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Sprint has made so many bad business decisions over the years, that it's amazing they're still around.Well, then I see why you're not throttled. No one throttles with limited plans. But it seems they throttle at about 4.7GB in an unlimited plan.
Charging temperature is directly related to internal resistance. The higher the resistance, the higher temperature at a particular charge rate, and current. You can't divorce the two. The biggest difficulty in making faster charging, and discharging batteries, is internal resistance. This is pretty simple. I don't know what you're argument is here.All of the factors you mention directly affect internal resistance. Yes, of course, there are factors inI addition to...
The interesting thing about Apple's "luxury" brand, is that's it not really luxury priced. Basically, Apple just doesn't compete in the cheaper categories. But otherwise, their products haven't been priced higher than competitors by very much, if at all.So we look at Apple's iPhone. And it's priced the same as Samsung's competing models, and HTC's, and others.Their computers aren't higher than competitors either, if we look at their higher end models. This has been pretty...
Then maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying. But with current chip technology we need many atoms to constitute a transistor, and that will remain true. The same thing for the chip wiring. There is no known way to make a real, working transistor out of one atom. It's a complex device.
0.0 is the ceiling? Nothing over nothing? The ceiling is much bigger than nothing. The argument in the industry is exactly where that ceiling is.Intel is not just claiming that 10nm will be next, they're claiming 7nm after that, and even 5nm! But the experts in that field aren't too sure that even 7nm is possible, much less 5.After we get to the end, that's it! New science and technology will be required. The best bet now is carbon nanotubes. Both IBM and Hp have been...
I wonder what actual percent improvements they do make each year. We really don't know that.The on,y way a major improvement will be made is if they use a multilayer approach. Very thin ,ayers, separated by very thin adhesive that can move slightly is the way shellfish such as clams retain such strength in their shels, despite the very soft,, and weak, calcium based material the shell is composed of. Scientists have pretty much duplicated that using many extremely thin...
Most people drop their phones at about waist height. It's a standard height for drop tests.
The headline is difficult to parse. Is Gorilla Glass 4 twice as hard as 3? I believe not. It's twice as hard a competing manufacturer's glass. But may only be a bit harder than their own older version.
I didn't misread your post at all. The third line said what needed to be said about that. You seem to reject information. It's annoying when people insult me despite that I've answered their question properly. There have been a few people doing that lately, and I'm getting tired of it. I will begin to delete posts that do that.So if you don't like "juvenile language" don't insult people with without cause.
It's true, but they also look at sales numbers, margins, etc.
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