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Well, it's the same for all quality watches with sapphire covers.
No. It's just that they're sold at full price wherever they're sold. Many carriers charge less if you come with your own phone . AT&T has a plan for that, as an example.
It's a subsidy to the carrier. Most people know full well that they are overpaying for their phones when buying a subsidized phone on a plan. But they don't care. It's that their upfront costs are so much lower. That's what they care about.Look, it's like credit card bills. Most people have a balance at the end of the month that they're paying anywhere from 18-24% interest on. Do they care? Not one whit! All they care about is that they can buy that product that otherwise...
If the phone price rapidly drops to free, then the manufacturer and the carrier take the hit. We've seen this for Windows phones, where a new top line model drops from $199 to $99 in a month, then to free a month later. It's the manufacturer who takes that drop. The subsidy remains the same, unless sales are so bad that the carrier demands that the subsidy be lowered as well. It's why we haven't seen a new top line Win Phone in some time.
Yes, I agree. There's something wrong with the reporting one this here. Either there's information missing that would enable us to understand the charts better, or something else is not right. The numbers for the phones look weird. But he could be saying that sales for the phones will drop next quarter, which would be expected, as that's what happens every year.
Nonsense, if you're talking about the Samsung S6.
No, I never said that. It's a comparable phone in list price, which is the only way we can compare phones. It's Samsung's top of the line phone, except for the Edge, which is $100 more, and priced about where the 6+ is. It compares directly against Apple's 6 series. It even comes back to looking more like Apple's phones, which is what Samsung has been slowly moving away from over the last three years.But don't mistake "comparable" for desirable.
It's been a concern for years. For a long time, it was said that Apple couldn't compete in markets where most phones were bought outright (most smartphone sales around the world), rather than giving heavy subsidies, considering the price of the product line compared to Android pricing, Apple would be at a disadvantage if purchasing phones at full price were the norm (which it is in most places out of the USA).And indeed, Apple's worldwide marketshare was never higher than...
That's why I'm pretty sure he's talking about the first calender quarter, and the current quarter, rather than the first fiscal quarter, and the last quarter. Once that's understood, what he's saying makes sense. And since he's said to have better than a 75% accuracy rate in predicting future Apple products, people listen to him.
That's what the article here says, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a misquote. I don't know what the revised column means either. But then, we're not reading his report, we're reading AI's condensation of a very small portion of his report.That's why, in school, we were told to never use secondary sources for reports.
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