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I strongly doubt that.
You're making a mountain out of a molehill. They don't call their Queen, or their King, the "leader" in the political sense. A moral leader, which gets the monarchy in trouble sometimes, yes. But not political. I don't know why you're having a problem with this. The British have more sense of a longer history than we do. Remember that Washington was offered the crown here, after the war, and he declined it.But they like the monarchy. It gives them ties to the past. When...
No, he's wrong, and so are you, if you believe that. The problem in the EU is that taxes are already so high, because people there demand services from their governments that people here would shun, that they can't be lowered, and as a result, when economic times are rough, there is nowhere for governments to go. Stimulus in the EU was very small when compared to what was done here, and the results show that. Germany has been preventing stimulus from occurring.In addition...
I brought up political parties earlier, because the parties are the arm of the economic theoreticians. The parties are how economic policy gets carried out. But we certainly can talk economics without bringing parties into it.
It's only politics peripherally, it's economics.
The monarchy in GB has no power. She calls the government into session, but that's it. If she tried to intervene, then that would be the end of the monarchy. They are kept around because the British like them, for the most part, and they're great for tourism.
You are incorrect.
No, just the opposite. It's what kept the U.S. from being in the same situation that the EU is in now. Even conservative economists here have admitted that.
That "hag" has no say in governmental matters.
Is it their responsibility, or something else? Corporate responsibility would be to do whatever is legal to benefit shareholders the most, over the long term. Causing banks to fail, and help push a region towards recession isn't in a company's best interest. It wouldn't be just Apple, of course.Since over 60% of Apple's business is now foreign, if Apple showed a lack of concern, that would hurt them in no versus ways. While citizens in the US have no loyalty, or patriotism...
New Posts  All Forums: