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Decide "mega rays" by 16 to get the actual resolution. In this case, it's 2.5MP.
It's 2.5MP.
Because right now, and I've seen no evidence so far that this will change, you have to divide the resolution of the sensor by 16 times to get the resolution of the picture. That means that this 40MP sensor gives a resolution of just 2.5MP. I don't know about for you, but that's way too low for anything other than Facebook pictures. In order to get a decent resolution image, you will need a sensor of at least 150MP, for a result of 9.373MP. How far in the future will we be...
I'm not impressed by the fluff piece the Verge wrote. I just hope that the photo they had as an example wasn't the full Rez one,though I suspect it is. It was very fuzzy. Low Rez is low Rez. There is nothing you can do about that. It would have been more telling if the subject wasn't a piece of what exactly? I would have rather seen a photo of something recognizable.
So much for the previous article and speculations of the Guardian.
No, we can't because it's true. Apple does report sell through. They've stated that many times. The problem is that they also report units in the channel. As they pull those down, we can get a discrepancy between actual sell through and total sales to the channel. The analysts didn't seem to understand the distinction, and so Apple just cleared that up. It's likely that in the future, they will be clearer on this point.
All I need to know is the resolution, and we know that. It's fine for low quality pics, but not for much else.
This is terrible though. It's got a horribly low resolution. It's nice to be able to change focus, but when the Rez is so low to begin with, it hardly matters.
480x480 is correct for the first models. This one is about twice that, about 950x950.It's still pretty low. Their spec is that it will be good "up to 8x10", which isn't saying much. The first ones broke down just above 4x4.
I hope not.
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