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I'm beginning to think that he's speaking tongue in cheek.
You really don't get it.
I understand what the term Christ's Mass means. Do you?Oh, and I said that in a post THAT YOU REPLIED TO. The first sentence. It shows that you don't understand what I'm saying.
Sorry I took so long just got back from dinner.The harmonic scale, which is called the Pythagorean Scale or the musica mundana, which is C, D, E-flat, E, G, A, B-flat, B, D. That's Aristotle's interpretation of his scale for The Music of The Spheres, a Pythagorean concept.I'm sure as someone involved with Christianity, you're familiar with that, of course.But the one most people are familiar of his is the other Pythagorean Scale, the musica instrumentalis. This is the...
I agree.
No, my statement isn't silly, it's your entire argument since you started in this thread that is. You don't understand much. It's a simplistic attitude you have that's the problem.
Actually it comes from Pythagoras. It isn't about rhythm. It's all about harmony. Rhythm came later.
It's supposed to be about that. But I have a small number of friends who want everyone to celebrate it, Christian or not. One guy in a club I'm in went around one holiday season complaining that it's not the holiday season, it was the Christmas season. We tried to explain that there are a number of major religious holidays during that season, but his head was up where it shouldn't be.The point is that it's pronounced by pretty much everyone as chrismiss, not Christ's Mass....
Even that was just a guess. Once actual manufacturing begins they will be able to judge.But like so many other things in manufacturing g and product sales and support, that's just one aspect to the cost.If these screens break less often, and get scratched less often, though I've never met so done who has ever scratched their screen, this will result in lowered costs for Apple.So far, not a single writer has mentioned that. All of those screens Apple needs to replace cost...
Some things to consider. The first is that we don't know what the cost will be. That $16 is just a guess. What that guess is based upon, I don't know. But remember that both GT and Apple have stated that both the new design, very large sapphire boule ovens GT designed , as well as new manufacturing that both Apple and GT have come up with, some of which have been patented by Apple, and some possibly by GT, will dramatically lower the cost of both growing the crystals and...
New Posts  All Forums: