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No, this is different. I haven't read the patents yet, though I will as soon as I have time.But what Apple doing is breaking the image up into two components, luminescence, and Chroma, which is the LAB format. This will result in better noise, and possibly, higher sharpness as well.For many years, when correcting images, we would move it to the LAB format, which is exactly what this looks like. LAB allows great amounts of color and sharpness correction with an absolute...
Mine doesn't. I assume an older device includes the 5.
Anyone who thinks that an OS is a finished product, has something to learn. Compare OS X 2000, to OS X 2014, and you'll see differences, major and minor. It's a matter of refinement, not negation of anything.What Microsoft did with Win 8 was a negation of what they did before. The difference is radical. Some love it, and some hate it. Now Microsoft is adjusting it. Android is different with each release. That's the way it works.
That's odd. It hasn't happened with my 5, or my iPad Air.
Ota for my phone. I'm updating my iPad right now as I'm typing this. I always update iOS devices ota. Do t know why the mini update would be that big. Did you update all in between updates before this one? If not, that could be the reason. If you did, then I'm at a loss. I'll see what happens on my iPad once it's through.
Likely an Apple server overload with so many trying to download this at the same time.
Neither do I.
Of course not. What was I thinking?
That's the same as Ars Technica, when an article about Microsoft is being posted on. We get all of those anti Apple people posting something pretty quickly. Strange to see it there though. But then, we get a lot of anti Apple posting in Apple articles too.Let's face it, there's a rivalry between all of the various OSs and manufacturers. It will never stop anywhere, and you just have to get used to it, and stop letting it bother you.
It would be a lot easier to replace the chip in a Macbook Air than a Xeon in a server. The A7 is already as powerful as the i3 in a two year old Macbook Air. What will the A8 be? Emulation does require a much more powerful chain than the one being emulated. But it's not that simple.That assumes two different off the shelf chips. But that's not the story for Apple. They highly customize their ARM chips, using the architectural license they have from ARM. Math routines used...
New Posts  All Forums: