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I would hope that most owners of the stock would know about the split by now. The touchy point is for those who check after hour trading, and see that the stock has been suspended.Heh. I hardly ever read anything from them. Never anything of use to me.
My broker just called me to let me knowWhen I said it was complicated, I didn't just mean the cost of the trade. I meant that as even lots are easier to sell, they sell just a few milliseconds quicker. Or sometimes seconds quicker, or even tens of seconds quicker. That can mean a few pennies on the sale, or buy. If you put in a lot of, say 76 shares, it will linger longer than if you put one in at 50 or 100. All these trades are being do e electronically, and the sell...
Normally, I don't pay much attention to this, but with all the hoopla going around since it's a 7:1 split, I've been reading a lot of articles in the financial press about it. When discussing small investors, the conclusions are that it makes a stock more variable. Think of day traders, as an example. They will trade on small gains and losses, as that's what day trading is all about.Remember that just a very small percentage of a stock is traded openly every day. For...
Sheesh! Of course not!But people buy lotto tickets, don't they?
There's a difference in bashing Apple, and bashing another poster. I don't like reading trolls either, and I've kicked a number off. But it's the way it's written. People have the right to their opinions.If you post to me that something I said was idiotic, I might not be happy, but it's your right to think so. But if you post that I'm idiotic, that's not ok. That's a direct insult, and not allowed. And I'm pretty liberal about insults to my person.
Yes, but for complex reasons, it's easier with even blocks, And a bit cheaper as well. I can't explain all of this, but it's well known.
Well, actually, the chance is that it will become more volatile. When more small traders join in, sell and buy on rumors becomes more prevelant.
My broker just called me to let me know, and to also tell me that it won't be available for after hours trading Friday. He knows I know this, but he's calling all the Apple clients.I haven't checked my emails to see if Scottrade is letting me know this on my account there.
For my sake, I hope you're both right. Open at $100, and zip right to $150.
Stocks are easier to buy in standard blocks such as 50 shares, 100 shares, etc. selling too.
New Posts  All Forums: