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Yes, but for complex reasons, it's easier with even blocks, And a bit cheaper as well. I can't explain all of this, but it's well known.
Well, actually, the chance is that it will become more volatile. When more small traders join in, sell and buy on rumors becomes more prevelant.
My broker just called me to let me know, and to also tell me that it won't be available for after hours trading Friday. He knows I know this, but he's calling all the Apple clients.I haven't checked my emails to see if Scottrade is letting me know this on my account there.
For my sake, I hope you're both right. Open at $100, and zip right to $150.
Stocks are easier to buy in standard blocks such as 50 shares, 100 shares, etc. selling too.
I'm giving you a warning.
It isn't really relevant to this discussion, as I'm certain you know. But if you really felt is was so important that you just had to include it, fine. Now drop it.
Sure, and those are minimal functions that a cheap smart watch can get away with. But try to add functionality, such as a color screen, higher resolution, a more powerful SoC, etc. and things fall apart. We saw that with Samsung's offerings, as well as those from others so far.Look at how long it's taking Apple to get their product out.
The Pebble is kind of cute, in a cheap Chic kind of way. It doesn't do all that much, but since it's cheap, it's users don't expect it to do much, so they are happy with it.
Or, go up, as small investors jump into the stock.
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