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If you're talking to me, it's my iPad, because I don't usually type posts into my iPhone. Maybe if I get the 6+, that will change.
I sure hope it fixes my freezing in safari bug that occurs whn I'm typing. It has already happened four times today.
I no longer understand what you're talking about. At least, I thought I understood before.You're using Gb, instead of GB. You're talking about a gigabit of RAM instead of a gigabyte of RAM. Do you realize that? We don't measure RAM in computers, or even in memory sticks, in bits. We measure them in bytes. A gigabyte of RAM remains a gigabyte of RAM no matter how wide the memory bus is.RAM manufacturers spec their chips as being bit wide. So a one Gigabit chip can be used...
It isn't whether 2GB draws too much power from the battery in and of itself. If Apple has certain specs for battery usage, and they looked at the design, and thought that something must go to meet those soecs, then it could be that the extra RAM was the easiest way to do it, and so the extra GB went away.I don't believe that the issue is whether 2GB draws too much, but rather that overall, they wanted the draw to be below a certain number, and what was the easiest way to...
They can do that with new product lines. But they're committed to coming out with the phones once a year. The cell companies depend on that too. There are contracts, and production lines to worry about, etc. the watch is a new line, and they'll come out with it when they believe it's ready. But it likely won't be perfect from the get go. Nothing involving computing ever is.
Yeah, I haven't had time to look at that yet. I'm hoping it isn't something I want to allow open.
It's possible. I think I've tesolved one. It's cpuAt least one is. The others just type out as usual without shortcuts, then I have to fix them.Now, that first response to you has the word that freezes Safari, which it did there. I closed the app down and came back. The site must have saved what I typed, which is why those three letters (I'm not even going to try typing them!) are showing. The way I have that word in shortcuts capitalizes it.
I'm having a few noticeable problems. Battery life on both my iPhone 5 and iPad Air are a bit worse. Not a problem, but noticeable. More of a problem is with Safari, or possibly the new predictive typing mode. Two problems. The first is occasional freezes in Safari when typing in posts. At first, it was really strange. I typed two letters in, and it froze. I closed the app thought the manager, went back to the page, and when I typed the same two letters, it froze...
That's a good one.
It depends on what you mostly use the phone for. For some time, I wanted the smaller phone. Using friend's large Samsung Notes, and Galaxy's, anything over 5" seemed way too large. But with what I'm reading about the feel of these phones, along with the extra feature set of the 6+, I'm now inclined to buy that model.Why? Well, the optical stabilization is better than the electronic version. I use my phone to take a lot of pictures, and some video, so that matters a lot to...
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