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Bell encouraged researchers to work on projects, on their own time, as long as they did the work that was expected.
I've never said that. I'm just saying that even the best, and paid for spellcheck programs, have problems. Apple's is free. Would I like it to be better? Of course. I'm just reacting to the thought that people shouldn't have to help these programs out a bit by adding words that give them problems.
I'm not saying that they shouldn't try to improve it. I'm saying that even the best have serious problems. There are fundamental problems in spellcheck that haven't been worked out yet, assuming that they even can be. That's why you are expected, in all of them, to add spellings that aren't there. When someone here states that it isn't their job to do that, it's nuts!
Those are areas in which I'd bet Apple is doing at least some work in, as it affects their business. We've read that Apple might have as many as 1,300 people working on voice recognition and related technologies.
When talking about R&D, the size of the company does matter. You can't spend more than your sales number. I us all of your expenses. Since what we,re talking about involved basic research, costs these days can be enormous.So, I suppose my questions should be to those here who insist that Apple should do basic research, is what kind of research? In what field(s)? Then we can take a look at the cost structure for that, along with whether it has anything at all to do with...
I have nothing against the concept of driverless cars. I'm convinced that eventually, they will be the only way people will be able to use them other than, possibly, for specialized uses.But there are other companies that are ahead of Google in this, even thought they aren't going for the publicity the way Google always does. Don't forget that for several years, DARPA had a contest for driverless cars. Well before Google came out with this, others had negotiated that very...
Just to comment about drones;I have nothing against them offhand, but the way Amazon and Google are talking about them, we will see clouds of them over our cities. Rubbish! The first time one crashes, and it will, it will be banned. These can't be little drones, they have to carry a decent sized package, and they have to do it reliably, every day, for a long time, or their initial purchase cost and well as the maintaince cost and the cost of running them won't even be paid...
I think this is a good idea. I do believe that there are some cars that allow you to do this with an app, though I'm not sure how it's done, as I don't have a car, and so haven't investigated it.
I believe you're correct. The battery is significantly smaller. The screen backlight takes up several watts at full brightness. Lowering that by even 10% would affect battery life.Yeah, the iPad 2 isn't as bright. It's quite not able outdoors. Indoors, it doesn't matter. 200 nits, which is what standard testing is done at, is well below the 415 nits this can get to.
It is a surface phenominum. The bulk property only has an effect at the very surface of the material, say the top molecular level. That why coatings work so well. And coatings aren't all that vulnerable. Titanium dioxide has been used as a surface coating for decades, and is harder than the underlying glass. Lens manufacturers have been using multi coatings since the late 1960's without scratch problems. And, after all, Apple is using a coating here, covered by the...
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