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He's definitely outspoken. He's often crude. But as for being honest, well, not always. People often mistake outspokenness and crudity for honesty.
Yeah, I noticed that their software mostly seems to be involved with this issue. But is it the only software? Strange that booting into Windows solves the problem. It is looking more like a software issue. I wonder if the software is locking the cards into a high activity state that causes overheating. According to the article, the problem is either tied to the 700 cards, or mostly so. If the newest Yosemite update helps solve the issue, then something in software looks to...
That Nvidia problem affected every company that used those units. I don't understand what this problem is from. If it's cooling, one would think that it would be easy to reproduce.I was wondering where 2014's new Mac Pro was, as it should have been announced in November, or the latest, early December. At first, I thought it was Intel's delays with chips, but now I wonder if it's this problem instead. I wanted to upgrade this year to the new one, but now, I don't know what...
My friend paid almost $25k for the entire system, including the drilling of two deep holes.
Touch is definately more secure than a passcode, unless you're using long passwords made of of totally random characters, which isn't true for most things. I do that for my WiFi, but not for much else.The idea that a fingerprint can be bypassed easily is myth. The two guys that did it, were very careful to put a very good fingerprint down. The likelihood is that there is no fingerprint on your phone or case, or one that's good enough to use. We're too used to watching...
Oh, go away, please.I was talking earlier about Nokia again MAKING phones. You always do this to us.
It needs to tether to the phone, because it won't work without the phone being present, from what I've read. I'm surprised that Apple stated that it would work with those older models, because it's the Touch ID that gives it the extra bit of security.
And you.
Yes, they can, but we're talking specifically about phones.
New Posts  All Forums: