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I don't agree with this. For what I do, a new tablet every year is a very good thing, as long as the performance is significantly better. The only one I didn't get, for several reasons, was the iPad 4.Evidence is that Apple has been selling as many, or more, Minis as full size models. I don't see how they could get rid of them, if that remains even close to being true.And not upgrading the Air would be just stupid. How many buying an Air would buy the Pro instead? Not only...
Well then, your experience is very different from what we see reported in the most popular phones used in 2010 list. The Blackberry isn't even there!
I don't care how the retailer chooses to categorize it. It's still a debit card, and must be used as such. You can't turn a debit card into a credit card at the counter. If you don't have enough money in your account, it won't go through, unless you have some form of overdraw, and if you do, that becomes very expensive.
While that's partly true (it's the chip that holds the info) without NFC, future store purchases won't be secure. That's really about it. WiFi and Bluetooth are apparently not going to be a major force, and magnetic stripes, whether the card is chipped or not, are going to go away at some point. That point will be long off, but it will happen.
I'm not too sure how you feel about this. Perhaps if you made your point more strongly?
The Wiki has this interesting comparison of phone sales from the beginning. One it total phones sold in models until that year, then below are numbers for manufacturers for a particular year. These are worldwide numbers. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_mobile_phones#2010 This is also interesting. http://www.statista.com/statistics/266572/market-share-held-by-smartphone-platforms-in-the-united-states/ And this is very interesting. Where is...
It came out in November 2008, but didn't reach the market in numbers until sometime in December, so it was really a 2009 phone. As I said, until 2010, the Blackberry had no real consumer sales. They peaked in 2010, and then dropped rapidly. So I suppose, for a few months, there could have been a fair number around in areas. Never saw much of them here in NYC though for non business use. Maybe elsewhere, it became a brief status symbol.
You know better than that.Apple had no real stake in Blu-Ray, other than for its orofessional editing suite, which is a minor product line, in a way. Playing it would have slowed down the growth of its download business which was getting started.But NFC has become something major for them.
You're not getting the entire story. Apple did work with the banks and credit card companies to get this system working.
Really now, you seem to forget a lot about this. This wasn't anything lime Apple Pay, and you should,d know it. About the only similar item was tokenization. Everything else was different. You needed to go through a bothersome process to actually pay at the counter. Only later on, did they simplify that.No body cared about Google Wallet, that was why it failed. Well, that and a bad design of the process from the consumer's end. It was said for years, apparently correctly,...
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