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I doubt that anyone was out to "fool Main Street". Facebook had a better quarter than expected.We're talking about price now, which was under $60. They're doing pretty well. Last years sales were $7.9 billion with a profit of $1.5 billion, that's a net margin of 18.95%. That's pretty good. I don't believe you know as much as you think you do.
Not a "regular broker".
Sometimes. But as I'm so used to the mouse and keyboard when sitting, I don't do it as often. It happens with my Macbook Pro more often than with my Mac Pro.
We usually talk about a keyboard and mouse. As in previous posts I was talking about the inclusion of the mouse. That's what it means. Here, we're talking about the keyboard and mouse vs. touch. I'm trying to say that we can use all three.The trackpad is good too, though I don't use them. I don't use a mouse either, as I prefer a trackball.
We were taking about Apple stock, weren't we? Straight buys?
One reason why Apple went up $43 the other day was because of surprising strength in Mac sales. I should say, continuing strength, pushing against falling Windows PC sales.and with that strength was a rise in MSRP of $20, while everyone else's is falling.
I buy a lot of stuff from them, but investing, even though it's been good up till now, if you got in fairly early, is a big risk. At some point, which we could be entering now, it's going to fall apart. Just one really bad quarter, and bam!
Lord, it's maddening. I'm on a number of financial and investment sites, and I constantly bring this up when we're discussing them. I just do t get it. I admit that Bezos is a very smart guy, to deny that would be stupid.But even very smart guys make mistakes. Heck, Jobs made more than a few. But Bezos's concept for the company was incorrect almost from the beginning. From the first holiday sales season after they began to get known, when they failed to ship enought...
Use a service such as Scotttrade. They charge $10 or less per trade. I use them for most of my trading these days, and have my big investment accounts elsewhere.
While I've argued about this on other sites, I believe very strongly that a lot of what Google does is for the publicity. Other things are just weird mistakes. As with Microsoft, hardware ain't their thing.
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