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I suppose you didn't really pay attention to my whole post.
The 5S came out a year later, and the sapphire is because they don't want the button scratched because the scratches degrades the sensor, which is one reason competing touch sensors in computers and phones have failed over the years. These phones are the same generation. Why would they use different materials? And if they did, don't you think Apple would be marketing that fact?
You can be sure Apple knows about this. It's not exactly a secret. They've been quoted from for years.
Very heavy compared to what? Many high end watches are very heavy. Some weigh almost a pound, with many at a good half pound with a heavy metal bracelet, parrticularly if all is from gold.
That's not even close to being true.
Yeah. Rolled and then sat upon. Whoops!
Apple has been using a more efficient multitasking model. By turning off apps that are not actually needed to do something in the background, and just maintaining the state of those apps, less RAM is needed than for Android, which has a more Desktop method of multitasking, and so keeps apps turned on, unless specifically turned off with the manager. But, Apple has been expanding what apps do in the background, decidedly so in iOS 8, so it would seem that more RAM would be...
Nope. Love the watch.
It is measly when compared to,what came before with the past three generations. And yes, I stated that Apple used a lot of the shrink for efficiency. I'm talking about capabilities, not efficiency. We're talking about the possibility of OS X, and that's why the increase in power is measly. This year we'll see other chip makers catching up much more easily than before, where the A7 still beats most of the new chips in most performance areas. I hope that Apple isn't doing...
The entire industry is trying to make phones, and tablets, as thin as possible. I think they're thin enough. I'm happy there is a little bit of better battery life for the 6, and bigger gains for the 6+. I really haven't wanted a 5.5" phone, but now, I'm leaning towards it. I'll know once I get I to the store and try both out. The 6+ has enough better features that it might sway me.Likely 1GB RAM is enough for the 6, but I wonder about the 6+. You're right about screen...
New Posts  All Forums: