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I didn't misread your post at all. The third line said what needed to be said about that. You seem to reject information. It's annoying when people insult me despite that I've answered their question properly. There have been a few people doing that lately, and I'm getting tired of it. I will begin to delete posts that do that.So if you don't like "juvenile language" don't insult people with without cause.
It's true, but they also look at sales numbers, margins, etc.
I swear you have a problem with English. Or did you black out before you read the entire post? Or was there too much information for you to absorb, so you couldn't get to the bottom of it?What did I say about major corrections? Do you even know?Perhaps you should read the post again, but slowly. I know that three lines is a bit much for you to read at once, but you can do it if you work at it.
The technicals are the fundamentals. We can quibble a bit over this, but it's pretty much equivalent.
Nobody can tell. But we also don't know exactly what a correction means. Is it 1%, 2%, 5%, 10% or more? The problem is that we don't know how far something will drop until it gets past the low, and begins the rise again.As far as major correction goes, that doesn't ususlly happen without a recession.
What's interesting is that Apple has a great bottom line. Net margins are 20%. That's awfully good for a consumer electronics company. Amazon has no bottom line, just a lot of red ink.Amazon may never be able to produce any real profits, because its business model is screwed up, and they keep digging the hole deeper. They can never stop, because if they do, then they stop growing. Bozos has been fooling the Street for years.
The point I'm making is that it's not one thing, and not the other, it's both. Obviously, if the psych is high, but the company doesn't perform, the psych will move down. The psych is the expectation that the company will do this or that, but in the longer run, if it doesn't, the stock will crash. I predict that Amazon's stock will crash at some point.
Ok, this is where investors who aren't very successful get their nut broken.How do you know a vehicle is at a high? You only know historically. That is, with hindsight..A while ago, a friend had about $100,000 in cash to invest. He has a fair investment portfolio, though he doesn't really invest, as he has a managed account (the thought of which, gives me the shivers). He asked, as I'm an Apple guy, whether he should get some Apple. I told him to do that. Apple was at...
I don't know, that's a tough one.Feh! Invested in Microsoft for a bit over a year during the early mid '90s. Did pretty well, but I thought it had gone as far as it would. I should have held for another three years or so. Oh well. Never invested in them again.I started investing when I was 13. My parents allowed me to invest my Bar Mitzvah money, when I asked. They introduced me to their broker, and he told me to invest in maybe 8 stocks from different industries, so if 4...
Yeah, I got in at a good time in mid 2004. I'm just sorry I was screwing around about it for almost a year. If I hadn't, I could have bought an additional 20%.
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