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I don't think you DO get it. It seems to fly right by you.And I'm not buying one this year, at least. I may never buy one, I have three watches now. The point is that you are making unsupportable statements, and I've called you out on them, but you won't respond.
It doesn't have to be NEW. It just has to be available. What about that don't you get? Yes, Ive got a Nano, and a LunaTik band that I got when I gave money to their Kickstarter project. The problem is that its far too big, and too difficult to charge. I have to take it out of the case for that. It isn't practical, so I stopped using it.
How about these? And of course, according to pazuzi, ALL of these mechanical watches have hands,recognizable hands, and are SO much much easier to read than Apple's.     One of my favs.   If you have to ask the price, you should sell your house first.
Oh, I couldn't pass these by.  
You know you have no case here, and so you aren't even responding to my post. So, you are telling us that every watch manufacturer should not make a Micky Mouse face because some maker, far in the past, has already done it? Do you have any idea as to how many watch makers have licensed Disney characters for watches? Several dozen, including some of the most expensive makers of watches.. You really are trolling, aren't you?
So, lets look at some great, expensive, analog watch designs, and see how readable, or attractive, they are. There are a lot more I could have posted. This is such a "small" number of the designs out there. Maybe more in another post.  
It's called the Apple Watch. While Apple uses the icon, they also refer to it simply using their name. You should go to Apple's site and look at the images, and read about it before posting here. It has nothing to do with a digital readout. There are analog faces as well as digital ones. There is even a Micky Mouse face, which is always popular. And, yes, its very readable. Seriously, there is no way you can convince anyone that these faces aren't very readable, because...
I don't get your point. So every watch manufacturer should stop coming out with newer watches?Perhaps you lack the understanding of the fashion world. Fashion is something that, to a certain extent, is fleeting. There is no one men's suit, nor any one women's skirt. There are literally thousands of watch designs out there, most of which can't be to,d apart at an easy glance.Here's one lovely design. Unfortunately, at $250,000, its a bit out of your price range.I can post...
To show how little you know, it's not called the iWatch. At least, come up to speed.But your complaint is against watches in general. No matter that most, though not all, have hands. Many watch designs are almost incomprehensible. The Apple Watch is more readable than many.
Make another insult like that, and you're banned.
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