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I didn't word it as well as I should have, but Apple can't own its own stores without partnering with an Indian company, or manufacturing locally. You've proven that for me. Thanks!
I live in Forest Hills, and most of it has FIOS available. They finished my neighborhood last November. They fed my house from a drop about a block away.
It isn't legal for a foreign business to own and run its own stores. They must partner with a local Indian company, who then controls the hiring, layout, and experience. Apple has their products in a fair number of Indian establishments. Otherwise, they need to produce a large percentage of their goods there. But the poor infrastructure, government interference and other difficulties make it difficult for sophisticated manufacturing to be carried out by a foreign company.
India's import duties are crippling. The government has, for a very long time, discouraged imports in order to foster development of its own manufacturing industry. It hasn't worked out as well as they wanted, but they keep doing it. Apple is even having trouble convincing the government that they should be allowed to own, and run their own stores. India makes that almost impossible as well.This has held development back.
There has to be a lot more than just this. This was a 1.4GB download for my iPad Air 2. So far, so good though.
Because as I've just said in my post right above this one, it's the Pirates this is aimed at, and we get caught in the middle.
I'm not saying that I agree that the rulings are good ones. I think that breaking DRM for the purpose of enabling the content you have to run on another device you own should be ok. The point I'm making is that it's not all one sided. If it becomes legal to break DRM for your own copy, then people are going to take the opportunity of getting software to break if for improper purposes as well, and that's what the copyright holder is concerned about. The companies I've...
They haven't been, because who is going to take the resources to sue someone for making one copy?But PMZ is talking about doing whatever he wants with it. That's anarchy. He says that as long as he's not maki g a profit off it, it's ok. So he can make a million copies and give them away, according to that philosophy.
Yeah, they had that for some time. I think they stopped it when the clone program began, because the clones weren't Macs.
The first one is very cute, but I'd have preferred to see the entire hearing, as this sound bite tells us little. The second is just an Ad, and so means nothing. Everyone I know who has has FIOS installed in their neighborhood has been able to get it except for those in buildings where the co-op boards have refused Verizon, according to my friends living in those buildings.I'm not denying that they are through with their buildout. But they have done most of it. I'm seeing...
New Posts  All Forums: