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Well, look again at the shape being cast in the drawings. Looks like the end of the watch. Could be. I would suspect that before Apple is willing to use a very expensive alloy with high production costs for their phones, they would use this for the much smaller, and simpler, case for the watch, where they could charge more for the unique material. Possibly pricing it between the stainless model and the gold model.That would make some sense, as people would be more willing...
I doubt if they have. It's difficult producing these alloys. Several years ago the inventor himself gave an interview where he said it would take years before Apple could produce large scale products with this. Posters here poo pooed what he said, and said it wasn't true. But it was. And apparently still is.
I've previously outlined ways it could be done. But this SoC isn't there.
I wonder if it would pay for Apple to do that. That's a layer of regulation that Apple won't need with this. Besides, at least here in New York, there's already an Apple Bank.
Heh! Then they will have less independence than they have now.
I'm not going to post the article I posted before, but it's here. The case that was made was pretty convincing. His estimate was much higher than mine.
Apparently not, because from what I'm reading, banks make more money off mobile payments are are looking forward to this. The CEO of VISA is really excited about this.
I don't understand the concepts of tiny regions breaking away. It's not as though they aren't fairly represented. They are only 5% of the population! and what will they gain other than the dubious thought that they are their own country? Economically, they can't survive on their own. They now receive much more from London than their own economy produces. They think that the Northsea oil will work for them, but those reserves are seriously depleted. So one of two things....
I didn't bring the subject up, if you remember.
What I expect is that, in the beginning, for a few years, Apple Pay will be the main mobile payment system. But once it's accepted, Android users will become more interested than they have been. Once that happens, and Google upgrades Wallet, because, right now, it's not as well supported by the financial institutions as needed, then that will begin to take off as well.
New Posts  All Forums: