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What does that have to do with the touchpad, about which I was asking?
It's a matter of heat and battery life. There's only so much you can do with a thin and light portable. Of course, if you want Apple to add a couple of pounds and an inch in thickness to it, I'm sure they could meet your needs. But when I was in business, some time ago, and according to the people I know who are still in business, editing photos and movies on their Macbook Pro will always be preliminary work. The heavy work is done later on an iMac, or Mac Pro with a large...
A question I've been asking, is why not give the 15" Macbook Pro the same treatment? Why just the 13" model? This seems strange to me. I'd also like to see the Macbook Air models with this trackpad. This is coming closer to the Wacom tablets without using a resistive layer. I wonder what the spacial sensitivity is, one pixel, or ten pixels? They were showing this with signatures during the presentation, and it looked very good.
It's a good question, really. I wonder if this is in part in response to shrinking iPad sales. Supposedly, the iPad Pro is for that, but assuming that will come out, this could be another angle to attack that from.Otherwise, I would say that's it's a way to get into the Apple ecosystem, but it's really too expensive to be a feeder product, that's the $899 Macbook Air. But for school work and executives, it could be a perfect machine.
No, I meant to use that word. Getting an Apple prediction correct is magic.Hmm, that spelling is from spellcheck.
No ports.
This isn't new? Where have you seen the same mechanism? I'd like to see a link. I see no problem with reliability.
I have some pretty expensive watches, but next year, for sure, and maybe even this year, I will buy an Apple Watch. Why? Because it does what my other watches don't. We can see that other very expensive watch makers are now coming out with, yes, expensive smartwatches. If one can afford several five figure watches, they can easily afford one of these, and some will buy them. Quite frankly, a $350 watch isn't expensive. It isn't cheap either, but Apple isn't interested in...
Financial advice, whether on a website, a radio show, or a book is just opinion. Even when you pay for it, it's just opinion. There is never a guarantee that it will be correct. I've followed him for years, and he's got a pretty good record. Yeah, he makes mistakes.But if someone is accusing someone of doing something shady, then they must provide evidence of that. Simply not liking the person, or their advice when they're wrong isn't good enough.
Well, most science fiction writers up until the mid '70's, when the microprocessor was invented, thought that computing would be ubiquitous, but would have massive central units connected to local terminals, just the way it worked back then. Even those who thought differently, thought it would be house control models, built in.When I was in Stuyvesant H S here in NYC, an executive from IBM came to give us an auditorium speech, he said that in the future (this was in the...
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