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That's partly true. But Apple makes good profits. $18 billion is a record for anyone, but given Apple's size, it's not excessive either. Their net is about 21%, which is very good, but again, not excessive.People think that they can drop their prices easily. They really can't. If they drop prices by 10%, that would drop their net more than 10%, perhaps 12%. Then their margins would be just about 10%. For technology companies that are doing well, that's not great. They...
Why do you need 2k? Why 2,560k, which some phones have now? The reason is marketing. No one can see 400ppi, and surely no one can see 500, but screen makers are making them, and phone manufacturers are using them.
I'm Hoping that the thought behind the latch was enough to ensure that a better solution could t be found. That's not saying that an equally good solution could t have beenI've never liked the spring pin attachment. On my gold watch cases over the years, the pins wear the case out in the holes. Over time, these holes become much bigger than they started out as. A problem is that the pins tug at the case, and they often revolve somewhat. The edge of the band, if it's metal,...
So, no response then.
You don't know much about watches, do you? If you look at high end watches, you'll find that quite a lot would be considered ugly by the average persons standards. The Apple Watch is actually quite nice. It has a bit of an Art Deco look to it, and the lines flow very well.
Show us those publications that predicted that. As I said last post, maybe one early on made that prediction. I'll even give you two. But a majority? Sorry, but that's simply not true. I follow this very closely, and I don't remember that at all. I do remember a number of questions early on as to who got the order, and then how much Samsung ended up with. And of course, Samsung continued to manufacture all of Apple's other chips, which they will be doing again this year,...
I'd like you to find that "majority" of publications that said that Samsung had the majority of the A8 production. I don't remember any of that. Maybe one made an early guess.
It doesn't matter whether the tech forums were wrong or not, it was a symptom of the times. There were arguments about a lot of phones back then as to whether they were smart or not.And the point I was making to you, and this is the last post to you here that I'll do, is that a lot of these phones have no way to connect to any App Store. I didn't say Google Play specifically, did I? No, I didn't.Let's make one thing clear here, you, as always are the one arguing. I made a...
No, it's entirely different. First of all it's enclosed at the ends. It's in the middle that the latch clicks it in. Just look at the pics that were posted.Guys, please, go to Apple's site, and check this out before coming here and speculating on something that's already known. The pictures alone will show a lot of this.
Apple states that inside the end of the band, where it slides into the watch, there is metal. Likely that's SS on all bands. I do believe the bands are exactly the same for the Watch, and Sport I think that the nub that holds the band closed is SS on both models. It's a small part. For the Edition, yes, Apple says it's 18k gold.
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