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Apple was just part of that, the 810 chip was the majority. Qualcomm mentioned that their sales shifted towards radio chips, presumably because of Apple's large sales but a large part of the drop is because of the "large vendor".
Thats a lot of phones, above the whisper number of 73.5 million. Net and sales are also above the whisper numbers.
It doesn't have to be hard coded. But Apple might be adding addendums to the database that need an update to function. Plus, they could be fixing bugs, working on some underlying code, etc.
Because it needs to be appended to all of the menus, among other things.
99% of the time it's ok. I'm updating my 6+ now. If that seems ok, then I'll update my iPad too.
It didn't materialize, according to some, not because Apple didn't release it, but because Apple intended to keep the security protocols in its own hands, that is, to not allow third party modifications.
The way Android does my,ti tasking is very similar to Desktop versions. All apps on Desktop systems suspend UI functions when in the background. By that, I don't mean behind another window. Of course, the difference in mobile is that excepting a very few devices, only one app can be in focus at once, as only one app can be on the Desktop at once. But the way they function in the background is very much the same,
The bottom box contains four 8" drivers. Two face front, and one on each side. In trying to help the manufacturer, BG Radia, with these speakers, I told them that the design of the bass, i.e., the box and drivers wasn't proper. After all my company designed the progenitor to this design, and held the patents. They didn't do it right. So, it performs very well down to about 70Hz, but then gives up at higher levels below that. That forced me to tri-amp, which I wasn't...
Ok, let's see. I have some photos on my iPad here. Let's see if I can post a couple or three. That's a light for my friend's studio that I designed and built. You can see who is the model, and who is the photographer. This is also the guy I test medium format backs with. That's part of the front of the frame, in my shop. At the bottom, you can see the 17" diameter bearing so that frame can swivel around. Oops, when I enlarged it, I noticed that this pic doesn't have...
I don't know why you should be able to play it, I can't.
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