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But that's just not right!The new Macbook is a very poor performer. Not exactly something to brag about. And the new chips that's now coming out is about 30% better.But that's a bottom of the line device. The i3 is a more likely competitor. And it doesn't look as though a realistic comparison can be made just yet. And Apple uses i5s in their Macbook Air machines, which is a whole level better yet.So yes, this discussion is over, it's not equal.I don't see how you can run...
Well, yeah, but I think we can narrow things down to realistic expectations. Some things just won't happen.
What? The download for iPhones was about 35MB, and for the iPad, about 350MB.
Well, it's out. So far so good.
How do you get that the A9, or A9x will be more powerful, per core, than ANYTHING AMD will have a month from now? Can you give some performance numbers from some of AMD's higher end chips? If they don't go higher than a single core score of 2500, we all will be shocked.
I'm just trying to understand how you can make assertions that you know nothing about. And you know nothing about how many people would buy this.
A lot of lower end graphics and photo people don't need Adobe's pro apps. No question of that, but I ran a commercial photo lab in NYC for many years, and Adobe is the gold standard, like it or not.
With no touch, what's the point? So a new tech in multilevel screens. But the ARM chip costs are estimated to be between $27-35, vs $125 for the i5 in the lower price Macbook Air. That would even things out. Yet, the Pro costs more. I've seen no evidence that Apple has lowered the price of the iPads over the years. I know, because I've bought all of them except the 4. I doubt Apple will lower the price of the Pro unless it's a flop.
You're making assumptions that you have no right to make. There are thousands of programs out there for the Mac. How do you know how many of those are important, even vital to most Mac users? You don't. But you dismiss all of that too easily. We see people not wanting to move to the Mac because of just one program. Just one. How are they going to get these programs to work, if not by either porting them over, or using something like Rosetta, or Virtual PC? It's one or the...
You wouldn't buy one, even though you are pushing it so strongly. But you do know, personally, a few million people who have told you that they would?
New Posts  All Forums: