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As far as I'm concerned, that's perfectly fine. They weren't concealing anything though. They were doing what the authorities allowed them to do. Even now, each country in the EU can have its own tax law. This EU investigation itself is somewhat against the EU rules. They are just miffed. Perhaps they should be investigating their own big corporations that are doing this, as well as putting funds in third world countries that refuse to acknowledge tax laws anywhere.And...
I would like to make the point that the EU is hypocritical. We find that countries such as France and Germany help their large companies on a regular basis by bailing them out without requiring repayment of those funds. That's also illegal, according to EU rules and law. Does it matter? No, because France and Germany do whatever they want to regardless of the rules and laws. It's also illegal for a government to interfere with a companies internal decision making. Does...
I read it as a simple factual statement. There was no hint that Apple was doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.
Most people don't remember, or weren't around when the first iMacs came out, that there was a connector inside that Apple used for diagnostics there as well. Manufacturers found that they could make boards for it that added functionality. Apple removed it with the second iteration of the machines. That fact that they covered this connector is likely telling everyone that it's not intended for third party use. While it would most likely make it more difficult for Apple to...
So this guy gets some moral pangs, and significantly ups the salaries of all his employees to well above what the market value of their services are worth, because that what he's done there. He then lowers his pay to that of the lowest paid employee. What could be bad there?But he's raised salaries more, in total dollars, than he's lowered his. This is going to cost the company a good chunk of change. It's going to significantly lower the amount of money the company has to...
I'm not goi g to spend an hour looking for numbers, but reports, locally, have been pointing out the poor sales. They look at the numbers there. This is typical of what I've been reading.http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/article/10274/missing-mark-galaxy-s6-sales-fall-short-expectations
The least expensive way to buy an expensive phone (or most any product, without waiting for a sale) other than to wait another year to buy it after the price has dropped, it to pay the full price, and not let it drag on you're credit card.I've read that a new iPhone is paid off in about 18 months into your two year contract. The rest is profit for the carrier.
It's what they do for any phone they want, cheap or expensive.
Well, the facts remain, so they must have the money from somewhere. If there putting it on a charge, that's their choice. But if they buy a new one in two years, which is the average, that's a good amount of time to save up.
According to all reports, including the Korean press, sales of the S6 have been disappointing, and the iPhone has surpassed it.
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