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This is correct. In fact, an individual mirror incurs about a 1-3% loss if it's a rear surface mirror, and can be under 1% for the front surface mirrors used in optical pathways. Apple doesn't seem to be using a prism, so losses will be less there as well. Lenses can lose up to a third stop though. But that would be true, no matter what. We can tell, if we know the "T" stop, which is the true transmission number used by movie and Tv lenses.
As I said, and confirmed by others, ports face one way. There is a standard for that. You just have to remember which way it should be and plug it in that way.
Not true. The Lightning port is pretty sophisticated. Apple worked on the new usb c port so it has some of the advantages, hut not all.
The latter two seem a bit low. Where did you read that?
Likely Apple uses a standard way of facing those ports as well. Once you know it, it should never be a problem again.
Yeah. I couldn't talk, but I could type.
I've found that all decent usb cables indicate which way is up using the usb symbol on the top side. Devices with usb also have that side up when the connector is horizontal.
The reason why the new Macbook doesn't support 3.1 is because the "M" series processor doesn't yet support it. Sorry if someone already posted that, but I'm sittingin the chair at my dentist and writing this on my iPhone, so I haven't read all the posts.
No. That's only certain use models. In plumbing, it's a major problem because of the liquid, and because there is a low current always flowing through the pipes and water.But here, there is no problem with that. As it's also an electrical insulator. Your concern is unecessary.
I'm not sure I understand your post. Where did I respond to you here? I can't find it. In fact, the only other post of yours here, under this screen name, is the one where you stated that you didn't know why I said you were incorrect. That is post 25.Are you posting under two screen names, with two accounts? Are you also Marc Rogoff? Because that's who I responded to in that way.If so, that's really against the rules.Otherwise, please point out the post to which you are...
New Posts  All Forums: