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The problem most people have, is that they're simply afraid. They want to invest, so they do, but not on their own decision making. Mutual funds, hedge funds, managed accounts, all of these make make people feel as though the professionals, who after all, must know what they're doing, will do a better job for them than they would do for themselves.And they're right! Most people would lose their investments if they made their own decisions. Another problem these people...
Not benefit of history. As many people here know, because it comes up almost every time we talk financial, since 2004, that I bought a load of Apple then, and I've held it, and bought some more in 2008. So I'm talking from experience, not from hindsight.
I'm surprised they haven't already. I believe that Apple was one of those behind the new standard.
How long will that take though? This chip series is much weaker than the i5 Apple uses in the weakest Macbook Air. The chips the Macbook Pro uses are much more powerful.
There's no problem putting two different metals together. To some it may look off, but to others, it might look great.As far as hardness goes, anodized aluminum is MUCH harder than 316 stainless. It's harder than hardened steel. But the aluminum beneath is soft, so a hard blow will break through the anodized layer. That shouldn't be a problem with how this is used.
You can easily get leather bands for hundreds of dollars. How do you know the Casio band is comparable? I doubt it is. This just looks much better, at the very least.
I think it's more disappointing. As Apple says that the 42mm watch has a larger battery, a larger charger would make sense to keep the charge times equal. I wouldn't mind paying an extra $10 for that. But $10 for an extra 3 feet of $0.50 worth or cable is disappointing.
There no reason for it to get loose. It's likely spring loaded, and springs can last forever, relatively speaking.
You're comparing all the wrong things. I don't think you get it.
Actually, going by the record, you were unlucky to get out in mid 2012, if it was really mid 2012. You would have missed the peak. But it's so much higher now, and you missed the dividends from the beginning. You are happy about this?
New Posts  All Forums: