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Well, it's not so simple. Intel admits that it was Apple that came to them with the idea, and the specs they wanted to see. So while Intel did the actual development of at least most of the engineering work, would they have even thought of doing it if they haven't been approached by Apple? Likely not. Thunderbolt is doing better than ever. It's being accepted more than it was. As driver chips get down in price, more companies are using it.And let's look at the ARM...
Most of us here know DED pretty well. We know his goals. Therefor, it isn't in his interest in presenting anything that undermines those goals, unless everyone already knows it, and he therefor can't ignore it. But, even then, he attempts to denigrate it.His goal, and the goal of those here who unthinkingly defend him, it to put blinders on when he writes, so that he can ignore everything that contrasts with what he wants to say. What he wants to say it that Apple is...
Oh please! If you've actually been following DED on his own website, you'd know what he is. I've pointed out many flaws in his "facts" and reasoning to him over the years. He refuses to acknowledge them. Even if you prove to him that it's flawed, he often won't even read the evidence.This argument is flawed, because, for example, the new Tegra has better performance per core than the A8x, an argument that has been used for Apple's chips over the years, but since it only...
I was just going to say the same thing.I also disagree with his premise. With Apple only using their chips, and not selling them to others, they aren't threat to Qualcomm, or any other manufacturer who does sell chips. Unfortunely, most tablet sales increases are now for tablets costing less than $250. Because of that, the most advanced chips will be selling in a smaller percentage of devices as time goes on. It's one reason Apple didn't include this new (and more...
Art! Ten years to catch up at the present rate? Well, we all know how things can change on a dime. Apple needs to reverse a slight decline in tablet share.
It's a shame. This work could have been saved if both parties had agreed to take a hit in the short term.
Heh heh! Cute!I have absolutely no idea of what you're talking about.
Germany's policies, which seem to be benefitting Germany, while hampering everyone else, is one of the causes of their present problems.
Just trying to point out some logical errors here, of which there are many today.Nope! Never short anything.
The pound is not directly tied to the Euro.Germany is having problems now too. Their economic growth has slowed down dramatically.I'd like to know where there is a demand for less services in the EU. That would be a unique situation. There are riots every time that is proposed.You read like an extremist.
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