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If you don't learn history, you are doomed to repeat other's mistakes. You aren't the first to make this incorrect comment. Jobs ok'd a stock split in 2005. I was the happy recipient of that.
Agreed. Coming up later this year will be three new 4.7" (assuming that's what the size will be) 64GB iPhones for us, as well as two full size 128GB, cell and GPS enabled iPads.Next year will be two more iPads, a Mac Pro, and possibly something else.I'm not alone in this.Oh, I almost forgot...I know a lot of people buying iPhones. More than a few have, as a result, and the continued use of my iPad, bought their own iPads, and some are now buying new computers, from guess...
Right. One of the main reasons for this split is so small traders can be into the 100 share buy/sell number. That's a standard order size. There are reasons why one would prefer to work with that size, or even multiples thereof.A lessor reason is that it makes it possible for Apple to get included in the DOW, though I'm not a fan of the useless Dow.
You can't go by earnings per share without having other information. How many shares are there? How big is the company? What are sales, etc. Facebook had a very good quarter. Above expectations.
It's odd about Facebook. I know why Apple is up, and why Microsoft is up but I don't know why Facebook is down, though I know why Twitter is down.I'll never understand why Blackberry is up.And Amazon should continue going down. It's only worth about $50.
It doesn't dilute the value.
I'm reading a lot of things in this thread.Niche useMost people50%Good for children only, etc.It all sounds very familiar, and goes back to the early 1980's, when they were saying the same things.Oh, yes, of course, this is different, a mouse and keyboard really are useful. Yeah, yeah. Nothing new here.Apple is making changes. How long it will take is something else.
You are wrong about drawing those models, because I do it with AutoCad 360 on my iPad.I'm not saying that everything should be the same, except for the addition of touch. I've already said that things need to change. But, change they will. Apple is obviously moving towards this with OS X moving closer to the way iOS works in many areas. How much further will it move? We don't know, but we can make an educated guess that it will continue to do so, while iOS gets more OS X...
AutoCad 360 on my iPad is a fairly featured app. It does a lot of what I need to do. At first, it felt very odd, and I wasn't sure if it would work out. But after working with it for a bit over a week, I got used to the conventions, and now, I find it to be great. Would I substitute it for Archicad, which I use with my Mac Pro, or any of the other CAd software I use there? No. It's not ready for that. But they have improved it substantially since the first release,...
A major reason with Google is down is because while clicks went up 29%, return per click went down, though I forget by how much. Also, they don't seem to be making a dent in mobile.
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