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Oh, jeez. Now we're going to hear this for a while. Look, there is almost no space. The tiny amount is negligible. It's not much thicker than the gels and other layers we often need to use when drawing. This is not an issue. If you draw, then you'll draw. If you spend your time looking at the tip, then you're not drawing. The fact that numerous professionals have already said that the experience with this is great, is all we need to know. The graphics department editor at...
The male to male connector adapter comes with it. Don't want a female connector on the Pencil because then you always need to have your cable with you to charge from your Pro, or a charger. Just another thing to carry around, break, or lose. Yes, you need to keep that adapter for when you need it, but you shouldn't need it most of the time.Don't know about a spring loaded click. I'd rather have the connector covered.Magnetic storage hasn't worked out so well for the...
I think you're missing the point here. While mouse and trackpad support would be nice, we really don't need it. With iOS 9 support for the two finger keypad cursor control, we've pretty much got that. Before, I had a heck of a time moving that cursor around sometimes. Some web sites simply don't handle it well. And for when type is small. But now, it works under all conditions.I'm typing this on my Pro, as I do almost all of my posting everywhere on my iPads, and have for...
This is all very nice. But, at times, it seems as though there are more issuers than there are retail points that accept Apple Pay. Until that changes, adoption will be very slow.
This is more EU BS. Like the tax questions, the EU targets USA companies. So far, no large EU based companies are being investigated over the tax questions, even though they take advantage of those rules as well. We'll see the same thing here. Bertelsmann is the worlds largest publisher, and so far, in spite the fact that they are heavily involved in these deals, I've not yet seen any announcement of a link to them.
Well, to most "gamers" it means anyone who doesn't play console or pc games
Except that it's wrong.
That's wrong. I've been buying iPads since May 2010, and I've seen them advance significantly over the years. I use them for photo,and video editing, CAD, drawing and painting, games, writing, spreadsheets, audio testing and design, machine shop calculations and browsing and e-mail. I've likely left some things out of that.Where in that group do you do something that the iPad can't do? What do you do out of that group that the iPad can't do? Sure, not all the software is...
Don't be so full of yourself.
I hate seeing that word, casual, when applied to some gamers. What does it mean? People who play a lot of fairly simple games, or people who play intensive, complex games, but not that often?
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