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Sometimes, he does. But all too often, he uses twisted logic.
It's very possible that the watch does have the chip. The 5s doesn't support Apple pay on a terminal, but does if used with the watch, through the watch. That tells me that the watch is storing that info, while the phone is storeing the fingerprint info. There is no way for the watch to get the fingerprint info, so it needs the phone. The phone simply tells the watch "yes, (s)he's authorized", and the watch completes the transaction.In other words, we need both, in the...
Except that Apple said that it would. I don't know how, but if Apple says it, what should we think?
It's complicated, isn't it? Everything I've read so far, says that Apple does store the Apple pay info in the NFC chip. Is that true? I don't know, but what reason for having it in my iPad Air 2 would there be, considering the lack of the NFC antenna? The 5s doesn't support Apple pay and it does have Touch ID. So the only hardware difference is that chip. And as you say, Apple doesn't put hardware into a device if it makes no sense.
The count was likely done on the fingers.January....oneFebruary..twoMarch......threeApril.........fourMay..........fiveJune........sixPlus what left in December, and we get 6.5 months.That the problem with finger counting. Are we using the front edge of the finger, or the back edge?
Developers weren't sure if all apps needed to support 64 bits in February or not. This clears it up.
This is good. It means that by the end of 2015, all actively developed apps will be 64 bit, while allowing users with older devices to still be able to use those apps, and get most modern feature updates.
Yes, so far.As for net exporter, not yet, but in another two or three years it's likely.
We are exporting petroleum liquids right now. We are producing more of both than we consume. You are right that we do still import some oil, but that number is continuing to go down. I suppose I should have been clearer on that. Petroleum liquids consist of oil produced from any source, and gas. But we are right now, the largest oil producer. We are actually producing over 9.12 million barrels of oil a day. Everything else is gas. It's expected that we will produce over 13...
I can't imagine where you got that information from, but it's not true. Nokia, the company, sold all of Nokia, the phone division, to Microsoft. All of it. What they're doing now, is showing a couple of developmental phones running Android.
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