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It's never meaningless, just ask Palm, Microsoft, Nokia, and Blackberry. If it was, they'd all stil be making their phones happily. Blackberry is still around, but are essentially destroyed.
Ah, but Apple doesn't ignore the numbers game. They constantly talk about sales numbers and marketshare. Jobs used to say that it didn't matter, but he used to talk it up too. You can't ignore it.Apple does what it does on a time plan that is longer than that of many other companies. But still, they can't ignore what's out there, and how well it's doing.When Cook was asked about how Apple had thought about large screen phones, and when, he said that they had looked at them...
It's a complicated question. But everything's tied together. There is a psychological factor at work. If people you know are using a particular phone, or OS, there's a greater chance that you will use that next time. Users tend to be evangelists of the platorm, and influence others. The more people who you see using a platform, the more likely you are to buy into it.When I say "you", or course, I'm using the general meaning of the word.But a platform that's rising tends to...
I would use it all day, and by late evening, say 10pm, the battery would be at about 20%. But that would vary according to what I had been doing.My 6+, on the other hand, has outstanding battery life. I rarely need to recharge more than once every two days.
I wouldn't call that a "slight" dip, as it's about 20%. But I question the accuracy of it anyway. Most of those numbers can't be verified. Samsung doesn't release quarterly sales, or shipment numbers for smartphones and tablets, so those are just guesses. Chinese companies numbers can't be trusted,even if they do release them. It makes this a very difficult game to play.
Battery life for my 5 was fine. Perhaps, since it's new, the battery in your 5c is defective.
I have not been able to use loyalty cards that way. I've tried several times. But I've got to do it separately. I haven't yet tries iOS 9 on my phone, but a feature Apple mentions with Wallet is that it can be done now.
Yes, as I said before, verified that you are who you say you are. You can't commit fraud with cash, as long as it's real. But you can use a fake card, or a stolen one.I doubt you can attach one of those cards to Apple Pay, or any other mobile payment system. It wouldn't be a good idea, in my thinking.
Last year, Beats was the largest headphone manufacturer in the world, selling $1.3 billion of headphones.
Actually, while the problem was heavy bass, as can be expected from the name, more recently, that's been changing, and models I've seen have been getting good reviews.
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