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It's not much. It's hard to see the difference. But if you look closely, you can. I wouldn't worry about it too much because anywhere other than direct sunlight, the screen is way brighter than it needs to be. And the reduction in reflections does make the Air 2 easier to read outside. I'd say that the screen is good enough so that Amazon can stop their Ads showing that you can read the Kindle outdoors, but not the iPad. It's definately readable. In the shade it's fine.
Reflectance is a surface phenomenon. Doping it won't do much, if anything. It could affect the surface somewhat, but it would also color the material. I don't agree with the good doctor on this because multi coatings could reduce that reflectance enough. It's just more expensive to do.
I've been thinking about the white point. Remembering problems with calibrating monitors, it occurred to me that Apple has a point to keeping the white point high. It's not as good a reason as I would like, but it is valid, in its own way.In the "old" days, we would try to calibrate our monitors to the 5,000K standard. That's because light boxes were 5,000K. That was the graphics standard. But, other than our Barco Calibrator displays ($16,000 in the 1990's), we couldn't...
I think that a lot of what Google does is for publicity. No company is willing to have so many failures intentionally. Remember that Google is an advertising agency. What do they do? They work on publicity. So I believe that a lot of their projects are destined to fail because they aren't well thought out. They really don't solve any problem. They're just there for people to say something like what you're saying. That is, how wonderful it is that Google does things like...
If you magnify the image, despite the low resolution, you can see that he seems to be wearing the Apple Watch.
Oh oh! I would love to see those contracts. I've seen some pretty hairy ones in my time. But I have to say that they weren't forced to agree to them. Look, facts are facts. They badly wanted that business. They saw themselves becoming a much bigger company. I get it. But either they were too confident their new designs would work, and that they could do sapphire production, which they hadn't done before, or, they were crossing their fingers that they could work it out....
That's true. But many of these coatings can recover from a fine scratch
Everything picks up oil. That's not the problem as it can't be prevented. Easy removal is the only solution. The oleophobic coating is the only good solution. Using Apple's cover, or another one with similar properties helps to eliminate the dirt.
I believe he said that it was the best iPhone screen ever other than for the higher resolution of the 6+.But now that Samsung is finally calibrating their AMOLED screens, the color is slightly better. Apple always falls down on their ludicrously high white point. I've never understood why Apple insists in setting this to 7,000K, when the standard is 6,500K. The Air 2 lost points because it's even worse, at 7,300K. The Samsung is close to the ideal 6,500K.This is something...
Though most of Google's projects result in failure. Probably because they are so skatterbrained in concept. Remember the globular competitor to the Apple Tv Google came out with a few years ago? That's just one example. Now, it looks as though Glass will be following it.
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