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As usual, we don't know where Apple is goi g with this. They didn't allow the button for a camera, then they did. They are ergonomic, they fit right where your fingers would be.
I don't suppose you really play many games. If you do, what do you have? We play a lot here. And as I mentioned, there are buttons.
No, not all, but most of those are older games. But more games are usable all the time. I'd bet that if Apple does do this, we'll see a lot of games upgraded for controllers. It's easy, just a few lines of code, according to Apple, using the controller APIs.
Your iphone has accelerometers, and gyroscopes. You might remember that one of the things that made the Wii popular was these controllers, which, at first, people were doubting would be popular. So if you get a case with a wrist strap, designed for gaming, you could use the phone as a 3D controller. It could be used to change game setting with, and a number of other features.I'm sure that the screen could be used as a button as well.Really, imagination should be at play...
Yeah, but the 3DS has sold poorly when compared to the DS generation. In fact, sales have been half, and dropping. Old players don't o,at newer games, and newer players don't play a lot of old games, so they a lot like console generations. Old players aren't that viable today. The question is how many players are being used now, and how many people using them are still buying games.It's interesting that for a good five years now, in their financial reports, Nintendo has...
That isn't entirely true. A number of developers stated that the power of the console was holding them back. The main problem though, is the crappy console itself. That dumb tablet-like controller turned most people off. My daughter, and her friends, have always been big gamers (she's almost 24 now, and still is). While every one has a Wii, none of them bought the Wii U.The fact is that most gamers simply don't like the inequality of that controller. You can go to the...
Sony has been making money on every console they make with the PS4. This generation is being very good to them.
Perhaps you missed the part that says that they will use the same game controllers that work now with iOS? I have several.
I've thought about this a lot, and I can't agree. We're a Sony gaming house here. I waited to buy the PS4. The PS3 we've had for a long time has good graphics and game play. Pretty sophisticated games are available. The newer PS4 has noticeably better graphics, but the gameplay isn't all that different.Overall, am I happy we bought the PS4? Sure, games that aren't available for the PS3 are out. But as for gameplay, while I wouldn't say it's a toss up, isn't 8 years better...
Excuse me, but I've been seeing tests against current SoCs that show these results.
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