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I've used several versions for hours. That's more than enough to feel uncomfortable enough to not want to do it again.
I know that you're saying all this, but you're wrong.
Palm rejection is reported to be excellent.
I understood your point. And I was giving my experience with the Surface to show why that's a bad way to promote it, because it makes a lousy laptop. That's why they came out with the Surfacebook.
We're not talking about the scientific model of nature. We're talking about using a computer. So, we have the keyboard, the mouse, trackball, trackpad, scanner, voice, 3D input, printer, etc. this is all pretty common. You don't need math to use any of that.
The question was whether Chromebooks were subject to malware, and whether it was serious. It is suseptable, and it is serious. Less serious than Windows for sure, less so than OS X. But for something that Google promoted as not being suseptable, it's pretty suseptable. And that's what we were saying.
We have to remember the history. When the Constitution was written, it was almost impossible to copy anything long. Even making a number of copies of something short was a real pain.. It wasn't really done. The only people who did that were rival printers. Essentially, it was impossible for the general public to make copies. People didn't make "backups" of books, newspapers or pamphlets.Now, it's way too easy. So the laws are rewritten to reflect that. So using DRM is...
And you know this because, they don't say only the greatest things about your favorite brand?
Ok. It doesn't matter how Apple did LAST year. Stock prices depend on what it's thought the company will do in the NEXT year.
I use my iPad for "real" work. I can't wait for the Pro! But, i've wondered this before - which iPad sales are slipping more, the full size model, or the Mini? I think that's important. If it's the Mini, then that's mostly due to large phones, both Apple's and competitor's. If it's the full size model, then there's another reason, and what would that be?
New Posts  All Forums: