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I haven't bothered. In periodic testing, I haven't found the OWC drives to slow down particularly. I can't account for others.
All SSDs carry out garbage collection. It's just that garbage collection is more efficient with trim. It doesn't matter what volume it is.
It's wrong. All affected drives will experience data loss. How long that will take is another question. The more trim commands that are sent, the greater the loss will be, and the earlier it will arrive. As has been pointed out in several technical forums, most people will experience random data loss, or errors, that they will incorrectly ascribe to other reasons, such as a malfunctioning drive, either software or hardware. Disk Utility and Diskwarrier will fix some of...
All the series 8xxx Samsung drives are affected, as well as some from other manufacturers. "Some drives" means those drives that are affected. Most other drives from other manufacturers aren't affected.
All of the controllers app,e uses have been modified, and use Apple firmware. This has been a practice of Apple going back as far as I can remember. Whenever you see a part labeled with "Apple", you know that it's been modified by Apple or for Apple. Even the connector is their own.
That's true. But those responses are almost always generic responses. I don't remember when there was an actual response to a submission that was written specifically as a response to that particular submission. I imagine that if you're a larger developer, and you're tagged as such, you might get a specific response.
Both Apple and Linux implement trim the same way, and according to the standard. That's not a "problem" with the OS. Microsoft doesn't implement it according g to the standard, and so they aren't seeing this problem, or, at least, it's thought they aren't seeing it as often, but may be seeing other problems.This is very definately a problem with the drive firmware. Stating that it isn't, is going against what has been established as the problem.If you're seeing a notable...
Talk about total lack of knowledge! Sand force drives have been on the top end for years as well as in the middle, and the bottom. Don't make statements like that.Samsung's parts for Apple use custom firmware and controllers. In addition, the drives used on PCI are different from the ones used with SATA controllers.OWC uses their own firmware, which is why their drives are optimized for OS X, though they work well on Windows and Linux.
Apple never responds to individual requests about security problems. Most companies don't, though some will send some general response that means nothing. Don't be so paranoid.
That's true, and the more standard RGB devices are noticeably dimmer than Pentile
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