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Hey, this can be equated with cheapness, because it is cheapness. For a smart watch, it's pretty cheap, so the hardware is cheap. Does anyone expect a $50 SS band on this watch? Really, this is a $5 Chinese band, just like all the other cheap Chinese bands you can buy from mainland manufacturers on EBay. It's also still pretty ugly. Quite frankly, it looks like it's worth a total of $50.
Not for $99 a year it's not.
The facility is being build by Apple, is owned by Apple, and will be run by Apple.The agreement with GT, the company that actually produces the sapphire, is that Apple purchased the ovens. But, as production commences, after some time, GT will begin to buy those ovens from Apple. GT is running the technical processes that produce, and manufacture, the products from sapphire, while Apple runs the facilities.
I'd like to start with the last part. We're not nagging Apple. Carl Icahn is nagging Apple. We're just enjoying ourselves (that is, I hope we're enjoying ourselves) in musing about what's happening, and what we think would be solutions to problems, real, or perceived. That's healthy. Certainly better than the fanboy attitude that macdailynews takes. They're embarrassing.I agree that Apple comes up with new concepts, and even new technologies. I've no argument with that....
It was in the financial sites. Apple gave Sharp something like $300 million to $500 million for prodution quarantees. I don't remember the exact number. Samsung did invest $5 billion in Sharp stock. This isn't in question. Foxconn was going to invest a few billion in Sharp, and actually came to an agreement, but as Sharp's stock continued to slide, due to their uncertain future viability, they demanded a re-negotiation of terms. Offhand, I don't remember the result of...
Number of products has nothing to do with size.You can be sure that Apple doesn oversee Foxconn's work. Yes, I'm sure they like knowing what going on, but Apple has little expertise in manufacturing these days, while Foxconn is the worlds largest third party manufacturer, with 2013 sales of over $80 billion, I believe. IG Apple's manufacturers can't figure this out, then they will lose business. And every so often, a manufacturer has some problems, even Foxconn, because of...
Really? Every person here is doing it, including you. I've had some business experience.
Whoa! That's just insulting potential customers. That ain't good! Usage isn't purchase.I really do understand this, but it's not what's happening. If smartphone sales grow at 24% in a quarter, as they have, and Apple's sales grow at 7%, then that's lagging the average growth rate, and should be attainable. But it wasn't, because Apple only sells to part of the market, the part that's not growing.They don't need to make really cheap $100 smartphones, but catering to the...
You want them to do a lot of things. But that's what you want of them. I'm just looking for what will help them as a business. When what you're doing isn't working as well, you have to look somewhere else. We can't snap our fingers and major new categories magically appear. In between, which is most of the time, they need to keep up with their peers.
Brilliant, I never could have thought of that. Any other suggestions? This is supposed to be a dialog you know.
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