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Yeah, let him go to another country and stay there.
Hmm. Now that I've read your response, and seen my post in it, I'm trying to figure out why I wrote apostrophe key instead of shift key. That's something we need, a "Hey stupid" function when something like that happens.
There are a couple of styluses that do that, with an offset to the tip, so I quess it could be done. Since the new Prokeyboard for iOS is available, any key can be done. They do have cursor keys on that keyboard. If you sweep back and forth on the space bar, the cursors mover back and forth as well. If the danger thing only worked with Apple's correction and shortcuts, it would be great. I'd get used to the tight spacing, but it doesn't, at least, not yet.
They've had a newer handwriting technology as part of OS X for some time. But I don't remember them doing anything with it. I don't remember what they called it. I'm not even sure if it's still in there.
Possibly it has a resistive layer. I've seen interesting reports on how the screen itself can be made to detect pressure without a separate layer for it. It seems that the polarizing of LCD screens can be made to put out a voltage if the polarized layer, which is, after all, what an LCD screen is, is physically distorted. The fields interact at the point of disruption. If a way is made to detect that voltage produced, somewhat like that of a peazo electric sensor, then the...
As I mentioned earlier, Apple was selling a third party stylus from the very beginning, both in their stores, and on their web site.But things evolve. I'm not so sure Jobs expected 3D CAD apps, or pro level drawing apps, or even really sophisticated art paint apps and others for which a stylus is a major upgrade in usability. But they've been here for a while, and numerous stylus types have come out, some more successful than others. It's very likely that Apple has seen...
Well, it could have been less attractive.
I don't agree. I found most of them to be fine. But then, I usually prefer trackballs from Logitech where you use your thumb for the ball.
We can use a wireless keyboard. I don't know if it's impossible to implement a mouse, or just whether no one has bothered.I have a virtual keyboard for my iPad that has all the keys of Apple's keyboard. I've been trying it out. But the keys are a bit smaller, and are much closer together, so I make too many errors. And for some reason, it can't do corrections using shortcuts, it apparently even doesn't use the corrections Apple uses for spelling or proper names, so every...
No pressure sensitivity. That takes electronics in the stylus and circuits in the device. But the point is about 3/32" in diameter. It's a matter of getting the magnet to be strong enough, and to have the magnetic field in the right orientation. The magnet itself needs to be big enough to have enough of a field, but the point can be small.Of course, now you're dealing with a strong magnet. I suppose the rest of the magnet could be shielded with a magnetic field around it,...
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