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I just posted an answer to you other post which, hopefully helps.But I don't believe that the courts opinion means exactly what you are promoting. First of all, a patent, by it's very nature, can't hide anything from the public. Trade secrets can, and do.But not licensing something that isn't being used by the owner really doesn't fit the description by the court. And even if it did, the court decision is never the final word, because the court often reverses itself in...
It was the implication of your response that led me to believe that. If I'm wrong in that, I'm happy to be. I've read too many posts on too many sites from people who believe just that.What I believe is that the founders knew very well that patents must be owned by the inventor, or an entity that the inventor sets up or sells to. In doing that, they gave that inventor sole rights to decide what to do with that patent, which includes licensing to all, licensing to some,...
I just wanted you to say something here about what you thought about my comment, not to link to other posts. It would have been easier to just explain your thoughts. I'm curious about your direct thinking about what I said. These posts are nice, and I read a number of them when first posted, but it's not what I meant.
It doesn't matter. She is going to work for Apple. And spring ends June 21.
Have you watched Samsung's presentations, or Microsoft's, or that of HTC? How many truly great speakers are there in any generation? Everything is in comparison with others. Compared to most others, he's great. So is Shiller, and others.
Also, there's a difference between when a person leaves a company, and when they arrive at their new one. That date doesn't have to be the same. Many times, they take a week or two of vacation in between, to clear their head.
I don't care who you work for. Names unknown. But I do know that his isn't uncommon. And it's not a last minute decision, as I made clear in my post above this response to you. If a company has a deadline for a hire, and that hire isn't very important, then it would kill the deal. But if the hire is important, and they are going to wait six months for that hire to appear, another few weeks isn't going to make a bit of a difference. And I don't believe for one minute, that...
I would just like to point out that spring isn't "widely regarded to end in May". Here, at least, spring ends June 21. As Apple often make announcements such as: ---- product will come out in the spring, or in the winter, or in the first quarter, or in the third quarter, etc., and then it comes out on the very last day of that period, I think we can safely say that she is on track to meet her commitment if she gets here in late June. All of what we are reading about this...
I watch a lot of companies do presentations, and even without Jobs, Apple is, by far, the best of them. Tim is, from reports, a shy person. Jobs wasn't. He's been taking lessons on presenting. And he does give Shiller and the rest more time than Jobs did except when he was sicker, and too weak to be up there too long, sadly.I've seen her give some speeches on YouTube, and she looks pretty good. We'll just have to see how she does here.
She's likely a lot smarter than any of us. Big business operates in ways that are different from what you may think. Even with my own, much smaller, companies, I've hired people who needed to wait for a bonus. It happens. It isn't the end of the world. You're acting as if this means much. It's only another four to six weeks. Not much.
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