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It's installing slooowly.
Yeah. But I don't think they'll do that, as this is a beta. 8.4 was a release. Don't remember what they did with the watch.
It's installing, and restarting now.   It feels odd. Almost all of my posting is done on my iPad. This is the first time in a long while that I'm doing it on my Mac Pro.
Ok, my Mac backup of my iPad is done. I'm going to see whether the iOS beta is available. Hope to be back later.
Beta's are pretty exciting, and Apple wouldn't release a public beta is it was really screwed, as early betas always are. Still, it is a beta, and with the gotchas Apple did announce, it's fairly risky. And what about those they haven't yet found?I've done a lot of beta testing for Adobe and others over the years, and it can be pretty dreary and frustrating until late in the process.But I am backing my iPad Air 2 to my Mac now, in prep for the iOS beta, which is much more...
If you don't have a machine that isn't in the path of work need, I strongly advise people to hold up on this. Being the first kid on the block with the new OS isn't going to be great if you can't get things going because a bug prevents what you need from working. The iOS public beta is out too. That I'll put on an iPad, as I have a couple I can use. Frankly, I'm more excited by that for my iPad Air 2.
Your number 2 is correct. Musicians hear what they want to hear, though not knowingly. They add bass that's deficient, because they know the bass line is there. They fill in the differences that exist.It's always been amusing when Stereophile, a high end audio magazine, interviews people in the music business, such as musicians, conductors, composers, etc. at the end, of course, they just have to ask what audio system they use, the answer is almost always similar:"My...
That's correct. But it does need to be understood that without the proper hardware, you won't be getting the proper high Rez experience. So while software can decode it, the proper hardware is needed to play it. Two different things.
I was told, and this was the end of May, beginning of June, that they had 100 hardware and software manufacturers that were already licensed.Yes, Bob is the guy I spoke to.
There are two ways this can be used. One is with no decoder at all. When used that way, standard CD quality is heard, according to them. But, there is very little information in the higher band of CD quality files. MQA cleverly stuffs the higher quality content, that is, the expanded quality, into the unused higher band of the CD quality file.In order to hear that, you need a decoder. They have a small one that's about the size of the Apple TV controller, but thicker, and...
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