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That was the most interesting article on the Pro that I've read so far. I like Ben.
That's not so much an Apple limitation as one worked out between Apple and the content owners. Originally, it was 7 devices.
Finally! I ordered two 128 GB space grey LTE models and two pencils. Interestingly, as I'm here in NYC, it said that I could pick the Pro up from the Grand Central store today, but that the pencil was out of stock for a week. So it will be delivered Monday, but the pencil will come a week later.
Apple will move to AMOLED if, and when, they find the benefits to them, and us, outweigh the deficits, as they see them. Obviously, they aren't afraid of newer technologies. So staying with LCD is something they must have good reasons for.
Right now, I think that Adobe has the right idea. The new Mix and Fix apps look pretty good, though until I get the Pro and pen they're designed to work with, I won't know just how good. Adobe is looking at the resources available in the devices they need to work with. I don't want to see them get ahead of themselves and have an app that bogs down. It took 25 years for PS to get where it is today, and I think people are rushing this too much.
Adobe almost completely rewrites PS every few years. It's large, to be sure. But bloated? That's really hard to say. The demands on Adobe from users has resulted in many more features in the software over the years. A couple are there because of my insistence. It really does help to remember that PS is not for everyone. Many people "using" PS would be much better off with Elements. If you just need RAW processing and some enhancement, Lightroom would be a better choice.
I thought they would keep the pricing the same from last year. Apparently it's now starting at 128GB storage, so the price is higher. That makes the entry model an even worse deal.I agree about general performance. But for some tasks it slows down. For some reason, if I'm quickly scrolling down a large number of posts here, the screen goes while, and it jerks along. Something with the way the posts are done I suppose, as it doesn't seem to be quite that bad elsewhere....
Oops! Sorry, I was thinking of the book. But thats still a pretty tough nut for the A9x to try to crack.
I think there's a mistake in thinking that an ARM device needs to directly compete in electrical performance with an x86 device running OS X or Windows. The requirements are very different. For one, and it's something I've talked about before, is that Apple's multitasking model is very different from that of a Desktop OS. A Desktop OS makes more demands on everything because of the on all the time model for software. iOS, while doing more multitasking over the years, is...
I'm not sure exactly what Anandtech is measuring there, auto or not. Displaymate says the normal brightness limit they measured is 432 nits, not 600, and that the max in the sun is 784, which is a big improvement.
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