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The other indices have Apple simply because they are based on size. They aren't really an index. They just take the biggest companies in the order of their sales, or market capitalization, and list them. The DOW is different, as it's a selected group. Selected groups are always biased in several ways, and are generally less useful.
Nobody. The DOW is an almost useless index. It means nothing. There are some DOW tracking funds for those who do believe it means something. But the idea of just using stock price is nuts.
Almost nothing, hopefully. Over the years, companies in the DOW haven't performed as well as those that aren't, in the same categories, but not by much.le has gotten a lift today, but I don't think it means much, and part is likely from the low unemployment number of 5.5%.
Boy, you just don't get it, do you? Before you started this, I had already said that Apple could be subsidizing their $649 model with NAND upgrades. All I'm saying is that we don't have the numbers. Apple has never said, and their suppliers haven't either. So every article and number you see, is pure speculation. They don't know. What is it with you? Don't you understand that? They may be right, but they don't KNOW. That 'sall I'm saying about that.. Why are you in such a...
I believe that Google recently made an announcement of this kind.One lesson you're tought early on in business is to not go into business in competition with your biggest customers. If Google does start a cell service, that's what they will be doing.
I don't really care about what they say, they're wrong all the time. But I'll say again, it could be true, but we don't "know" that its true. Good memory is expensive. Cheap memory isn't.Look at the pricing for the fastest SD cards. They have some other features, in some cases, but this is good retail...
Where is that "known" fact from? Apple doesn't tell us. It's assumed by writers, some analysts, and iSuppli, who knows nothing about Apple pricing. But we don't "know" it.And I'm not saying it isn't true, I stated that it might be, but we don't know it for a fact. What you have to know about manufacturing is that charging two or three times for a part doesn't get you that back as profit. There are costs involved, which is why they increase the price by those amounts.
And charge $749 for that, as Samsung seems to be doing now?
I'm not saying that Apple would. Look, they could have given us a higher Rez screen on the 6+ this year. According to reviews in Anandtech, there's a penalty in performance in Apple's method of bringing the resolution above 1920p, and then calculating it down to that (that's the triple size requirements Apple set for developers for graphics). If they used a higher Rez screen that would show that Rez directly, as John Gruber thought they would, that performance penalty,...
Not what I want. I think that the base model has the lowest fixed costs, which require Apple to sell it for $649, and make their margins on the sale.But NAND pricing isn't as low as thought by most people. I keep saying that. What I constantly see is people looking at a cheap usb stick, and thinking that NAND should cost no more than that. But that's all wrong. That's cheap, and very slow, low quality memory. We need to look at the pricing of the fastest SD card memory...
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