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That's hard to say, but Apple is so large, how much would it matter? Apple is run by good business people, they make profits on almost everything. At least that's true for hardware.
Ok, pretty good prestidigatation. I always wanted to use that word.
That would be almost too cool. But the Lightning connector is still kind of new. I read, though I don't remember where, that Apple may go to usb 3 for the iPad Pro in the Lightning connector.
I almost got my 6+ in gold. The reason why I didn't isn't because it looks too blingy to me, because we know it's not, is just that I don't want others to think I feel blingy . Yeah, I know that's not the best reason. But if I got the 6, I likely would have gotten it in the gold. It really is understated, and looks really good. It's just a bit much for bigger items. But then, there are plenty of gold color cars on the roads.Really blingy phones are sold by Vertu, if people...
People forget that the lighter and slimmer something is, the more expensive it is. Add a Retina display that's hopefully ips or equivalent, and the price jumps. That really hot very large trackpad seems to cost more too, which is likely why it's not on the Macbook Air as well right now.Strange though, that there was no word on the 15" Macbook Pro.
I really dislike changing bands. I have to have a very small jewelers screwdriver or similar device to do it. And then it sometimes slips a few times. I do have a special tool for it in my shop, but it's not always convenient to get it. This doesn't need a tool. Vastly better! No scratching the case. And the mechanism won't damage the holes for the pins in a gold case. All of mine are somewhat enlarged and distorted.
The mechanism looks to be very well thought out. I would think that it was something that Apple put a lot of thought and engineering into. It's much better than the spring pin connectors we've been burdened with for a century now. So I think this will be their standard.
I have the feeling that Android ware was designed for inexpensive watches, with simple hardware. Apple thought about functionality more than price. So Apple has the crown that does work that is difficult to do on the screen itself. That's a major differenciator. If you read posts on forums where most of the posters are Android guys, they will deride the crown. But if you go to watch blogs, they think the crown is a great idea for a smartwatch. So Apple uses if for...
I believe that they don't sell those other bands for the Sport model bwcause that's the least expensive model, and they want pricing differentiation. But by selling some of the bands separately, they are telling people that if they want to, they can go beyond the basic offerings.One of my watches is gold, but I have a SS braclet with it.
Well, we can certainly find something to agree on here.A science fiction novel (A Moté in God's Eye, and follow up novels) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell back in about 1974 predicted, about a thousand years from now, personal devices that could do what seemed amazing back then, but seems hopelessly mundane now, their future tech had it made of a single piece of glass, but otherwise, the functionality was much less that what we have now. Otherwise, great books.
New Posts  All Forums: