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I've been talking about optical zooms on smartphones for years. There are a few ways it can be done, but so far, none of those ways result in a high quality image. The only current way this could be done is with a bifurcated camera that sits sideways, with an aspheric mirror to distribute the light from the lens, which might also need to be two part. This comes from such thin phones. I really don't understand your fixation on such extreme thinness. The thinner it is, the...
I have the original app. I also have a few others. But I never use them. When these apps first came out, it was exciting. An app for a web site! Wow! This mobile Apple thing is really catching on. But, as time went on, I found it to be really clumsy. It's so much easier using a browser where we have bookmarks organized in folders within the browser. With separate apps, it's a real pain. I suppose if some people only go to a few sites, this might be an advantage. But...
It's the rather extreme sounding quote that makes wonder if you're not just putting us on.Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost"No way. Miles too thick. The iPhone needs to get considerably thinner. Happily, it may do so come the 9th.If we're very lucky, the iPad will, too."The iPhone is already very thin. The new model is even thinner. How much thinner do you want it? You do understand that every time it gets thinner, it becomes considerably more difficult to make a good...
And so are engineers and designers. Sorry to say, but most things suffer from at least some poor design. Apple is no exception. Remember the round iMac mouse? I do agree with Benjamin that my iPhone 5 needed rounder edges in the back, at least. My older 4S seemed more comfortable because the rear glass was somewhat rounded. The new phones are heavily rounded, so that's so.But when customers are saying that they want longer battery life, they're wrong? You'd really rather...
Looks interesting. But what is the price range?
And yet, you're commenting on this article, which I imagine you've read anyway. Interesting how that works, isn't it?
That's the problem with making these things so thin. Something's gotta give, as the song says.A camera module could be made with a right angle mirror, allowing a thinner module, but the expense and precision would likely be too much to expect.
I wouldn't call this battery massive since it's for the 5.5" model. There are bigger batteries for large phones. I hope Apple can get more efficiency out of it though considering they literally do make almost the entire hardware themselves, as well as the OS.
Browsing uses considerable battery life. The radio in a phone is a major power draw, as is WiFi and GPS.If Apple does what it's done before it will make the SoC considerable more powerful, wiping out any advantage in battery life we would get from a smaller process.
I'm beginning to think that you're playing the jokester here
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