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I'm not concerned with record sales. I'm concerned with what the percentage of increase is. Apple needs to at least keep pace with industry sales, and preferably keep ahead of it. It will be good if Apple's sales this quarter sets a record, no doubt. But it's a competitive landscape. Apple had a very good May, according to reports, better than they've had for several years. I hope this June will be the same. The thing that set the stock up for such a recent rise wasn't...
I hope that's true, but I doubt it. Right now, as I type this, the stock is down almost 45 cents, after having opened up. And the markets are up again today. Apple closed down Friday as well, when the markets were also up.
Internal politics is what has damaged Microsoft for many years. I hope this isn't going to be the future at Apple too.
While those prices are cheaper than before, they aren't cheap. I think that at least 20GB should be free. Then $1 a month for 50GB. These numbers don't seem as big as they did just a few years ago.
I only agree with you because of the headphones we already have. I Grado phones which cost several hundred bucks, and wouldn't want to have to stop using them. But I would like to see this as an addition. And, by the way, Lightning plugs don't fall out all that easily. Often, a pull that will remove it, will break the small headphone plug in the socket.
What an ugly stadium.
I'd like to see it break $650. I don't know if it's a real psychological barrier or not.
No. That's just the way it works.
Well, it would just mean a bit over two and a half bucks tomorrow. It's possible, unless there are a lot of cold feet.As for Bezos, the market thinks he's a genius. I don't. I think he's pretty clever though. His biggest talent is making major investors think that huge profits are just around the corner.This outsized interest in this phone, if indeed that's what it is, seems to be solely due to the fabled 3D UI we're hearing about. If so, that's a mistake. If they do have...
Actually, I'm disappointed. It started out well moving up about $4.50 quickly. But as the market slumped early, it never recovered, even though the market picked up again. The Nasdaq closed up around 1%. I expected Apple to track around that, and break $650 in closing. Came pretty close early on.
New Posts  All Forums: