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It's very different. In fact, it hasn't taken off as swiftly as would be expected because asvertisers complain that Apple doesn't share much data with them as Google, Microsoft and yahoo do.
For the majority of us that want our devices working at top levels, it will be very useful, as we can set Apple's feature to work at any battery level. But if you're miserly with your battery to begin with, as you seem to be, then it will help, but not as much. Notice that it will slow network and download speeds as well, which is something you can't do manually.
Case closed? As though you know what you're talking about, which you obviously don't?
So you think that Apple has no woman that should be up there, that it's only competent men at Apple?Talk about bullshit!
No, the keynote IS an infomercial, except that they aren't selling anything directly. Actually, it's one of the biggest marketing tools Apple has.Seriously folks, if you people have been watching these keynotes, you should all be very aware of this.
Seriously, have you EVER watched a developers conference? EVER? They always talk about sales, stores, production, etc. Always.Developers want very much to see how the ship is going. The better Apple is doing, the happier they are. So Apple always talks about how many people visited the stores the previous quarter, how sales are doing, how many app downloads there were, how much money Apple has paid out to developers, etc.
You apparently know nothing about the watch delays. It has nothing to do with her. If you want to blame someone, blame Williams, as he is in charge of the watch project, and is the COO.But it's not really all his fault either. One of two suppliers of the Taptic Engine failed to meets standards, and for a while, Apple was just getting 50% of the supply they needed. That's a good reason for delays.
Oh please! What are you talking about? Do you have any idea as to why they run the conference keynote? It's all marketing. It has little to do with the actual nuts and bolts of the conference. Most peop,e who stream it, and that millions of people, have nothing to do with developing anything, but rather, are customers, possible customers, financial and competitors.
Well, we have Phill Shiller on stage. What does he have to do with engineering? We've had the guy who used to run Apple stores, somehow, I forgot his name for the moment. I'm sure you remember him. He was on stage as well. So why shouldn't the person who not only runs the huge Apple Stores, but the Web site as well, on stage?You're saying that she has nothing to do with marketing, or the direction in which Apple retail is going? That would be strange, after all, if not for...
New Posts  All Forums: