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Right. When the 5S came out it was pretty good as far as battery life went, thought there were better models. As I said, there is more to battery life than LTE browsing, such as WiFi browsing, running apps, playing games, etc.And as those charts show, when I said that Samsung doubled battery life going from the 4 to the 5, I was correct there as well
I don't know what he's thinking, but while I'm not inclined to buy a 5.5" model (I'd really need to see, and hold it first), in Asia, phablets are extremely popular. This is particularly true in China, and Apple is well aware of that. So even if this models sells ok here, it may sell very well there.
Why don't you read a newer review. And there are numerous aspects to battery life.http://www.anandtech.com/show/8169/the-lg-g3-review/3
Go on Anand, and check out battery life charts from any recent phone. Anand has a fairly large number of phones on those charts for comparison purposes. The iPhone 5S is right about in the middle.It doesn't even matter what size phone you look at. The truth is that it doesn't matter. A top line phone is a top line phone, no matter what the size. But as an example. The Galaxy S4 has a poor battery life, below that of the 5S, while the S5 has a battery life above that of the...
Apple can't prevent the extremely rare smuggled part. They don't own the factories.But, did you hear anything at all about Swift before Apple announced it at the developer's conference? No one else did either, and Apple had been working on it for almost three years.
There have been screen leaks. One of them that is reported to be true shows approximate resolution possibilities. But iOS 8 shows possible resolutions as well. So we do have a pretty good idea of what we might get.Well, it would be nice if you were correct. But without some real reason to think otherwise, I wouldn't count on more than 10%, and I hope we get that.
People use the phone for many more things than phone calls. In fact, that's why talk time is unlimited these days, and you buy data plans instead. People are using their phones less and less for actuall phone calls, and are texting much more. Phones these days are used far more for Internet than calling.We haven't heard anything about IGZO screens for these, unlike all the talk last year for the iPad Air.
Not that I know of.Just checked, yeah, it's 8 hours on 3G. Still, that doesn't change the fact that Apple's battery life is mediocre these days.
I wish that were true. But it's not just the size of the display, but the resolution. The higher that goes, the bigger battery.For those of us who have been buying iPads, the answer is obvious. Higher resolution and a stronger SoC adds up to much more battery drain. When Apple went to the iPad 3 Retina model, they had to add several ounces just to maintain the same battery life as the older iPad 2, but even then the battery life was about 10% less. They did an amazing job...
I wish that were completely true. If it were, there wouldn be all the long term shortages we constantly see. Of course, part of that is conservative sales estimates, but still.
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