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I agree. She's very highly rated in the retail industry. She's brought Burberry to many more people, and led it to great growth and profits in an otherwise stagnant industry.I also don't understand why they hired Browlett. But, it certainly taught them things about high level hires! She is the polar opposite of Browlett. And it's nice to finally see a woman in the top ranks of the company.
True that. But he's trying.
I don't see another month or so making much of a difference. For all we know, she's been working with Apple on direction already. Both companies seem to have a friendly relationship, even with her leaving. In fact, with her at Apple, and leaving Burberry on good terms, would be good for Burberry as well. She could still prefer using Burberry in her technology work. That's free advertising for them. It pays for everyone to be happy here.
I wouldn't say that. She is moving to a much larger company. Lots of CEOs do that. Browlett did. If it were just a vp position, then I would agree with you. We've seen a lot of smaller company CEOs taker lessor positions at Apple over the years.But at Apple, a senior vp is the highest position under the CEO. It doesn't mean that you aren't right, and that she may be thought of as a possible successor. That would certainly be an interesting choice! She is being given a wide...
Yes, and you should have expanded upon my comment.
You mistake what the term progress means. It doesn't mean that everyone who wants to can use a patent that another has gotten. Progress means that someone will find a way around that patent—eventually, or that the patent will expire.Some people think that progress needs to come on a daily basis. That's not correct. It can take years, or decades. We don't "deserve" progress as some think. Progress happens because there are people who work on making it so. But it happens in...
I find that most people understand little of the patent system. There is nothing wrong with the patent system in theory. The problems we're seeing these days is that there are so many patents applied for that the system can't keep up. If certain administrations didn't cut the funding so much, the problem wouldn't be as great as it is now.The other problem is that much of the easy stuff has already been invented in many fields. So now, we get the far more complex stuff to...
That's a nice thing for you to say.
If you fail to open the phone with your finger, after a number of passes, you need that password. The four digit code is the option, and most won't take it, or even be aware it's there.I said they won't abandon the password.And, we don't know what Apple will do in the future, are you pretending that you do?
I think you're wrong. I would love a larger phone, and around 4.7" is the largest I would want. No, I don't want a phablet. Lots more people are wanting, and buying, larger phones than 4". It's an inevitable trend. Apple has no choice. When around 50% of the market is choosing phones larger than 4", it's time to give up the notion that 4" is ideal. So, while we can point to the fact that the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, which it is, as no other phone,...
New Posts  All Forums: