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I think it's more disappointing. As Apple says that the 42mm watch has a larger battery, a larger charger would make sense to keep the charge times equal. I wouldn't mind paying an extra $10 for that. But $10 for an extra 3 feet of $0.50 worth or cable is disappointing.
There no reason for it to get loose. It's likely spring loaded, and springs can last forever, relatively speaking.
You're comparing all the wrong things. I don't think you get it.
Actually, going by the record, you were unlucky to get out in mid 2012, if it was really mid 2012. You would have missed the peak. But it's so much higher now, and you missed the dividends from the beginning. You are happy about this?
I have to agree with you in these things. In fact, my last post pretty much did.Google is an advertising agency. Everything they do is for the purpose of adding to places where they can place Ads. Exxon depends on international entities to price oil, and they have no control over that at all.
I so t agree with this argument. I've been hearing similar things for years. As Cook said, after the last quarter, only 15% of iPhone users had upgraded. That leaves a large number left. But, close to 20% of sales are to people new to iPhone. That's 20% growth right there. Even if it's less, the more people who buy an iPhone, the more people who will upgrade. That's growth.As far as your upgrade cycle goes, the vast majority of smartphone users around the world do upgrade...
Many funds were fully loaded on Apple at the end of 2012, which is why, after the 73% rise in the stock price, they sold off for tax reasons. Less funds are fully loaded now, but we also have funds who couldn't buy in because Apple wasn't offering a dividend.
Who wants 20% a year? The mafia! I don't know any fund that demands that much. 6% is more like it, and as far as I'm concerned, since I've only made my own decisions since I was 13, I would never use one.But hedge funds generally do well enough. Otherwise, they wouldn't exist. Could they do better? Sure. But again, there's no way to know in advance. I've been confident in Apple for a long time, but, as I said, I have only myself to answer to.
Of course it makes sense. There is never a guarantee of anything. While I can hold a lot of Apple for a long time, the only person I'm responsible to is myself. When Apple was at $86 a number of years ago, the dropped to ablut 56, it bothered me, but I held it. When it was $205 and dropped to $78, I held it, and bought some more. When it was 703, and dropped to around $390, I held it.But fund managers need to answer to their clients. If a holding drops by a good deal,...
What does that have to do with the touchpad, about which I was asking?
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