the same Gartner chart.
Ah, tweaks! Music to my ears. Actually there is a lot of fraud in the industry regarding cables, power cords (the most expensive one I know about is $40,000 for a 5 foot length, and yes, that not $4,000), and other devices.A loit of audiophiles buy this junk. There are the little bells. The bronze model works ok. The silver ones make the sound even better, but the gold ones are the best. Maybe someday, he'll come out with platinum ones. Then there are the small round...
I can certainly agree with everything you said here. I do demos at my house, and if it can't be heard on my system, it's not likely to be heard anywhere. Every Friday, a few of my friends get together, and land at my place. Most are audio phones, and some are musicians, some professional, and a few are well known. The number of peop,e varies from week to week.Sometimes a carefully make a CD-R from some Cds, or even LPs. Usually it's 256 VBR AAC. I've never yet had anyone...
I think sound quality is very important. The problem is there is no reall proof as to what we are hearing. When I used to do a lot of pro video, we would stop a frame and we would discuss what we saw. Even though everyone saw a little bit differently, we would all agree, after some discussion, as to what was happening. It's almost impossible to do that in audio.The problem is that while we can look at a slice in time in video, we can't do that in audio. Audio, almost by...
I drummed for a few years in my 20's. There's really very little music way out there. My hearing is pretty good until 13.5k, and then it drops off the cliff. But, about 95% of the musical energy is below 10k.
These companies use different methods to calculate numbers. But I haven't seen this much of a difference between them.
We won't know until later this month.
They really don't do that. But there are huge numbers of small computer companies out there.
These companies always estimate. It's not just Apple's numbers they estimate, but every company that hasn't yet given out a quarterly report for the period. I do wish they would wait a couple of weeks more. Sigh, nothing new about that. What I always try to see is if they change the charts after the real numbers do come out. But numbers given by some companies are shipping numbers anyway, and so aren't comparable. This is a much bigger discrepancy than usual between...
Those are the Gartner numbers shown here. It's nothing different.
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