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You're not getting the entire story. Apple did work with the banks and credit card companies to get this system working.
Really now, you seem to forget a lot about this. This wasn't anything lime Apple Pay, and you should,d know it. About the only similar item was tokenization. Everything else was different. You needed to go through a bothersome process to actually pay at the counter. Only later on, did they simplify that.No body cared about Google Wallet, that was why it failed. Well, that and a bad design of the process from the consumer's end. It was said for years, apparently correctly,...
Where's the mention that every transaction needs to go through Google's servers? Did you miss that one.And of course, there's that Google guarantee that they will never look, or use, any of your personal information. Oops, that's not Google, sorry.
There's more to it of course. Apple Pay is the mist secure of the current services. When Android Pay comes out, it should be pretty secure as well.Google Wallet goes through Google's servers to complete the transaction. Not terribly secure, despite tokenization.CurrentC is about secure as a debit card, but has so many bad features for consumers, it's hardly worth considering. The is no fraud protection for consumers. None! You've got to argue with the retailer directly....
I didn't mention the earlier problems of Google Wallet, but the credit card problem is gone. I still would never trust it.HTC isn't the only ones with fingerprint problems. Every Android manufacturer that uses fingerprints has that problem now, because so far, Google hasn't implemented anything on the OS level, and the OEMs are doing it themselves. I imagine that when Android Pay becomes available, this will be solved, or at least, I hope it will be.This is a really good...
These types of WiFi connections are inherently insecure. We're not talking about a 15 character password on a home system, which is very secure, and simple.I thought that Apple would,s just go with the system they've been using in their stores, which I use whenPossible. But they decided that this was a better way to go. It's much more secure. and while it does require us to que up in a line, as always, for most places, we'd expect to do that anyway.
No politics please!
To be fair, Android Pay should be pretty secure. It uses the same tokenization system Apple Pay uses. With Google Wallet, every transaction needs to pass through Google's servers to complete. And you know where all of that info ends up. I imagine that Android Pay doesn't do that.
And that's the biggest problem it has.It's not the business of consumers to care about the problems a retailer has with credit card companies (or anything else). It's been working well for decades. I do understanda company like Walmart with their 3.3% net profit, looking to eliminate the 2% credit transaction fee. That could raise their net to 5.3%, which is a huge increase. That's billions of dollars.But it's not our problem to worry about. CurrentC doesn't really solve...
Shine is merely a personal feeling for people. In no way does it have anything to do with the actual product or service.
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