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It's not just what he charges. That doesn't bother me all that much either, except he seems to be charging time improperly. What bothers me is that as a crony of Judge Cote, he was appointed by her even though he has no experience in doing this. And therefor, he had to hire an expert, likely the guy who should have been appointed in the first place, at another $1,025 an hour, because he doesn't know what to do. Then they both need some staff.And this is beyond the fact...
Never done work in this field before.
Not really. Many professors in this field of law had stood up for Apple right before the case began, during the case, and afterwards as well.How do you appoint a monitor who hasn't ever done any work in the area this requires? In fact, the appointment of a monitor itself has been questioned by legal experts in the field. It's been stated, with a number of citations, that companies that have never before exhibited any behavior of this type previously are given the benefit...
The administration has nothing to do with the courts. That's a different branch of government. They did bring the lawsuit, or, that is, the Justice Department did. And while I don't agree with it, they had that right.
Monitors are allowed some help, as staff. But I've thought that this is too much. The problem with him being a friend of Cote, is that she appointed someone who isn't an expert in the work he's supposed to be doing. This had been questioned when he was first appointed.
That's not the worst part. He's not even an expert in this work, so he hired another attorney to assist him who is an expert. He charges about the same amount.
This whole thing has bothered me from the start. Cote has been known to give the prosecution a win before cases even start. She did that here, declaring, even before she saw any evidence from Apple, that they abused the system, and that they were guilty. If I were Apple attorneys, I would have protested her presence on the case. As far as Bromwitch goes, he's known to be a friend of hers. That's not even proper. This whole thing stinks.
While speculation, publicly, began with the vans, it's pretty obvious that these vans are not specifically Apple's attempts at auto research. Though it's always possible that Apple is using them for a dual purpose. I do believe that it's mostly for a street level view, similar to what Google is doing. But that doesn't mean that Apple doesn't also have software and hardware in there as research tools for autonomous driving as well. It doesn't mean that there is no driver,...
While I'm not saying that they would do a car, we can look to Apple's size, and what they might need to do next to gather a serious amount of growth for the future.QNX right now, has about half of the auto makers using it. Linux is making a big move though. Nevertheless, the amount of money QNX is bringing into Blackberry is estimated to be no more than $60 million a year. So there's no big money there. With Apple putting CarPlay on top of QNX, or Linux, there's no real...
This would be a total of about 600,000 square feet of R&D labs. That's quite a lot. If they were to do a car in there, it wouldn't be a problem. The size of those buildings show that there would be plenty of interior space that could be shielded from the outside by walls. So no problem there. I like the buildings.
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