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I'm seeing estimates for the SS version as anywhere between $600-$1,000.For the gold models, between $1,200-$5,000.There are two sizes, so the prices could be different, particularly for the gold model.But watch cases can be thick or thin, heavy or light. How thick and heavy is the gold edition?One of my watches is a small, square, fairly thin Baum Mercier, with a gold case, face and hands. It was $1,650 new, when I bought it 25 years ago.
I'm not that surprised, as young people don't wear watches as a general rule these days. But it becomes more likely as they get older.
I have a Newton 2000. The Newton wasn't a failure. The third edition, the 2100, was really pretty good. It also saw rising sales. If apple wasn't in trouble, and possibly, if Jobs wasn't still ticked at getting "fired" by Scully, he might have kept it. Back then, 300,000 sales in the last year was pretty good for a $1,000 device. I remember estimates of over 600,000 sales for the next year, before he discontinued it (along with much of the rest of the company, including...
I've always believed that people have the right to say what they want on a public forum. As long as what they are saying isn't incendiary in some substantial way, or personally insulting, though even there, some expression of annoyance at another poster is ok, then fine. If I don't like it, I'll say so. If others don't, they can say so.If the person is harsh in a constant, repeating and frustrating manor, I'll mention it, and will possibly give an infraction, or eliminate...
Benj, sometimes you amaze me! If that's really how you feel, that it shouldn't have been done in the first place, then none of your other comments about it are of any consequence.
Sorry I'm so late in responding, but I've been away from the Tehran for several days.I wish you well, and hope to read your posts from the recovery room soon.
What are you talking about? Of course it takes you back one step. By one step, that's what I mean. It's a back button. Not for typing letters, or turning pages back in a book, but moving one step back on the DEVICE. That's the whole point to it. You don't like the button, but that's just you.
Not exactly.GT's board filed for "debter in possession". That means that they will stay in control by getting another lender for the money required.That new lender gets put at the front of the line, and has the ability to take possession of everything.But, Apple could take on that new role, and then they would be the debter in possession.Otherwise, apple could just take possession of the equipment in the plant, as they own the plant itself, and the equipment was bought...
No. Apple can emerge as a new investor. If they become a new primary investor, they get first dibs on everything, and their investments are preserved. They could then sell off the parts of GT they don't need. Afterwards, they could do whatever they wanted to with the plant, equipment, patents, etc.
I doubt if anything will change. Apple forwarded them the money for this. If everything had worked out as was expected, they wouldn't be in trouble.But people have to stop assuming that Apple was planning on using this for their phones. We don't know that. The situation is likely much simpler, that as they announced, their expectations weren't met as to quality or production.
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