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They're pretty big. They have millions of customers.What's really interesting, and pathetic, to use the word Newton used, is that the public just doesn't care. If Apple Pay wasn't really easy, and even, at first, fun, people wouldn't use it either. The security aspect isn't enough. How many people still use stupid passwords, despite being warned about that for twenty years now? Most of them, if the web site will allow it.
Did you read where they have to replace all of their terminals first? Then the software to use wireless payments needs to be installed and set up, then tested.How do you expect them to use Apple Pay without that being done first?
Walmart was, and is, the instigator of this. I don't think they will give up that easily. Their goal was to cripple the credit card companies. In fact, the previous Walmart CEO stated that he didn't care if Current C succeeded or failed, as long as it seriously damaged Visa.Walmart makes just a 3.3% net margin. That's in line with other grocery store chains and other low pricing chains in other areas. If they could eliminate all credit card transactions, that net could...
It's interesting that he would say that he's "excited about it". Since they're in negotiations, I would think that he would be a bit more reserved. But, this is good, even if he said "probably". That's a negotiating tactic too. I remember that CBS was the last of the networks to have an iOS app, so this is a good sign, and a major reason why Apple is making up the loss from yesterday's overall market fiasco.
Anyone who thinks that this means he will have a reduced role is nuts. This gives him more authority, not less. He will now officially over see projects that before, he was doing anyway, but in an indirect fashion. His two underlings were his underlings before, but now, are are also promoted, and given more official acknowledgement as to their roles.
We should also note that Apple just renewed their contract with TomTom. They provide most of the mapping data for Apple around the world.
Even about a year and a half ago, Blackberry was still promoting high network efficiency, even though that hasn't been an issue for years. That efficiency hammers the Blackberry on high bandwidth networks such as most all organizations have now, because it doesn't use that bandwidth properly. Therefore, high bandwidth files operate slowly. This is one of the reasons the Blackberry has been mostly abandoned. They were acting as though networks were still in the late 1990's.
Yes, he said that there was no glass, I'm very aware of that, but the comments are getting a bit out of hand on this.As should have been obvious, I was clarifying what we think of the series of phones. You should pay attention to my entire quote instead of picking the part that confused you.
I don't know how many different ways I have to say this to you, but a number of company's were told—merge! And with government ownership of a minority of some of them, the government had even less trouble in getting that done.
While gross margins are important, and do tell us about manufacturing costs, plus some low level costs, without operating margins, and, of course, net margins (profit), we don't know all that much. So we look at Apple's gross margins of around 40%, as compared to Pebble's supposed 52%, and we might be led to think Pebble is doing better than Apple, financially, which of course, it's not.Im skeptical, because I've seen this before, many times. Remembering that Pebble wasn't...
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