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I'm not making the claims you are. I'm simply using what we already know publicly, from statements they've made. From that is can be seen what they can, and might do. You're stating quite definitively that they can't do certain things, which they certainly can. Whether they are, or are not doing those things, is something else.But I'm not ruling them out, which you are. I do t need to work there to know this, while you would have to to support your statements.I'm certainly...
My daughter, who is now 23, has a LOT of friends. Often a troop of a dozen would come for dinner Friday nites. We still get bunches staying over. Also, I did a lot of work for the NYC school system, and her HS, in particular. Even though, in theory, for most of that time, phones weren't allowed, they would allow them as long as they weren't out, and used.Go into a middle school or a HS with a few thousand teens, and you'll see a lot of phones in back pockets.
I'm certainly not saying that Apple has their own steel mill. But they do design, and have manufactured, machinery that isn't otherwise available. They spec everything that's done, and it's also been noted that they work their alloys to higher standards than is normal for the industries they are in. But no, they don't have to do the actual work themselves, any more than they have to manufacturer their own phones. This has also been noted a number of times before. It...
Most people who keep their phone in their back pocket do sit on it. I see it all the time, particularly with teenagers, and most particularly with teenage girls.
No matter what, I think people are crazy to put phones in their back pockets. While some people may be lucky, doing that is one of the main causes of broken phones, right after dropped phones.
Well, I believe that Pentile is a Samsung trademark, and the do use a while sub pixel. Perhaps I've got some of it wrong. Show me. Whatever it is, it still uses four sub pixels resulting in course display quality.
I'm talking about the curved screens the article is referring to. We can be sure that Apple has been spending money to investigate OLEDs for years.
I really hope not.
The quality of the image on the Samsung S6 is considered to be slightly higher than that of Apple's newest phones, as measured by Displaymate. Now that Samsung calibrates their high end devices, as Apple does, the quality has increased dramatically.There is nothing wrong with the color quality of AMOLED screens. They just need to be calibrated, as all screens do, including Apple's.The one area they are still behind in is maximum brightness. As OLEDs are much more sensitive...
I'll tell you exactly what this is—it's a rumor that has absolutely no substantiation. It also has nothing to do directly with anything Apple is interested in, or is working on, as far as anyone knows. All it appears to be is an attempt of some manufacturers to get Apple to buy their products.Take that as it is, without reading anything else into it.
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