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I can only imagine that if you were alive at the beginning of the twentieth century, you would have said the same thing about the Cartier Tank Watch.I suppose there will always be people who can't quite wrap their minds around major shifts.Then again, you might just be a troll on our site.
And who knows what else they may have fixed?
I don't think the drop was because of the Feds. It was because of, first, the bending of the 6+, and secondly, the failure of 8.0.1. I suppose the fed statement may have added to it. But I would think that, if anything, it would have made the market feel better about Apple.
I've got it on my iPad Air, and so far, both the WiFi and cell service is fine. An interesting thing to me is that the first update took almost an hour and a half to download. This one took one minute, which is what I would expect with a 69MB update, and a 150Mbs FIOS connection.
This is just goi g to become more of an issue if appleThis is news, and its being reported all over. It should be covered here as well.The fact is that as Apple, and others, continue to make phones thinner, this is what we can expect. There are at least a couple of people who post here who seem to believe that the new phones are still way too thick. They won't be happy until they're the same thickness as a credit card. They're nuts!One good thing about plastic is that...
Watch the language, please.
While it's obvious that a longer phone using the same design will bend more easily, the question is, how careful should we be with our phones? I've always believed that phones shouldn't be put in a rear pants pocket. It's just looking for trouble. Another reason why the 5/5S is harder to bend is that the sides are straight, offering much more resistence to bending. An example is a 2x4. If you try to bend it from the face (wide) sides, it's much easier to bend than from...
I was updating both my iPhone 5 and my iPad Air. Both seemed to finish the download (after an unholy amount of time, just like the iOS 8 upgrade the other day) and the "preparing the update" message. But then, both stated that I could " install now". I don't remember seeing the verication step. I've lost track. I don't recall if that means that everything is ready for the install itself, or whether I have to start from the beginning. Given that Apple supposedly withdrew...
It takes place after the download and the "Preparing the update". Then you get verification. After that, it installs.
This is very strange though. I always expect some minor bugs to be added with an update. It's normal, and it's just a fact of life.But these are major problems. While it seems as though many, if not most people, aren't having these problems, a lot are. One would think that major areas such as cell connectivity and Touch ID would have been tested to extinction. I wonder what these problems are coming from.However, Apple isn't the only with problems with updates. Microsoft...
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