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I've thought about this a lot, and I can't agree. We're a Sony gaming house here. I waited to buy the PS4. The PS3 we've had for a long time has good graphics and game play. Pretty sophisticated games are available. The newer PS4 has noticeably better graphics, but the gameplay isn't all that different.Overall, am I happy we bought the PS4? Sure, games that aren't available for the PS3 are out. But as for gameplay, while I wouldn't say it's a toss up, isn't 8 years better...
Excuse me, but I've been seeing tests against current SoCs that show these results.
And why would you guess that? If these are real Apple devices, they would run at the speeds the devices are designed to run at.
I've been reading several of these tests, which, I have to remind people, may very well be on unoptimized devices. However, if they are correct, it's disturbing. Yes, I know some people here will hate what I'm going to say, but too bad. But, what we see in these tests is that Apple's new chips lag several current chips that have been out for months, almost a year, in the case of several. Previously, Apple's new devices not only led all current devices in performance,...
Sure, they could do that.
For a number of years, there had been a dispute as to what constituted a smartphone. Symbian phones covered a very large ground. Today, we wouldn't consider some of them "real" smartphones, but back then, they were. In fact the first iPhone, today, wouldn't be considered to be a real smartphone, and indeed, Steve Jobs said that he didn't want it to be called that.But even if you don't want to consider that Nokia phone a real smartphone, and a feature phone instead, the...
If you read the article, you would have seen that those were very clearly USA numbers. The biggest rise in Blackberry sales during these times were in third world countries. If you try to remember, they were bragging at how they were number one in Nigeria, Indonesia and Venezuela. Then shortly after, sales in N America bombed.
I don't agree with this. For what I do, a new tablet every year is a very good thing, as long as the performance is significantly better. The only one I didn't get, for several reasons, was the iPad 4.Evidence is that Apple has been selling as many, or more, Minis as full size models. I don't see how they could get rid of them, if that remains even close to being true.And not upgrading the Air would be just stupid. How many buying an Air would buy the Pro instead? Not only...
Well then, your experience is very different from what we see reported in the most popular phones used in 2010 list. The Blackberry isn't even there!
I don't care how the retailer chooses to categorize it. It's still a debit card, and must be used as such. You can't turn a debit card into a credit card at the counter. If you don't have enough money in your account, it won't go through, unless you have some form of overdraw, and if you do, that becomes very expensive.
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