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Strange comments.Do you ever invest? If so, do you have joy when you investments go down? Yes? Well, then that is strange.
There are some myths here. When strength is talked about, what kind? Compressive, tension, sheer, point impact, bending? These are all different.Hardness doesn't necessarily mean lower strength. You mention diamond. Diamond is very strong, but will shatter if hit hard enough. But, it's used in anvils where extremely high pressure is needed. Diamond resists that pressure better than any other material, up to millions of atmospheres.As I mentioned earlier, sapphire is used...
As far as I know, that not true. Gorilla glass is a special glass.Most covers crack because the device lands on a corner. That stress on the corner propagates cracks throughout the entire piece. There's also the difference between a scratch, and a gouge, which is much deeper, and more serious.
The last major selloff happened because of several factors. We can't consider a few percentage points as a selloff. Not really. The market wanders up and down. Normal stuff. It was over 99 recently, then dropped to the high 94's. Some was market fears of Ukraine, and another was the Gaza conflict, and the rest was the Ebola scare.But the selloff from 700 was due, in the beginning, to investment firms selling some of their fully loaded Apple portfolio by the end of the year...
The valuation just isn't that important when it reaches these levels. When it's much lower, even $100 billion, or so, it's ripe for a takeover, if there's enough cash. But no organization can afford to buy the biggest companies.
That's why NFC isn't doing well. It requires terminals that cost several thousand dollars each. Retailers have been reluctant to buy and install them. But other methods work just as well, or better. Apple uses WiFi in their own stores to allow purchases to be made without any sales assistance at all. You don't need to swipe at a terminal. Just do it right where the product is, and walk out the store. If you need a bag, then you can ask for one. Much better than NFC.
Since NFC is failing everywhere, it's not just a narrow American box. And it's never caught on here at all. Even the Japanese have been using it much less.
You know, you're still new here, and don't know the relationships. Look at how long we've been here. We know each other, and know what to say to each other. Don't make assumptions.
The first half of your reply would have sufficed. Edit before you post.
Stop being so confrontational. I have limits.
New Posts  All Forums: