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That's basically it. Apple doesn't need $200 billion, which they will have by the end of the year. I'd much rather they spend some of that on companies than throw it down the black hole of share repurchases, which is money burnt,.
I doubt that. Even the EU says their system hasn't been very effective. And then, if they have to, you don't think Square could upgrade their hardware and software? Of course they could. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been investigating it for some time.
I don't think so. I see Square everywhere I go. I don't see another payment system anywhere. Every vendor I talk to about it is happy with it. Having it fall into Google's hands rather than Apple's hands would be a major shift. So yes, the implications are mind boggling.
Nope! This would transfer all of the good will Apple has received from companies and individuals using Square with Apple products to Google. Bad idea. If Google moved everything g to Android, no matter what people here think of Android, all of those companies and individuals would eventually have to move from Apple products to Google related products, which is likely one major reason why Google might buy this. It would be a seismic shift. Right now, Apple is the one moving...
Many stay for years. That's all Apple needs. They aren't needed forever. And once a company is established, with technology that works, it isn't the founder that's needed anyway, because Apple has a different direction for that company than the founder did as an independant factor. Sometimes, keeping the founder is a hinderance.
Not for me. Square is a very successful company. It exclusively uses iPads for cash registers. This is opening up a lot of areas for Apple. For Apple to have to do it all from scratch is mind boggling! And there's no need. Why give Google another advantage? This is almost petty cash for Apple. They shouldn't miss another opportunity.
This is one thing that frustrates me about Apple. There have been so many companies they could (should) have bought but didn't. Many of those companies have either ended up in a major competitors hands, or are providing services for them that rival Apple's own, that came first.The idea that Apple would buy a company to keep it out of a competitors hands would be old line business. Businesses have been doing that for two centuries. When I mention the list of companies, I...
I've mentioned that my family all have iPhones (and iPads, and Macs).Well, if Apple can use the mythical bezel-less screen we've been reading about for years (one small manufacturer has had a screen like that, but I don't know if they still do), then the 4.7" phone doesn't have to be that much larger. By necessity, a 5.5" model does. But my friends who do have these phablets seem to like them, even though they're too big for my hands. I know a number of people who haven't...
What you're saying is erroneous. You are making assumptions that are of your own imagination. But Apple themselves has had a document revealed in the new trial between themselves and Samsung that says that they don't have product that people want, referring to both larger phones, and less expensive models.I can easily see a 4.7" phone. In fact, this year, we're up for our two year contract, and we'll be getting new phones. I know that we all would prefer that 4.7" phone.As...
New Posts  All Forums: