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You mistake what the term progress means. It doesn't mean that everyone who wants to can use a patent that another has gotten. Progress means that someone will find a way around that patent—eventually, or that the patent will expire.Some people think that progress needs to come on a daily basis. That's not correct. It can take years, or decades. We don't "deserve" progress as some think. Progress happens because there are people who work on making it so. But it happens in...
I find that most people understand little of the patent system. There is nothing wrong with the patent system in theory. The problems we're seeing these days is that there are so many patents applied for that the system can't keep up. If certain administrations didn't cut the funding so much, the problem wouldn't be as great as it is now.The other problem is that much of the easy stuff has already been invented in many fields. So now, we get the far more complex stuff to...
That's a nice thing for you to say.
If you fail to open the phone with your finger, after a number of passes, you need that password. The four digit code is the option, and most won't take it, or even be aware it's there.I said they won't abandon the password.And, we don't know what Apple will do in the future, are you pretending that you do?
I think you're wrong. I would love a larger phone, and around 4.7" is the largest I would want. No, I don't want a phablet. Lots more people are wanting, and buying, larger phones than 4". It's an inevitable trend. Apple has no choice. When around 50% of the market is choosing phones larger than 4", it's time to give up the notion that 4" is ideal. So, while we can point to the fact that the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, which it is, as no other phone,...
Since when does anyone use a comment from someone as an example of good or ill? It's of no importance that someone here thinks that this is why Apple patented this. Apple obviously investigated this for many years, and patented it, as all companies do, including Google, even though they may decide against using it. It's very possible that they thought it was too complex for most people to use. And despite what the article says, as articles themselves say nothing about the...
I know, but I wanted to expand what I said anyway, and to continue the conversation. People ask me why I say things about young people, so I feel I should tell them where I get so e of my info.
Because I have a daughter who is now 22. She's got a lot of friends. I've asked them if they ever break their phones by carrying them that way, but they say no, that everyone does that.
Girls, particularly young ones, put their phones in their back jeans pocket. How they don't break them is something I don't understand, but they do do it.
You can bet that if it were easy to get rid of them, then everyone should have already done that. But the screens have circuits on those edges, and so it's impossible to get rid of those. One small screen manufacturer had shown an edge less screen, that is, almost edge less, but I've never heard of it being in high production.So, progress is being made, but we're not there yet.
New Posts  All Forums: