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If you need the full power of your graphics card, Bootcamp is still the only way to go. The same is true if you need all of your RAM.
That's an obsolete estimate, as it's been pushed back to second half of 2015.
Intel is making a few smaller lower performance 14nm chips, just recently begun. But the majority of their 14nm production is well behind original estimates, by about two years! They've continually been delaying production. Quite frankly, 14nm is such a bear, that I was surprised that Intel announced, several years ago, that they would be continuing their two year tick tock cycle. It's at four years now, and running, as we won't know its second half of 2015 schedule which...
That has nothing to do with it. This is a publicly announced proposal, and the public will take it that way.
Absolutely! Amazon didn't lose here, Hatchette did. Amazon loses very little by shipping books, and allowing downloads. But Hatchette loses significant income from the sale of those books and downloads. But how can it refuse this? It's politically correct to give in. How can they say no to giving authors 100% of the sales?Amazon has done a very good amount of marketing here, while keeping all of the pressure on Hatchette, and taking it off them. Authors, who are not always...
I've been hoping, for years, that Apple would come up with a composite of alternating layers of diamond and soft, more flexable glass. Scientific studies have shown us how natural materials such a shells gain their amazing strength from many layers, held together with a gluelike substance.It's not impossible, as work is being done in that area, and it could cost less than people might think. I've got some samples of vapor deposition diamond samples, one about 2 cm square....
Yes people, sapphire does flex. Everything flexes below some particular thickness. Diamond flexes too. Don't believe Corning's propaganda.
 I really wondered why Apple didn't call this a beta when it first arrived. That would have caused far less complaints. Look at the two years that Siri was called a beta. So it wasn't as though there wasn't a recent precedent. In fact, Siri was still being called a beta a year after Maps came out.
I don't think Apple would want to outsource this. Last I read about it, they were continuing to hire people to look over errors, and fix them. Who would they outsource this to? And that would add another layer, which means time, to the process. In the long run, it might not save them any money either.
It's a personnel problem. If thousands of people are issuing corrected info every day, how many people would Apple need to have to look over each one of those corrections, and to then enter them into the database?
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