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Not really true. It's a small company, that's a very large proportion of its worth. A company uses its stock to purchase smaller companies that will help the company, to back loans, etc. this takes a large portion of that off the table. And the company isn't doing all that well.
Illegal, no, immoral? Maybe. The point is that he's taking a large part of stock that could otherwise be used for better things. There's no evidence that he's worth more than a fraction of that, so economically, it's improper.
Your comparison is incorrect. Apple granted Cook that stock in two intervals. The first is if he stays to 2016. He receives half then. He receives the other half if he stays to 2020. So he hasn't been given any of that stock yet, which is worth much more than what it was when first granted, mostly because of his efforts.But GoPro is a vastly smaller company. Whether Woodman started the company or not isn't the point. He sucks out a large share of the company's money. Money...
The article I'm looking linking to is likely correct. http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/04/16/why-this-apple-inc-rumor-seems-suspect.aspx?source=eptcnnlnk0000002+
I've read a lot about Brazil over the years. This is a Katin American country, even though it's South American. Their culture is very different than that in China and other Asian countries. It's different than here too. There's a similar problem in Europe, but for different reasons. Probably Foxconn is dragging their feet. But the situation in Brazil isn't favorable to large factory manufacturing when large numbers of people are needed.
The problem is that there has never been a single streaming music company that has made money. Not a single one. Spotify and Pandora are losing hundreds of millions a year. The problem is that people won't pay more than $10 a month for music. That's a problem because between royalty costs and the costs of running the business, their expenses are higher than that.Most streaming companies have gone out of business. I strongly believe that the only way one will survive is to...
Now you're treading into deep water. The definition of what high definition is isn't clear. Yes, most audiophiles do consider anything above 16/44.1 to be high definition. But many of us don't think that those higher formats always offer more quality. Often, we will compare them, and find the cd to sound better. Also, I can tell you that there are NO real comparisons being made. Whenever I go to one, the presenter always tells people what format they're listening to before...
There are a number of potential battery technologies out there. But none of them have ever come to market, because what works in the lab (when the companies aren't fraudulently stating that they can do what they cannot, such as Envia), usually doesn't work in production.They can't even get lithium air batteries to work properly in the lab.I really recommend people to get the book I mentioned earlier, it's an eye opener. Splurge!
I completely agree about performance. That's why I buy a new iPad every year (except once). But battery performance increases only about 5% a year. That's not enough.I recently finished reading a book about the invention of the lithium battery. It continues until the book was written late 2012 or early 2013. It's called The Powerhouse by Steve !evine. I bought it from iBooks. This is a great read. Especially if you want to understand why things aren't better. A123, the...
I don't know if most runners are used to it, or even care. Most runners run in the same places most of the time. They don't need GPS. If they're in a race, they also know where they are. It's rare when they run in unfamiliar places.
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