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Oh please! As Apple is ALWAYS correct. About everything. All the time. No matter what.Those of us who use these products on a regular basis see memory related problems. They are known to be memory related problems.Apple's decisions can be murky. We don't always know why they are made.
I hate to be the one to say this, but, Apple isn't always right. Hard to believe, I know, but true nevertheless.And notice the people here talking about the problems with Safari. And yes, Safari does use a lot of RAM. That's true on the Desktop as well.And it's not just me. Gaming companies have complained about the lack of sufficient RAM. I'm willing to bet that most people would benefit from more, not just me, and those like me.But as I said, it's possible that 1GB is...
That sounds good, but OS efficiency is one thing, large data files are something else.
Apps may not have to load both libraries. Apple knows the device the app is intended for. The correct libraries could be loaded upon download.I am not sure, that is, I don't believe that iOS will use memory compression, but I could be wrong.
64 bit apps will require about 10- 25% more memory than the older 32 bit version. That's another reason why more memory is needed.
Apple stayed with 256 a year too long. We were all having problems because of that. In addition, developers were complaining that they couldn't do what was needed because of it. They were right.As I said, 1GB RAM might still be enough for the iPhone, though maybe not, what with some of the new features coming out this year, but for the iPad, 2GB is really required. I do photo editing, video editing, drawing and 3D CAD on my iPad Air, and developers tell me that a major...
You're talking about marketing. I was talking about need.
It not difficult being objective, if you want to be. I've talked to him on his own site over the years, and it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to be. If you try to inform him of an error, he becomes very prickly about it. He's a fanboy, and he writes from that perspective. It doesn't mean he isn't informed, because he is, but he's subject to exaggeration, and his comments about competitors could easily be excised. Sometimes, it just embarrassing.
I'm not sure that what you said is quite the same thing. You also didn't respond to that post, so I never did find out what you meant. He's seems to be saying that we shouldn't be discussing this because performance is all that matters. You said that Apple knows best. Is that the same thing?
You're right, of course. But it's those things that impact performance, so they are important, and wondering about them is a legitimate topic of discussion.
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