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It's hard to believe you use their software if you call it crap
Except that that's wrong. Adobe has made major upgrades to their software since CC began. If you used CCC you would know that. This happens to be a good deal.
Aperture isn't that popular. When Apple first came out with it they had a great chance, but they blew it. By the time they fixed most of the errors, Lightroom had come out. Adobe understands what the pro wants and needs. Apple didn't. So they had made some bad choices. Almost every pro has Lightroom, but few have aperture.
Photo gene is fun, and for someone who doesn't really edit their photos, it's fine. But for $9.95 you're not just getting this, remember, you're also getting:Photoshop CC, Lightroom desktop, mobile and web, 20GB of cloud storage and a Behance ProSite for $9.99 per month.This is a great deal for those who are professionals.Understand that like it or not, Photoshop is the industry standard. Before CC came out, you would pay $350 every two years for an upgrade to Photoshop....
For all of that? Seriously? That's a pretty good deal. But if you're an amateur, you don't need pro level apps. Get iPhoto and you'll be happy.
There were a number of reasons why USB didn't work properly on Windows PCs. But when Apple came out with the first candy iMacs, they dropped their own keyboard connector and ports for USB. For whatever reason it was, it worked fine. That embarrassed Microsoft, which had promised that USB would work properly (finally) with Windows 98, but didn't. After Apple found success with it, Microsoft came out with a revision to 98 that fixed most, but not all, of the problems with...
Really! Thunderbolt, just as FireWire and USB, requires a chip, or chipset, for their use. Texas Instruments made most of the FireWire chipsets, and Intel makes the ones for USB and Thunderbolt. Otherwise, USB is sometimes implemented on the chipsets for the bus and memory.
CAT 5 is Gigabit Ethernet. The higher standard cables are for different carry rate signals. But standard Gigabit Ethernet works just fine on CAT 5.
I'd like to see them buy more of Imagination.
The oldest phone will retain that size. But Apple has never been fixed on a particular screen size. Yes, the 4" model is easily used with one hand. But times change, and so do screen sizes.
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