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It's impressed Wall Street so much, that the stock is down a buck fifty now. Yeah, I know it's a down market, but stocks go up in a down market if Wall Street thinks there's a reason for it. Analysts are not Wall Street. Investors are, whether large funds or individual traders.
My 6+ easily lasts two days now. And almost everyone who has one that I've spoken to says the same thing. So is it possible? Of course it is. The biggest desire on these forums is for more battery life. I remember when my first iPhone, the 3G, barely lasted a full day. Often, it was pretty much dead by early to mid evening. That is, by the end of dinner time.Things have gotten much better, and they will get better still.
I said, if possible. Yes, that's a laudable goal, and don't think Apple isn't working on it. The die shrink should give a serious increase in efficiency, assuming that Apple doesn't use most of it for performance. It could also result in a smaller package. It's certainly possible that Apple could work out a slightly bigger battery even with a slightly thinner watch because of the smaller package. If so, it's altogether possible that we could see a two day battery life. But...
What? These are nutty posts from you here. Why don't we just not buy anything? Then we don't have to think about forgetting them. I suppose you forget your phone too, and that doesn't bother you either.I don't see your point.
That's not the point. Plenty of people forget their chargers. And if you go somewhere where you can't charge, you're in the same situation.
That's because round watches are measured across the diameter, which of course is anywhere, but most noticeable across the width of the way it's worn. But Apple measures the watch using the length, meaning top to bottom. The width is much less, because of the rectangular shape.The "standard" industry size for a round case is 42mm. But we're seeing watches, such as those in the line from Arnold Schwarzenegger which are a full 52mm in size, having some popularity. But as he...
A year would be April. They're talking about mid year, or late year.
I'd like to have the watch last a full weekend, if possible. Sometimes I forget to take a charger with me. My iPhone 6+ will let me do that if I'm careful. My iPad isn't as good about it, but I can just barely get away with it, if I'm really careful.
If there's one thing we know, because it's obvious, is that a watch needs the battery life to at least equal one full day's use. I'm not sure why anyone, such as the speculation in the article suggests, that battery life could ever be less than one day. In addition, there is little use for battery life that's more than one day, but less than two days. No matter how we look at it, battery life for watches must increase by a one day interval. No one is going to partly...
But only for the rear portion that holds the sensors, and not for the less expensive sports model.This material is pretty expensive, so using it for an entire phone chassis would cost an awful lot.
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