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Interesting. I have scottrade too, though I use their new app.Of course, the software AI used isn't Mac compatable, as we see every time we post.Whoops, crashed as soon as I hit the period. Typing slow as can be. I'll have to try the JavaScript thing. Thanks guys.
Yeah, I thought it might be JavaScript.What are you missing with it turned off. I hate to do that for just one site, even if it's one of my favorites, obviously.
I've been thinking the same thing. I was considering making one up in my machine shop, but as I'm not getting the new Mac Pro this year, I decided to wait.
I'm using the Air now, and it's fast indeed. In fact, even the crashes are faster! Almost all my posting is done an iPad.
That's a server, not a workstation. The Mac Pro is not a server, it's a workstation. It would also do you well to check the pricing on that Dell, both the base machine and the upgrades.
Again, no server chips inside.
No, they don't. They use Xeon workstation class chips. Intel does make Xeon server chips, but Apple has never used those.
Except that that's just not what is done with pro workstations. The only thing that is done is to upgrade RAM, and maybe the startup drive. Workstations are used until they no longer meet the need, then they are sold off, and new ones put in. That's almost always the way it's done. Now, if you're buying a $15,000 workstation ,or a more expensive one, you may upgrade to more processors, etc. but Apple's not playing in that space. They're not competing with boxx's high end...
The numbers here seem to be off. I read in one place that they sold 4.4 million devices, but that must be wrong. Last quarter they sold about 3.6 million devices, and this quarter, sales are well down from that. Elsewhere, I read that they sold 1.6 million devices. Their sales dropped from $1.6 billion two quarters ago to $1.2 billion last quarter. In addition, their cash position is confusing. I haven't yet read their financials, and won't have time to do so during the...
Ok, it's enough already! Bfulda, one more girlie or ass mention, and you're out of here. No more warnings!People need to be able to argue without falling back on insults like that. If a strong disagreement is too much for someone, then drop out of the argument! I don't want to have to kick someone out.
New Posts  All Forums: