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I hope you don't mean this nonexistent 5K monitor.
I'm going to assume you're joking. Because this monitor, assuming Apple did make one, would need far more GPU power than we'll see in an iMac.
That's not a good reason. The monitor is too wide, too many pixels. I don't know of anyone who would put screen elements on the sides of the video. I've done a lot of commercial video editing over the years. I would rather go to another, smaller monitor for that purpose.Don't use the iPad as an example, it has nothing to do with this. And this is just a rumor, nothing more. Don't try to protect Apple on something they may not even be producing.
Yeah. I just don't see it. I would rather Apple finally came out with a monitor with a high quality display, instead of the sRGB models they've had for so many years. Their displays are poor for video or photo editing, or even publishing. Just not enough color gamut. So we have to go to Ezio or NEC for monitors. It's a shame.
I told you why. Thunderbolt? Well, maybe, but that does cost transmission time. Remember that while Apple has 6 thunderbolt ports, there is only 3 true thunderbolt chips. So only 3 independent Thunderbolt lanes. This would take quite a chunk out of that. So while it could happen, I'm not so sure Apple would want to go that route. And what would be the purpose of such a resolution? Dell just came out with one. But there are no panels for this resolution.. Dell was forced to...
I read that it may actually be a true 4K monitor, which makes more sense. Unless there's a newer Displayport standard beyond the present 1.2, it can't handle more than 4096. We would need to use two ports for this, which is clumsy, and not what Apple would normally do.
I just threw that out, and it's possible. Companies that accept iPhones had said that you could trade your phone now, but keep the phone until you received your new one. That was over a month ago. So it's certainly possible.But I knew that there would be people here who wouldn't want to read that. You're the first. Congrats!
Of course, this could also mean that Samsung owners were waiting to see what Apple offered, and after having seen it, were disappointed, and are trading in their phones to buy new Samsung models which were also recently revealed. That may not be a popular thought here, but it's certainly veey possible.
I believe that Apple is very interested in using Liquidmetal. But it isn't there yet, and that needs to be understood. Related to this, does anyone here remember the patents Apple received for zirconia ceramic? They applied for a number of patents relating to this several years ago, the last in 2013, I think, and guess what? The SS and gold models have zirconia ceramic backs. The aluminum one has a back described as a composite, but from the graphics and photos, looks the...
Since there are literally thousands of gold watch case designs, I have a couple, it's obvious that losing gold isn't an issue. Gold cases have been made for centuries. They don't need to machine them from scratch. They often start the process from a casting. I used to do centrifical jewelry casting and lost wax casting.Platinum has always been more expensive than gold. But there are a fair number of Liquidmetal alloys. Most don't require platinum. But if Apple were able to...
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