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That's not quite true. There are some incredibly sharp pro lenses out there, from several companies, including Canon, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Schneider, and even Sigma. There are a couple of smaller lens makers that make extremely good super achromat lenses. Costal Optics, for example. These are all for 35mm DSLR size cameras. There are two or three tele models for HasselbladCanon and Bikin both make apochromatis lenses, but don't advertize them as such as Leica and Zeiss do.
As I said, it's great up to 8x12. The thing about high resolution is that you can always bring the size down, but it's not as good to bring it up, though you can double the pixel number without I'll effects,, if you give a gentle sharpen.Optical zoom is one feature I've been craving about for years. If Apple could get just a two times zoom, that would speed up the death of less expensive compact cameras, which are already on the way out.
The lens is actually quite good. I see notproblems at the edges and even the corners. I'm impressed, and I come from a commercial photography background.
As usual, with these things, it's not that simple. Nikon and Sony came out with a 24MP sensor a few years ago, then a 36MP. Now Canon is coming out with 51MP cameras, and likely so will Sony and possibly Nikon. We've got 80MP backs for medium format, and scanning backs go to hundreds of MP.What really matters is per pixel IQ, as long as they are equal, I'll take higher resolution any day. Even if the per pixel IQ is slightly less, much higher resolution allows binning,...
I'm reading the comments here, and I'd like to remind you all that in the picture, Apple atill shows the home button. What that means is unclear. But if it entails clicking the button first, it would be a step backwards. I'm not so sure how practical a screen sensor would be. Apple themselves point out the problems. The current Touch sensor has a Rez of, I believe, 525 PPI. The sensor therefor would need to be rather large, possibly the entire screen, at that Rez. How...
Ah, never say never. That's what they were saying about Apple a couple of years ago. Apple will have to stay on their toes.ARM just announced the new 72 cores, with performance they say will be double current models. Let's hope Apple has already jumped on that for a late 2015 release. New devices using those designs are expected during early, mid 2016. But Apple often gets a jump because of their own variation.
What's interesting here is with this process, Apple has caught up to Intel. Now, there will be no easy performance gains left for a few years, except for smaller ones from the improvement of this 14nm process. It will force Apple, and other SoC manufacturers to concentrate on improving the designs as much as can be done on the same process. 10nm will like y be at least another two years away, possibly longer, if the same delays that plagued 14nm happen again with 10.
Sorry, I just can't stand him at all.But this is a terrible bill. There are too many, you can'ts, and too many you musts for it to be useful.
I guess when you throw off over $33 billion in cash in the latest quarter, allocating $2 billion over ten years for a new data center, is like spending pocket change on a memory stick for us.
This is a terrible plan. I can't see many companies go for this.
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