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I think it works pretty well. When I get on line I open it up. Takes all of ten seconds.
I've been using my iPhone at Starbucks for two years with their app in Passbook. Just point it to the IR scanner, AMD you're done. The only thing annoying is that there's no way to add a tip.Also, for the first time last week, I used my iPhone as my airline ticket. I bought flights on United. I received a message from them that was a bit weird, as it asked if it was ok for me to receive messages from them. I needed to type yes. Since I bought my tickets, I felt as though I...
A lot of people. It's happening more and more. With these better cameras, several writers believe it will become even more common.I really don't understand why some people, such as you, think there's something wrong with using an iPad for taking pictures. Do you have some sort of warped esthetic sense that is disturbed by this? Does it harm you in any way when they do? I really don't get this. People tell me that they like the large viewfinder, as they can see what they...
The chassis may need to be a bit thinner as well. Since it weighs two thirds of an ounce less, gluing the parts together wouldn't account for that. But shaving a bit off the edges of the aluminum chassis would.
Nah. This has 50% more transistors. It uses correspondingly more power, and has got to be a fair amount larger. Perhaps next year, if they go to 14nm, they could fit it in, but maybe not, if they go to 16nm.
I directly said it was a POS, with Square, or some other device. But that's completely different from being on line, and holding an iPad out to a scanner. It's the opposite side of the transaction. One is holding an iPad vertically, or resting it on a table, and moving a small card though the scanner, using the ipad to type in the rest of the transaction, as you would with a cash register, and the other is holding the iPad out, horizontally, and pushing it towards a...
Only people who dislike it think they're announcing it as a great perk. Gold is very popular around the world, and even here. One out of nine cars in the USA are gold tone. Close to 40% in India. Gold watches are very popular as well. I don't even see why you thought it was necessary to comment on it. And it's far more tasteful than the gold look phones Samsung has been coming out with over the years. The champagne color is understated. I'll still be upgrading to a Space...
Can you tell one end of a transaction from the other? Do those with Square hold it up to a scanner? Well, no, Square is a scanner. It's an entirely different function.And a Square isn't a POS. It requires either a smartphone, an iTouch, or a tablet to turn the unit into one. By itself, the Square device is nothing, it's not much more than a card scanner.
One thing has nothing to do with the other. I really can't see myself holding my iPad by one end, up to a scanner. It's clumsy, to say the least.
I disagree. I see people taking pics, and even video with their iPads all the time. Some people love to comment on how terrible this is, but screw those people.
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