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Yes, that was years ago. Several problems with those.Plastic was used to cover the sensor, and as it became glazed over with use, reading became impossible.The sensor had a low resolution, so it didn't always read the fingerprint, and would read the wrong fingerprint. Reliability, even when new, rarely exceeded 98%, not nearly good enough.The software was more primitive, and had a difficult time in discriminating between various prints, particularly with the low Rez...
It's complicated. But Apple atores Apple Pay in the NFC chip. They store Touch ID info in the ARM chip. This isn't a situation that can't be overcome easily. Intel also has a secure enclave within many x86 chips, and has for ten years. It's mostly used for secure boot, and OS encryption. There's no reason why Apple couldn't use that instead of the one in the ARM chip. I don't know if the chip Apple uses for all of their machines includes the enclave, but I imagine they...
That's a nutty remark, and you should know it. Apple's growth has slowed down drastically. And you should know that as well. Any company that gets complacent about their sales, profits or technology is going to be passed by.Apple has come out with a lot of what were leading technologies over the years, and that what has gotten them to where they are. But many people are concerned about what things cost, and the USA is not the only country. Apple's sales are now 63%...
DED does exaggerate. That's not exactly unknown.But even if he was 100% correct, that just for the past, not for the future. While it's true that Samsung rushes things out the door just to say they have it, that doesn't mean that manufacturers can't catch up, and even surpass what Apple does. I've complained for years about Apple's vacellation. They come out with a leading technology, and then do little with it for years, giving competitors time to catch up.Previous touch...
Synaptic has made some pretty good stuff, and you can't speak to the quality of this until it's out, and reviewed. I do think that having this on the trackpad could be clutzy, depending on how it's implemented.But still, if it works well enough, it will put Apple on the defensive. Sometimes, Apple is too deliberative.
Synoptics was another missed opportunity for Apple. When they were making the scroll wheel for Apple's iPads, they could have been bought by Apple for a small amount of money. Even today, they would be a small purchase. Keeping these technologies out of competitors hands is something Apple is poor at. And it's another time when Apple sits on their hands after making a breakthrough. They should have put this on all their mobile devices by now.
Absolutely! I really dislike that MacDailyNews has thise.
It isn't relevant.
Yes, it seems as though the entire problem was that they couldn't produce what they promised to produce. Everything else falls in comparison.
There's a lot of interest in this number. But if Apple continues to buy back large number of shares it might never get there.
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