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In the USA it was. It had a 40% smartphone marketshare. And the article is about the USA.
So you guys think it's meaningless, do you? So, if Apple instead had a 3% marketshare here, and Win Phone had a 43.5% marketshare instead, then it would be ok with you? Then Apple would be selling about 8% of the phones they're selling now. And you guys really think that even if Apple were making a profit there, it would be fine?You do understand that there would be almost no developers, just as we see with Win Phone. And it would be very unlikely that Apple would be...
When I think of all the things Apple could have done, but didn't, I feel ill.They could have bought this company in 2005, well before Nokia bought it. By then, Apple must have known they would have a mapping app. It went for something less than $3 billion when Nokia did buy it. Apple would never have needed to depend on Google for maps, and then on Tom Tom. And people need to remember that Google's mapping wasn't incredible back then.When Apple first began working on Siri,...
I still say that it was a mistake on Apple's part not to buy this. Now, they're stuck with TomTom, which has been the source of all their mapping errors over the years. They keep saying that they want to own the basic technology they rely upon, but when it comes to something big, they aren't interested. It's a mistake they've made several times, and it's come back to haunt them.
If Apple does use force touch on a large screen like this, I hope it works better than the click screen of the old Blackberry Storm.
You are making several major errors in your assumptions. First of all, it's interesting that Apple hasn't come out with this mythical machine that you are saying they can come out with, with the A8x. Obviously, they don't agree with your assumptions. And shortly, we'll have the A9, and possibly, an A9x. If they don't come out with this machine then, what will you say?Now, I inderstand what you are saying, which is why I responded pretty specifically to it. I just don't...
No, it's weird that you assume it won't be.
You are really in la la land here now.
It's difficult to know whether you really don't understand what we're saying, or pretending to not understand. No one is saying the things you are stating we're saying.I really get the feeling that you aren't reading our posts with any care today. What's going on, you're not usually like this?
That statement makes even less sense. When did I say that an OS wasn't needed? We're talking about OS X vs. iOS. We're not talking about OS X vs. no OS. You insist that OS X is needed for basic tasks that iOS is perfectly suited for.
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