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It was hoped for, but not highly anticipated. From early on we learned that the sensor was hard to manufacture, and that we shouldn't expect it on the iPad last year. The Air is so much better than the older models, in my estimations, and going by reviews as well, that it's a sense isn't a big deal. It gives us something to look forward to this year.
Multi day? You've got to be joking! If life can be increased by a couple of hours, I'd be very pleasantly surprised. I rarely run out of battery, and I use this all day.
It's simple. You're wrong. The touch sensor was in short supply, and even delayed the phones supply buildup. While I would have liked to have it on my Air, so what? One more year. Big deal.If you hit the buttons all the time, you aren't being careful when you hold it. I almost never hit anything. And usually, when my thumb is on so wthing near the edge of the screen for a few seconds, and I li lift it, nothing happens. It works pretty well. I haven't heard any groundswell...
Perhaps you should also chart his correct predictions, which is pretty impressive.
While I would prefer a bigger battery, as my Air is slim enough, you're wrong on the other counts.Bonding the display will markedly reduce glare, as a lot of glare, and contrast reduction is because of the other air surfaces between the glass and the screen. All tablets have some glare from surface reflections, because what Apple is doing is all that can be done right now. You need a glossy screen with these high resolutions, and the coating Apple uses, while pretty good,...
You can be taught to be a motivational speaker. It just like preaching. You learn the right words and phrases, and you learn the cadence.
I suppose, left leaning is a matter of opinion. Here, the right wing considers anything left of Fox News as left wing.
I've read it enough during my times in London, and while it's not strictly a tabloid, they do get their share of sensationalism, as do most British papers.
Obviously, when I was talking about great speakers, I meant those who matter to industry, not those who win contests in high school or college. There's a big difference in having people at the top of a profession who can get up and speak well about what they are doing, and those who can get up and ramble about much of nothing. It's a real art to be able to convey information about something, which getting people interested, and talking about a book.And it's not just nerds...
Ah, no. I can't possibly agree with that.
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