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I think this is a good idea. I do believe that there are some cars that allow you to do this with an app, though I'm not sure how it's done, as I don't have a car, and so haven't investigated it.
I believe you're correct. The battery is significantly smaller. The screen backlight takes up several watts at full brightness. Lowering that by even 10% would affect battery life.Yeah, the iPad 2 isn't as bright. It's quite not able outdoors. Indoors, it doesn't matter. 200 nits, which is what standard testing is done at, is well below the 415 nits this can get to.
It is a surface phenominum. The bulk property only has an effect at the very surface of the material, say the top molecular level. That why coatings work so well. And coatings aren't all that vulnerable. Titanium dioxide has been used as a surface coating for decades, and is harder than the underlying glass. Lens manufacturers have been using multi coatings since the late 1960's without scratch problems. And, after all, Apple is using a coating here, covered by the...
I don't know what any of the ratings mean, as the system won't be online until next year. Right now, it's in beta for a small number of testers. A lot of it could change between now and then.
It always matters if it's legal. The first thing they will do is go to their lawyers to find out. You can't bluff at this level. If it's legal, they can do it, if not, then they can't.It would be a very bad idea for Apple to take that concept into court. Right now, Apple has control. If it goes to court, and Apple loses, then Apple will have no control, and every bit of junk and malware will enter the system. Apple is too smart to take the risk.
According to my own experience in business over the year, in technologal businesses, where substantial equipment was involved, some designed by us, I would agree that the points he states that Apple would use, are correct. Apple would use those points, and Apple would be correct in them. He gives no reason, as far as we've seen so far, that he went along with all of them.
I'm saying that these projects aren't well thought out, and won't solve any problems because they aren't well thought out.Do you really want to ride in a car with no manual override? Because that's exactly what the Google car is. I believe it might have been the National Highway Administration that said that a driverless car needed an override. The Google car has no steering wheel. It looks like it should go back to the laboratory. It's already been involved in some (slow...
Because you're making statement about Bell Labs that you can't support.
I wouldn't guarantee this because we don't know yet if that would be legal. I haven't seen anything written about that possibility, either in the business web sites, or in the legal web sites. I suggested it, but only when I speak to someone who will know, hopefully tomorrow, will I have a useful opinion. None of our statements here are worth anything other than for speculation, unless someone here can state that they are an attorney in this area of practice.
No more so than the Amazon app, or the eBay app, or the hundreds of other merchant apps in the App Store.
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