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I don't have the numbers in front of me, but what they look at is what the growth has actually been, and how the company thinks it's going to move going forward. You know that. I'm not looking at the market right now, because the service isn't working for some reason, but I do think that it went down much too much, if what people are reporting is true.
Actually, they do. After all, stock and P/E is a result of expectations of revenue and profits going forward. Apple gives an expectation of what that will be. If it's below what's expected, then the stock will drop. Match that to expected results for the reported quarter, and there you have it. Seriously, if this isn't understood, then people shouldn't be in the market.
it's not. 20% is disappointing. It's been up over 30% all previous quarters this year.
Here's why the numbers are dropping after hours.   http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-logs-q3-beat--but-q4-sales-outlook-disappoints--204759056.html
Hmm. A bit disappointed at Mac sales.
I've had a few problems with iOS 9.
I don't think Apple wants its own fab any more than they do manufacturing lines for their devices. When you have your own fab, you're responsible for every step. You've got to fill that fab, and 14nm fabs cost over $8 billion, with estimates for 10nm fabs at over $10 billion. Then there is the work force, and maintenance, etc. It's just easier to go to a company that doing that already. It also takes years to get this right. A new fab won't be competitive until the next...
No, they don't worry about $8,000 cars, but as they do sell cars for $30,000, they worry about cars that sell for $25,000, possibly even for $20,000.I don't think Apple cares about $100 phones either. But I do think they care about $300 phones, and likely, in that Indian market you mention, $250 phones. Last year, Apple made moves to have their lower priced phones be financed in a way that would allow them to better compete with cheaper phones, and has seen sales rise...
Profits don't exist by themselves. They exist because a company is sussessful in selling a desirable product. I hope we all understand that. And I do understand that low cost phones aren't directly comparable with Apple's products. I made that point early on, and I've made that point in numerous threads over a long time. I'm sure you've read those posts, so you should know what I think about that.But, no matter what you think, even lower priced phones have some impact. As...
You don't know what relevant is then. It's always relevant. Just because a company is riding hifpgh, doesn't mean that they always will, and that's where marketshare is meaningful. Are you saying that if Apple's marketshare went down, and continued to do so, that is was just as good if it went up and continued to do so? I'd like a simple answer to that. It's a simple yes or no.
New Posts  All Forums: