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Apple predicting is a sport, not a science. I normally only worry about long term, as I'm an investor, not a trader. I used to trade a lot, but not for the past ten years, or so. But, having said that, the usual is dependent on how well Apple has done compared to the average expectations, and the highs. Then we get the "whisper" numbers. Frankly, all of this is garbage.I'm old enough to remember that as long as a company ended up somewhere within the expectations, the...
No. They count before they are delivered. It's a bit more complex than most people think. For a pickup retail sale, what you're saying is true, but not for orders. When I commit to a purchase, it's counted.
Some of those limitations have been eliminated, and the way Apple has been going, I expect more to be eliminated. It's your business as to what you choose. But I really don't exoect BB to be here in two more years, and if they are, it will be as a small player in the MDM market, and possibly with a very small percent of message app users.At some point, you'll need to figure other ways of doing things. Whether it's Apple, or something else doesn't matter.
What's being ignored is the statement that Cook made during the last presentation, as well as the slide put up during that statement, when he said that sales of the new phone was much higher than last year's introduction. He said higher, and then went and said much higher.So unless sales took a rather large, and last minute drop, we could see higher phone sales than expected. I'm expecting 38 million, or even a bit higher. 40 million could be possible, but that's a big...
I think you're just mouthing every single thing you've heard the past several weeks, and that's not analysis at all.
Apple never includes reservations, only sell through. No results from China can be expected from series 6 phone sales last quarter.
Yup! Space Grey 128GB Cellular/GPS Red cover I'll tell you, it was driving me nuts about the store opening time. Usually it's been done at night. But this time it was crazy. I do t recall being offered the Verizon sim though, so I'll have to run out and get one as soon as this comes in. Good thing they have a store just four blocks away. Unless I can use the one in my Air.
Fine, so we talked past each other. But if you fling another insult, you are out of here.
It's harder to reach on the top with bigger phones, and Apple has to make them consistant, so both phones got it.
I agree with Apple here. The reviewers also seem to think it's better on the sides with bigger phones. I do t mind doing it differently. I rarely use that off button because it's inconvenient on the top for me. The side will be more natural.
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