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It's a very credible link, because it describes it EXACTLY as it is. Maybe you don't want to read it.I could say exactly the same thing about you.We can get link after link, and they will all say the same thing.
We can all echo the same thing. I recently read that the markets have gone up an average of 10% a year since 1928, not a typo.
Ok, I checked the number for last year, and it's higher than I thought. So it's 21%. Still, what I'm saying about straddling the consensus is right. That's what they expect in guidence. I'll tell you something, I've now seen three articles already talking how disappointing Apple's guidance is.I think it's all BS, I suppose you do too. But they look for things that do t always make sense. I can't stop them from doing it though.
Thanks for you sage advice. I've inly been doing this since 1963. Maybe some day I'll learn.
I haven't seen you around for a while. Welcome back.Yes, that low beat has also affected the thinking. I remember the days when just being somewhere around the consensus was enough for a stock to rise. Today, if you don't beat, not only the concensus, but the whisper number, you're going to tank.
Yes, they do, and it's not an exact number, it's a best guess. They do t look at the 33% from this quarter, and think that it should be 33% again. But they would be expected to think that it would come closer to that then 20% does. So they're unhappy.What they want to see, and really, you have to remember that I'm not agreeing that what they do is the right way, but it is the way, is Apple's guidance fall evenly around the consensus. So they would have preferred it to have...
I've had three problems. One is that the auto signin we get on the upper left of the keyboard when tapping in a signin for a web sight, is gone. Whether that's intentional, I don't know, but I use it a lot. Two, and it's a much bigger problem, is that I can no longer sign into the App Store. Offhand, I don't remember the third.
For both of you guys:Cook has stated, in answer to the phone pricing question, that Apple has nothing against cheaper phones, and if they figure out how to make one that gives the Apple experience in a cheaper phone, they will make one. I agree.
It seems as though something is wrong then. It shouldn't do that. I would take it in.
That's a false argument. Right now, just like most every other phone on the planet, the iPhone is sold in many places. 75% of iPhone sales, according to Cook, a couple of quarters ago, when asked about that, are sold without subsidies. Just like most every other phone on the planet.If subsidies everywhere are ended, the iPhone will be affected just like every other phone, and particularly like the ones that sell for the same price. So nothing changes, particularly since...
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