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Because that the way most high end video, photo and print editing is done. That way you have a full, and unobstructed screen for both image and tools.
Ah, none of those problems are solved.The 30" screen was, as I remember a cut sown 32" screen. Don't remember about the 17" offhand.The $3,299 was a long time ago. In today's dollars it would be close to $4,000.Thunderbolt 3 hasn't even been discussed. Maybe in a year, or so. Displayport 3 is a ways off. Sometime next year is my guess.
Certainly not because of Sony or Motorola, both of which are also rans with declining sales.
Totally! I've mentioned that some of my friends switched to large Samsung phones, and will now switch back. If I were an Android user I would have bought a larger phone two years ago. But I'm not fond of Android.
Because the same companies that a month ago told iPhone owners that they could sign up for a trade in back then, for the money that was being offered then, and keep their phones until the new ones came out and they were able to obtain one, could apply the same benefit to Samsung users as well.In other words, they could apply for a trade in now, and send the phones in when they new ones are out, and they have it.I'm not saying that this is happening, I wish people would...
Just make sure you're in an area with good coverage from T-Mobile, as that's one of their biggest problems out of major population areas.
As has been pointed out by Anandtech, and others, and as anyone who knows anything about how computers work, could have pointed out, you don't need more than 1Gb RAM to get advantages from moving to 64 bit. Yes, 4GB also has advantages, but moving to 2Gb doesn't really do much. Android does need more memory because of the poor multitasking model they use, but that's another story.
Oh, look, I suppose if I added that I hope that's not what's going on, people would have left it alone, but I tried to be neutral about it, and look what happened.
As I said, I just threw that out. It's a possibility, not a certainty.
I suppose you didn't really pay attention to my whole post.
New Posts  All Forums: