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That always happens. The first few drive the stock up. If its a really good quarter, the stock drifts upward as the evening goes by. But while this was another record quarter, tPad sales, and next quarter's guidance bothered them. look, I get it. It bothers me too, and it should bother you as well. When sales are estimated to be close to flat, then they're also close to a drop.
I'd bet that if iPad sales were down just 10% vs the 23%, the stock would be up several percent right now.
I think you guys are overdoing it a bit. Apple's stock went up a lot because sales went up a lot. As sales seem to be flattening, and iPad sales continue to drop a lot, they're going to be wary. Let's try to avoid shrill reasoning for them. 
To be fair, Last December' quarter, growth was about 30%. If Apple guided 30% for this December quarter, Apple would be up over $20 now.
Analysts don't support a company. That's not their job. They may not feel strongly about Apple, but that's what they think. It's not a deliberate thing.
yes. I'd love to know what sales are now that Apple bought themY
Cook states that their guidence is really 8-10%
I wish people would stop knocking Beats/ Last year they had $1.3 billion in headphone sales, more than the rest of the headphone industry combined, and about $300 million profit on those sales.
Yes, that's much larger. Unfortunately, Apple wont get to that next year. If they have 10% growth, they will hit about $259 billion.
Maestri says that sales would have been 7% higher but for currency winds.
New Posts  All Forums: