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Fine, so we talked past each other. But if you fling another insult, you are out of here.
It's harder to reach on the top with bigger phones, and Apple has to make them consistant, so both phones got it.
I agree with Apple here. The reviewers also seem to think it's better on the sides with bigger phones. I do t mind doing it differently. I rarely use that off button because it's inconvenient on the top for me. The side will be more natural.
I'm not talking about SIM cards. I'm talking about the iPad itself being compatible with those networks. The sims themselves aren't really all that important. It's just a bit of inconvenience.
I suppose it's costs. The build cost for the base iPad remains the same, but costs for NAND falls. So the base price remains the same, but the upgrade price drops by a hundred bucks. That's good, not bad. I doubt we'll see a 32GB version unless NAND drops enough for Apple to go from that to maybe 128. But that would be too big a jump.
Most of these reports are over a thousand bucks. And yearly subscriptions can cost over $100,000, depending on how large your company is.
Seriously, if you enjoy using it, and you find it useful, that's really all that matters. The problems come when you're ready to get another phone. Blackberry may not be making phones then. That's something that even Chen has acknowledged. What will you do then?
I don't know. When my daughter graduated from university last year, there were a number of people videoing with their iPads, including one in front of me. No problem from the iPads. The problem comes from people standing up in order to take photos or video. Their bodies are a wee bit bigger than their iPads.
It had to have been the Mini. The iPad Pro wasn't really expected. But I believe the new A8x is intended for that. It seems to be too much of a bump for the current rez model.All of the info out there about the Apple TV is that they are still negotiating with the cable companies, the networks and the production companies. We'll have to wait until something breaks there. We may be seeing the beginning of the flood with the announcements from both HBO and CBS.
I think it works pretty well. When I get on line I open it up. Takes all of ten seconds.
New Posts  All Forums: