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Really? My stock is up just a little bit since April 2004, when I bought most of what I have now. So I suppose you're right, I'm not doing too well with it.
What? Explain how those two statements contradict each other. Despite what he said, the stock went up bcause Apple was doing better. Buybacks and dividends had little to do with it.
Oh, cut it out already, you don't know what you're talking about. I'm not saying they're looking for a specific number. I said that they base their expectations on what the current quarter is, in growth. They also look at last year's quarter for comparison. But if a company is doing well, and quidence is below what they would expect, going by that growth, then they're not happy campers. There are no exact numbers to use. Don't misquote me.
You know, you keep imposing your biases onto what the world actually does. Stop saying things like "should". We're not talking about what the market should do, we're talking about what the market does do. I keep hearing about how the market is rational. But anyone who is in the market knows that the market is irrational. If it weren't, you would be right, and no one would ever make any money. Because money is made by beating the expectations. Yes, over time price will be...
I'm not sure how serious he is. Here is a chart going through last Friday, comparing some companies we know of. Click to enlarge. I bought most of my current shares in mid 2004.
Sure they are. They won't all act on it either way, but they are all thinking about it. Some will recommend a sell, and some will recommend a buy.
A lot of people depend on dividends and interest to supplement their income. In particular, older people who need income. I don't need it, but it's nice to have. Instead of selling stock to buy something heavy, I use the dividends. Remember that you make no money on an investment until you sell it. Yeah, I know you know that, but I had to make the point for the argument. Someone with a large, but not huge, investment of a $million, will get $16,000 a year. Thats a good...
I just want everyone to know that I don't agree with the extreme reaction we see. I'm just telling the way it works. That doesn't mean it works well.
It's not a random news report. It's Yahoo Finance, which is read by tens of millions of people. Besides, that's just one report. Every professional trader is thinking the same thing.
I woud agree with that, theoretically. But, to tell the truth, my dividends from them are too great for me to want to give up now that I'm receiving them. But what would they do with all that money? They would have a good $300 billion now. There are a few fairly big aquisitions i would liked for them to have made.
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