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He seems to be working very hard to show that he understands the subject. But he doesn't seem to understand what Apple is trying to do. There is no reason to believe in the first place, that two lenses would be used. Apple has said nothing about two cameras, which two lenses would imply.All we know now is that they are seemingly using LAB for the image mode, and will use thinner sensors enabled by this sensor split. Otherwise, nothing.
All of the cameras I've seen over the years that do this do it with a prism. Reflex mirrors have too much inefficiency. A prism allows much more light to be used. Here a half stop is critical. And I didn't say a pentaprism. I'm quite aware of the difference between an erecting prism and one that is not.
Really, who cares? The Times is mainly for USA readers. Here, 42% of smartphone owners have iPhones. I'd bet that that skims off the majority of those who read the Times as well.
I understand why publications such as the Time have to charge what they do. I do t have to like it, but I do understand it.If you read the Times, the WSJ and others, you'll notice all of the Ads. Anyone who thinks their subscription pays for the publication is living in a dreamworld. The advertising pays for most of it.But what do we see in the digital publications? Many fewer Ads. I'm not talking about magazines that are just the galleys of the paper magazine, Ads and...
In a way, it's a strange agreement to have made, because it's uninforcable. If the employee wants to leave, then what can be done about it? Is there a penalty? It doesn't say. That's the only thing that they can do. You can't make an employee stay. If one wants to leave, for whatever reason, you don’t WANT them to stay. I never would have wanted an employee of mine to be forced to continue working for me. What good would that do?
I'm trying to figure out how they would do this. It's usually done with a prism, but there's no room for one.For some time, I've been thinking that the camera could be built in two parts, so to speak. The lens would face forwards, of course, but a mirror could reflect the light 90 degrees. The sensor could sit at that 90 degree angle. It could also be more complex, with two mirrors, allowing the sensor to lie flat against the front or back of the camera, saving more...
That's a pretty good explanation.
What? You are awfully glib about this. Making a thinner camera is the problem, not the solution. And using two cameras doesn't effectly double the ISO.
You can't, really. While you can obtain a minor amount if noise reduction that way if the software has characterized the noise components of the sensor, that's complex, and takes processing time with specialized hardware. This is done on some DSLRs and some other cameras for long exposures. But what they do is to take a blank picture first, evaluate the noise at that moment, and then take another picture that corrects for that noise, which varies with temperature, the...
No, this is different. I haven't read the patents yet, though I will as soon as I have time.But what Apple doing is breaking the image up into two components, luminescence, and Chroma, which is the LAB format. This will result in better noise, and possibly, higher sharpness as well.For many years, when correcting images, we would move it to the LAB format, which is exactly what this looks like. LAB allows great amounts of color and sharpness correction with an absolute...
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