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Taiwanese. Which is Chinese, sort of.
It's interesting, and unusual, that Apple would tie itself to a maker with such severe financial problems. Foxconn would remove that risk.
Anker is cheap, and get bad ratings from users. They break easily.
For several years, the smartphone makers propositioned Apple to allow them to use Apple's 30 pin connector. We know how that went. Then Samsung came up with their proprietary version.I would bet that if Apple licensed their lightning connector for use in other devices, not just those that connect to Apple's, and didn't charge for it, it would get adopted in a number of other devices. But it's not likely Apple would do that. They're not interested in making Lightning a...
Actually, while that doesn't make me happier, it isn't that bad either. Unlike a plug that needs to be inserted one way only, or, even two ways, and is entirely flat, this retains a rounded shape, and tip. That means that while it won't be as easy to insert, it won't be too much more difficult either. Take the plug, and roll it as you insert it, and it will right itself within no more than a half turn, and go in.
The only thing about this that others here have noticed as well, is how older plugs would be handled. Apple would need a dongle with a 3.5 or 2.5mm jack on one end, and this plug on the other. It would need to be a dongle, because a solid part would stick out too much, and would be subjected to too much leverage, and so would break easily. I do think that Apple, and others, are too obsessed with thinness. The phones this year are ever so slightly thicker. I see no problem...
Patents don't lead to higher product costs. They don't lead to any increase in costs. It would be depend on what Apple is intending to do with this, assuming they're intending to use it at all.Apple has co e up with more than a few new connectors, and has, in the last ten years and more, entered them to the standards committees, where they've been accepted. Apple then asked no money for third party implementation on other manufacturers devices. If they want this to become...
Every app that supports it. I've got Microsoft Word, Excell, PC Calc and others that show, even though I don't have them open.
It's a feature. Apple doesn't block content or ads. The feature allows third parties to offer extensions that do so, which might increase safari performance.But be aware that some sites will be missing features with content blocking on, such as commenting, or the reading of some articles. Some sites already will block a browser with content blocking on. You might need to hold down the page reload and wait for the window that allows the page to load without content blocking.
I'm an app junkie, and I don't mind admitting it. I've got over 500 apps in my iPad. I've been receiving ever increasing updates emphasizing the iOS 9 compatibility and feature completeness of the updates.I expect that number will continue to increase as it always does after an OS upgrade.
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