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You likely don't use enough data to see the throttling. But it's been shown that they do throttle their unlimited plans, as everyone else does. You're lucky with LTE, as they have the worst LTE coverage of the four.And, yeah, they've been caught BSing their customers.http://arstechnica.com/business/2014/07/its-not-just-verizon-all-major-us-carriers-throttle-unlimited-data/
I know it isn't popular to say this, but companies have fixed costs. They can't go below those costs, plus, if they are going to make a profit. It's cheaper to give more, than to lower prices. Apple uses the same formula. They rarely lower prices, but instead give us better specs, etc.
T-Mobile sucks big time. They throttle heavily too.
Yup, and as we now know, you will be throttled down by 95% by Sprint when you get to well under 15GB. At least with my Verizon 15GB plan, also for $100, that doesn't happen. All companies that offer unlimited are doing dramatic throttling below some arbitrary number, usually well below 10GB.
All their chips are based on the old "M" series. Those were just their old mobile line that they went to when abandoning the Netburst series.
Oh please Benji, don't start with me. You don't know what you're talking about. "A huge number of factors". I'll give you plenty of time to go on the web and look that up, so you'll know what some of those factors are. You're saying nothing here.
But we are talking about current limitation. That's exactly what the 12 watt charger is doing.Only a problem if the internal resistance is high. I stated this several times now. The biggest problem in limiting charge times, as well as discharge current, is internal resistance. It's that simple. How to lower that resistance isn't simple, but it is done. Batteries, in general, are getting better over time as manufacturers improve their production processes, and tinker with...
That's what this. Actually is. But in order to do this, they need to get permission from the city, and to work with them. They can't just claim the right to the street property, and put up their equipment. So the city does deals for that right. Essentially, they are leasing the company space on the streets for their equipment.
The company will pay for the hardware, and the Ads will be paying for the service, and giving them a profit.At least, that's the plan.The problem is that this is the 99th plan for free WiFi the city has had over the past several years. It could have been more, but I lost count after that. There's always some sticking point with financing. These are small companies, and need to raise financing for these plans. So sometimes they begin test service, but can't get the money...
So people here who know nothing do? Really? Companies who make these statements, particularly when their products are used for critical applications, need to meet standards, and need to show that the can meet their claims.So where's your links? I'm supposed to stop knowing what I know to be true because three guys here say I'm wrong without presenting a shred of evidence themselves?I haven't even seen any evidence from you guys that you really know how batteries work. Just...
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