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It used to be called MacOS a long time ago, before OS X came out.
Ballmer is responsible for these initiatives, not Nadella. In fact, Nadella was against buying the phone division of Nokia. We don't know his feeling about the tablet line, but neither is loved, liked, nor popular. The phone division is losing money, that we know for certain from their financials, and it'sbelieved the tablet line is too.You can state whatever you want to the contrary, but making things up doesn't change the reality.Hololens is going to fail just as the...
He was also correct.
Your'e talking about the Desktop, which is an app that rides on top of OS X. Apple replaced that Desktop app with a different one for iOS. They then removed all of the drivers that wouldn't be useful. Those are the main differences. If you remember that the OS X Desktop is an app, and not an integral part of the OS, then you can understand what I'm saying.
So you don't understand the concept, and you believe in anarchy, wonderful.
You can select files in any apps that create them, or now in iCloud Drive, in folders. You can mail them, message them, send them other ways, or print them. If you want to, you can put them on an external drive, or transfer them to Dropbox, Box, other online services or a Mac or PC.Is that enough?
Microsoft has had since 2002 to upgrade Windows for a stylus, and then, touch. But it's hardly friendlier to those than it was for a stylus back then, which is to say, not very much.This is why they came out with Win 8. That was up posed to be the OS of the future. Microsoft stated that at some point, the Win 7 Desktop would go away completely. They had to backtrack because people hated the concept, and the way they did it. Microsoft knows very well that Windows isn't...
I've used several versions for hours. That's more than enough to feel uncomfortable enough to not want to do it again.
I know that you're saying all this, but you're wrong.
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