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That's true, and the more standard RGB devices are noticeably dimmer than Pentile
It isn't that's it's poorly implemented. It's a bug. All software has bugs. It just depends on what the bug is. Most bugs rarely cause problems, while some will crash the machine. This is a case where the drive controller firmware, for some reason Samsung hasn't yet found, causes a zeroing out of some, but not all, 512b blocks. This will result in some, but not most, data becoming corrupted.The problem is that for most consumers, they won't know about this data corruption...
That's why I use OWC drives. They are more efficient in garbage collection. They have been specifically made to work well with OS X. Other drives are more generic. I have been using them for years and haven't experienced any slowdowns, as I had with several others.Trim us helpful, but not required.
They aren't crappy, I've been using them for years. I have a 1TB drive as a startup drive in my Mac Pro. It works just fine.
Just make sure you aren't using a Samsung 8xx series drive when enabling trim. All of those will lose data from trim at some point. There are some other drives that will have this problem as well. https://blog.algolia.com/when-solid-state-drives-are-not-that-solid/
You are so totally wrong. You have no idea as to what this is all about.This is an example of what this problem is all about.https://blog.algolia.com/when-solid-state-drives-are-not-that-solid/
Don't get too excited about that yet. Trim isn't required for SSDs, though it helps.The reason why Apple hasn't released it for all drives as a standard feature is because of data corruption for a number of popular SSDs. For example, all Samsung SSDs that begin in an "8" will have data corruption after some time when using trim. Some of their enterprise drives have the problem.There are some other drives with this problem.This is why Apple warns that data corruption may...
Without a drive controller on board, it's not an SSD. It's properly referred to as NAND storage.
NAND storage in phones aren't SSDs. I haven't heard of an SSD interface being used. If someone has evidence I'm wrong, I'd like to know.
As you can see though, that is a Pentile, with the Samsung name used there, as I did say. You seem to be right about the colors though. It still loses about 30% resolution as compared to LCD displays.
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