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So you're saying that China will never see the new iPhones, iPads, Macs, or any other apple products?
If you look at those lists, you'll notice that the countries that are at the top, and are very small, are also countries with a lot of oil. So that really doesn't count, as they are not normal economies. As far as lux and Licht go, both are subsidized by France to a certain extent and as their size is so very small, along with their tiny popularions that tourism is sufficient. They are also not comparable to Scotland.The charts say nothing about Scotland.
We're not really talking about 1080p editing, we're talking about 4k video editing. When you can do that on one of these screens, call me.
It wouldn't pay. How many computers a year would they use it in? What would be the cost of R&D and manufacturing?
This was part of my company's business for years. I know others. It's a general way of doing things. Don't knock it unless you're doing it. You can do it with one screen. But with so many screens going 16:9, there's no room for anything other than the video. Bigger screens won't help if they're also 16:9. You realize that, right? And no one is going to want to split the tools into two portions on either side of the screen.And what about the timelines? Where do they go?
That's right, 6k. We don't know how long that will be around, as the industry is pushing for 8k.
No, it's not solved. Your saying it doesn't make it so. And we won't see new spec Displayport until sometime in 2015. The chips aren't even designed yet.
The latest stats show Motorola again losing marketshare here, which is their biggest market, though we'll have to see if Lenovo can do something useful with them.While Motorola is claiming that it's their best selling smartphone ever, we need to see some numbers from them. They state that they SHIPPED 6.5 million smartphones globally in the first quarter of 2014. That's not a heck of a lot, and that's all models together.Can't seem to find recent numbers for the quarter...
Well then, that would be true.
That most rich countries are small, and that Scotland subsidizes the UK.
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