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That's just a rumor from Barron's, which has not been a major supplier of Apple information over the years. Is it true? We don't know. We do know that Samsung has already made an announcement that their 14nm line is ready, and that a "major" customer is using it. Who is that major customer? Other than Apple, all of their other customers aside from their own chip use, are relatively small.TSMC has their own problems, and we don't know if they've sstraightened out these...
Another $2 billion on data centers. It's good to see that they're spending that overseas cash on something useful.
That was more of a complex situation than you're stating here. What had happened was that hedge funds and other investment houses had sold Apple off big. The reason for that was that the stock had risen so much the previous year that they needed to sell for tax purposes. That large sell off at the end of the year led to a downturn in the stock price. Those drops to the high mid $600 price that resulted led to a minor panic in the daily trade market. The fact that 2013 was...
Remember that this is just initially. I would expect Google, Apple and Microsoft to have their products on their own platforms first. Microsoft didn't do this with the new mobile versions of Office because they have so few phones and tablets out there, but obviously, that not the case for Google.
As has been stated by Shiller, Apple was so certain that they would win, that they went along with the trial. They also stated that they wanted a definition of what the industry was. Besides, asking that a judge be removed from a case is rarely granted.
No, I don't.
It could have been clearer, because there needs to be proof that she acted improperly. You should have read my posts by now to know that I believe she did. But she's been doing this for years, and so far, she hasn't been called on it. So that's why his post was unclear. Saying that she needs to BA accountable for her statements and deeds says nothing in and of itself.
I assume that you live in SoCal, from your identifier. But the rest of the country isn't as mass transit oriented as some in that area. Indeed, here in NYC, with the biggest and most complex subway system in the world, cars are still choking the roads. Even though we have massive bus routes, it hardly matters.People want their cars. With conservatives in the government, mass transit is impossible. As we sit and write these posts, these conservatives are still trying to...
I don't know what that means.
Hah! I bet you can't trump her in education. I have full confidence she has a high school education as well.
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