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Except that you're wrong in this. This particular thing he's asking for is silly. But when a company's a monopoly, there are things they can't do, and things they must do. This is VERY American. It comes from the 19th century, when they already understood that unbridled capitalism would be dangerous to our way of life.So for you to make generalized statements like that is wrong. It shows a misunderstanding of society and the need to keep major entities from just taking...
I think we can all recognize when something's major, and something's minor. If almost everyone uses something, it's major, if almost no one does, it's minor. There are hundreds of messaging apps out there. Almost none of them are used by more than a tiny fraction of the population. They are all minor. iMessage is used by hundreds of millions of people, so it's major. There are numerous Tv and movie apps that rent the content the way Netflix does, but how many people...
Apple released the protocols to the standards association several years ago. It's up to other companies to support them, rather than that of their own software. If they don't want to do that, then people should be blaming them, and not Apple.
Are you sure you actually use Apple products? You know that iChat was discontinued several years ago.Apple is not the worlds biggest phone maker. They are not the worlds biggest smartphone maker.Quite frankly, this looks like a troll post, and I came very close to deleting it.
Don't hyperventilate over this. it's not as serious as you're making it out to be.
I don't know what your problem is. I have no problems using iMessage with my Android using friends. And you can always use Skype.
It's not anti-American. It's not a totally capitalist idea though.
Then ask Apple. If tens of millions want that, they may do if if they feel if would benefit them. But it does work with other Messaging systems, just not with all the features.
Generally, I'm all for interoperability. But a lot of those services that Chen is talking about are already interoperable. And the ones that aren't, can be worked around, to some extent.So iMessage works to communicate with any phones, just as every other messaging app does. Do you get all the services if you're not on an iPhone, iPad or Mac? No, of course not, that's the point. FaceTime? Well, Apple offered it as a standard, it's up to other companies to support that. If...
I don't really agree with that. Yes, it's true that vendors such as Google, and even Microsoft, that are totally, or mostly software houses, or service houses want to spread their services elsewhere. That's how they make money. But Apple is a hardware company. Its software and services are there for the purpose of selling that hardware. It would be nuts for them to give those services to every other platform. There are plenty of services, and software, that reside on...
New Posts  All Forums: