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I'm giving you a warning.
It isn't really relevant to this discussion, as I'm certain you know. But if you really felt is was so important that you just had to include it, fine. Now drop it.
Sure, and those are minimal functions that a cheap smart watch can get away with. But try to add functionality, such as a color screen, higher resolution, a more powerful SoC, etc. and things fall apart. We saw that with Samsung's offerings, as well as those from others so far.Look at how long it's taking Apple to get their product out.
The Pebble is kind of cute, in a cheap Chic kind of way. It doesn't do all that much, but since it's cheap, it's users don't expect it to do much, so they are happy with it.
Or, go up, as small investors jump into the stock.
I don't believe that. If negotiations have gone this far, it means that Apple has done their due diligence of the company. Look at the trouble Hp got into because they didn't do a responsible due diligence of Autonomy. But Apple is known to be cheap. It could be that they just don't feel that the company, from an accounting viewpoint, is worth another $50 million. That would be foolish, if they're looking to the future, and believe they need to lock this company's IP up.
Well, I've been reading some interesting stuff about that as well. It seems that Beats is incorporated in Ireland, where, as we know, Apple also has a financial stake. The financial analysts believe that Apple can use their foreign cash to buy them. Doing that will make the deal worth $2 billion rather than $3.2 billion, because of the tax savings. This makes the deal look a lot better, assuming that Dr. Dre's ranting hasn't killed the deal already.And don't forget that...
I really don't understand how this happens. Apple does play hardball in these negotiations. But really, Synaptics? Apple could have bought them as well. I don't know why they haven't. So how much are they arguing about? Does it really matter if it's another $50 million or $100 million, or so. Just finish the deal, and move on.
I remember all of the people who authoritatively stated that the good doctor, who after all, invented this, didn't know what he was talking about because he said it was a few years away. Well, here we are, part way through those few years, and as far as we know, nothing yet.
I don't think so. But, the 5/5s are far less breakable than the older series, and that's more important.
New Posts  All Forums: