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So you're saying that two months from now, when most all apps will take advantage of the higher resolution screen, you will be buying this back? I don't get some people, just how impatient are you?
Actually, the screen is very good. The differences that are being reported are very small, and won't be seen by anyone. Color was my business for many years. The differences I'm reading about are minuscule. Of no practical importance, other than ultimate brightness, which only matters in direct sunlight, which is not a place where I would ever work on anything critical.As far as the distance between the tip and the screen goes, it's tiny. We've already been over this. This...
I hope you're being sarcastic, because, otherwise, that's a very strange post.
About 3 million in the past 12 months, going by the sales dollars.
Sales went from $65 billion to $231 billion since he took over. I guess he can't convince people to buy Apple's products.
Pencil production issues are exactly what I've been saying. Otherwise, there is no reason why this should be taking so long to arrive. But the problems will get fixed before too long. They always do.
Have you used one of the Surface keyboards, because I have. They're not great. Serviceable in the latest versions, but not great. The trackpads are not good. Trackpads on laptop Windows machines aren't good as a category. Just read any review. Almost all reviews compare then to Apple's, and they always come up short. Well, the Surface cover keyboard trackpads are much worse. As I said, the new one is usable, which is better than the previous one which was way too small and...
There's a big difference. I haven't painted on canvas for a long time. But if you work in physical mediums, then this won't directly substitute, and no one is saying that it will.But a lot of artists are digital, because their business is digital. In other words, their customers are those who publish through the digital medium, or who publish on paper, but whose product if made up digitally, and printed with halftone. Or they sell digital prints of their work.For all of...
That's wrong about Jobs. His point, which he explained, was that if a mobile device required a stylus to operate, it failed. Apple's mobile devices never required a stylus to operate, and that includes the Pro.A short story I relate when this statement comes up is that when I bought the first 3G ipad, in May 2010, the sales person in the Apple Store asked me if I wanr]Ted a stylus with it, as I was intending g to do things with it that would be easier with a stylus, I...
That's actually a very good point. I hadn't thought of it. But now, I'm going to use it, so thanks.
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