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I'm talking about the curved screens the article is referring to. We can be sure that Apple has been spending money to investigate OLEDs for years.
I really hope not.
The quality of the image on the Samsung S6 is considered to be slightly higher than that of Apple's newest phones, as measured by Displaymate. Now that Samsung calibrates their high end devices, as Apple does, the quality has increased dramatically.There is nothing wrong with the color quality of AMOLED screens. They just need to be calibrated, as all screens do, including Apple's.The one area they are still behind in is maximum brightness. As OLEDs are much more sensitive...
I'll tell you exactly what this is—it's a rumor that has absolutely no substantiation. It also has nothing to do directly with anything Apple is interested in, or is working on, as far as anyone knows. All it appears to be is an attempt of some manufacturers to get Apple to buy their products.Take that as it is, without reading anything else into it.
I see no purpose to a curved screen. This seems to be just a way of trying to increase poor sales, such as curved screens in tvs. It took decades to get screens properly flat, and now some want to curve them again.I swear, some people are just noggin headed.Right now, in order to get sufficient brightness, AMOLED screens need the Pentile arrangement, such as Samsung uses, which has a white sub pixel in every pixel. This results in a need for a higher Rez screen, otherwise,...
No, they have a wider color gamet. The problem is that the gamet is bigger than the standard sRGB, and so, without calibration, they look garish. But starting with the S5, Samsung has been calibrating its high end phone displays as Apple has with theirs. Their latest display quality is excellent.
Some of that is unrealistic. I was a manufacturer, and I can say that even if you want to do something that seems to make sense, you can't always. Whether we like it or not, we have to sell products, and if thinness is a major selling point. Then if there is a problem, we need to solve it without making the product unsellable. There is simply no way that Apple can make their products 25% thicker. It would be suicide.And it isn't just Apple. Every product category is...
There CPU,d be a limited area behind the screen for the sensor. Despite what we see of the patent, it doesn't mean that it's what Apple would do, if they do it at all. After all a fingerprint sensor has nothing to do with the LCD elements the screen uses to produce an image.And don't forget the patents Apple secured several years ago for a camera that used the entire screen for a sensor. Where did that go?
Yeah, but I keep thinking that as most of the life of the phones is in the year after the introduction, this would really be a 2017 phone. But technically, you're correct.
The Storm was the major reason RIM began its slide to irrelevancy.
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