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The only people who could possibly be called "native Americans" would be the South American Indians. The rest are just interlopers. Those in Central America pushed out those in N America about twelve thousand years ago. Then the last migration pushed them out into C America about seven thousand years ago. And they, in turn, pushed out the first group into S America.So who are the Native Americans? Why, none of them! They all came from N Asia, and the Europeans were just...
Do you live in a poor country where hand me down are common for phones. Even here, in the USA, many families give older models to others in the family.
Strange though it may seem, that what most people around the world do.
There's a serious problem comparing the sales of different companies when they give out numbers that are based upon different calculations. For example, as we've been saying for some time, and as Apple says, their numbers are predicated on a customer that's paid for a device. So their numbers are called, by them, "sell through". But other than the now Lenovo owned Motorola, other companies refer to "sold" numbers as sell-in. That means sold to distributors, retailers,...
You're twisting things around that weren't said, or said in the way you think they were said. You're confusing yourself.It's pretty simple. Similarly priced phones have about the same amount of subsidy. Similarly priced phones are comparable, because people often decide what price they will pay for a phone, either subsidized, or at full price. So they "compare" those phones.But if they like one phone more than another, in large numbers, those comparable phones end up with...
Most people would disagree with you.
Only if you carry over your payments. If you pay it at the end of the month, there are no further charges other than a possible yearly fee, which is small. We buy almost everything through AmEx. We pay it every month. For the small amounts that might require Visa or MasterCard, we pay those off too.
He stated that in a conference call a couple of quarters ago, or so. I listen to all those calls, so I hear those statements. You'd need to find a transcription somewhere. Despite what you think, as you always pop in when I say things like that, I never make things up. There's no point. But that doesn't mean it is easy to find.
These companies are doing Current C at the instigation of Walmart, which hates credit card companies. The concept here is that instead of recognising a credit card, you will have your money taken right out of your bank account, thereby eliminating the credit card fees they now pay, which will then be available to add to their profits. We can see how customer friendly this is, and why it's thought that it won't succeed.
Well, it's the same for all quality watches with sapphire covers.
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