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It's a common misconception that Google Wallet uses tokenization in a secure manner. It does not use it in the way Apple Pay, and the new system that is in place does. The "token" Google uses is reusable, it's not a cone time token. As such, if you transaction is broken I to, as can be done with a portable NFC reader, a major security problem with NFC, that token might be usable for another transaction. The standard Apple Jesus, which apparently has been developed with...
Google's entire back end for this is less secure.
He's only incorrect in minor details. Everything else he said is correct. I notice that you didn't respond to the rest.
It isn't nearly as secure. First of all, it doesn't use a secure area for credit card info. Secondly it doesn't use one time tokens. Google creates a virtual credit card, which is considered to be less secure a method. Thirdly, Google is the payment processor. All Google Wallet transactions go through Google's own servers. So Google knows all about each transaction. And why would that matter? Because Google can't be trusted to keep that info to themselves, And it's also...
Not really. It's easier to get my phone than it is to get my wallet, pull the card out, wait until they tell me to swipe, and often they need to see the card itself, and then put it back in the wallet, and the wallet back in my pocket. I also have to sign using the card, if it's over some small amount, which you never have to do here.
It was very interesting. They were asked, several times, about demand. I couldn't help but smile each time I heard the question, and the answer.
Mostly from retail sales. From their app stores. But almost all of Apple's software there is free, except for a few professional editing programs. So it's from third party software. Not what was said.I really don't think these people know what Apple is. They just churn out homilies. I guess they want Apple to resemble Microsoft.
Except for really cheap tablets, mostly by unknown Chinese manufacturers, not very high. And does that really matter? I know some folks who have bought those cheap things. None have been in use after the first couple of weeks.
I didn't see it in the beginning. But yes, I always read them first.
He's thinking of last quarter, I suppose.
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