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I'm not goi g to spend an hour looking for numbers, but reports, locally, have been pointing out the poor sales. They look at the numbers there. This is typical of what I've been reading.http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/article/10274/missing-mark-galaxy-s6-sales-fall-short-expectations
The least expensive way to buy an expensive phone (or most any product, without waiting for a sale) other than to wait another year to buy it after the price has dropped, it to pay the full price, and not let it drag on you're credit card.I've read that a new iPhone is paid off in about 18 months into your two year contract. The rest is profit for the carrier.
It's what they do for any phone they want, cheap or expensive.
Well, the facts remain, so they must have the money from somewhere. If there putting it on a charge, that's their choice. But if they buy a new one in two years, which is the average, that's a good amount of time to save up.
According to all reports, including the Korean press, sales of the S6 have been disappointing, and the iPhone has surpassed it.
You think, but you don't know. Having been in London numerous times, I've found that most people do buy their phones. And people, please stop saying that the phones are too expensive to be bought outright. Many people do the unthinkable thing, and SAVE to buy a product. They have two whole years to save up for it.
The only people who could possibly be called "native Americans" would be the South American Indians. The rest are just interlopers. Those in Central America pushed out those in N America about twelve thousand years ago. Then the last migration pushed them out into C America about seven thousand years ago. And they, in turn, pushed out the first group into S America.So who are the Native Americans? Why, none of them! They all came from N Asia, and the Europeans were just...
Do you live in a poor country where hand me down are common for phones. Even here, in the USA, many families give older models to others in the family.
Strange though it may seem, that what most people around the world do.
There's a serious problem comparing the sales of different companies when they give out numbers that are based upon different calculations. For example, as we've been saying for some time, and as Apple says, their numbers are predicated on a customer that's paid for a device. So their numbers are called, by them, "sell through". But other than the now Lenovo owned Motorola, other companies refer to "sold" numbers as sell-in. That means sold to distributors, retailers,...
New Posts  All Forums: