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I still expect a sapphire cover for a phone at some time, the cover for the watch seems to be thicker than Apple might use for a phone, depending on the design. But they have now invested more than $600 million in ths. It's true that much of that investment will be paid back by GT, but still, for watch covers, and lens and sensor covers, they don't need the production from thousands of the world's largest sapphire furnaces. There has to be more to this than watches.
Nah. I just don't remember much.
They can use the terminals. My point is that with just that small number, Google's Wallet failed. Android owners also spend little using their devices, so there was little incentive for retailers to expand the use. I also suspect that very few Android users who have this on their phones are even aware of what it can do, or have any interest in doing it even if they do know.I don't know too much about Google Wallet, though I know they did modify it to use Apple's iBeacons....
You think I'll remember a year from now? I'll be lucky to remember next month.
Because the general population is unsophisticated, and certain groups are VERY good at getting their ideas out there, unopposed, because the other side has this crazy idea that people will know the truth.
But Apple said that this will work with some online stores. At least, I'm pretty sure I heard that said. And it will work for in app purchases.
The A7 containers the secure enclave, since it's a part of every new higher end ARM based chip. But possibly there is a newer version on the A8 and the S1 SoC in iWatch. We should know that shortly.One thing I can say that's known to be true about Apple, and that's that they won't announce something until it's done. So even if the older phones support this in some way without iWatch, even with ios8, they may not say so until it's out. And I think they said that Apple Pay...
Bah! I just looked at Apple's site for Apple Pay (two words). Apparently I mistook what was said. As I did say before, the iWatch is usable on phones back to the 5, but Apple Pay is only usable on those phones through iWatch, and only through store purchases, it seems, at least, right now. Maybe when iOS 8 is available for the older phones in app purchases and online purchases may work.http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/
Yeah. Cook said that there were 200 million people who could already use this. Maybe we're wrong, and the iPhone 5S is usable.
It will also work using the iWatch through the old iPhone 5, and 5S. But by the end of next year, we'll see a lot of iPhones sold that will use this directly. I believe my numbers are fairly close.The way you have to do this now is why it's not popular. Yes, techies will use it as a matter of pride, but for most others, it's way too much of a pain. And as I mentioned, and you agree with, it's limited to small purchases, just a few times a day. Basically, it's almost...
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