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Yes, we do know. You can downgrade.. Just "restore" from your last backup.
Arstechnica has a nice review of the iOS 9 beta.
It's a separate enrollment.
I've got the dual app mode on now, with Mail taking up a third of the screen. This is the mode where both apps are "live" at once, rather than one app being live at a time. Works well, but Safari is shrunken, as expected to two thirds of the screen. Fortunately, with the high Rez screen, it's still perfectly readable, though some may need reading glasses.
Ok, I'm back on my iPad. Boy, the keyboard does seem odd. Lower case characters as normal does seem just so strange. I never had a problem with the caps key, and could never understand why people did. But this seems to work well.I agree, if you have an additional machine, you should try this, as long as you don't care if things get a bit bolloxed up.
it's done. After fooling around with it for a bit, I'll try posting again with it.
Ok, whatever. But on their site, they said you could downgrade these. Do a "restore" with your backup.
It's installing slooowly.
Yeah. But I don't think they'll do that, as this is a beta. 8.4 was a release. Don't remember what they did with the watch.
It's installing, and restarting now.   It feels odd. Almost all of my posting is done on my iPad. This is the first time in a long while that I'm doing it on my Mac Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: