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You also know nothing about high quality watches and bands.
Is it a big deal to you because it's annoying? It certainly can't be the actual $10 if you're going to spend at least $400 for a watch, plus, most likely, taxes on the sale. It just seems to me that a company has a choice to make. Average out the pricing, which some companies do, with the lower priced product priced higher, and the higher priced one priced lower. Then there won't be those people who carp at the higher pricing on one. Other companies price the individual...
What do you think the lock on the watch contacts? Do you think it's the silicone rubber, or the leather? I'm pretty sure that there's a cut away portion of the pin in the center that aligns, and locks into a pin that resides in the watch mechanism. When you press that small button under the band edge, the pin in the watch recedes, and you can slide the band out. That pin is likely stainless steel. You don't really think that Apple would rely on rubber and leather to hold...
I was responding to his post, which said that the "larger charger" is $10 more. Perhaps there are several variations.Did you read the article here before posting? It says, on the last line, that pricing for the 38mm charger is $29, and the price for the 42mm one is $39.
There's a steel pin in all of the bands, including the ones specifically for the aluminum case, which Apple says is harder and stronger than regular anodized aluminum.
Um, it's $10. If you can spend at least $399 for a watch, and need another charger, $10 shouldn't be an issue. Why it's more, I don't know, but likely there's a bigger battery in the 42mm model, so the charger puts out more power. Is it worth an additional $10? I don't know, but it's not really a big deal.You can be sure the strap mechanism is patented on both the watch and the strap side.
As long as Apple is selling a particular band separately, and you buy the size for your watch, I.e. 38 or 42mm, it will fit.
That's just some anti Apple ignorance on your part. Why don't you go and look at high quality bands from other watch makers? You'll see that the pricing can be staggering.
Of course it does, just like all of Apple's battery operated devices. But Apple always has chargers for sale. Sometimes a charger breaks. And sometimes you want more than one to keep at different locations.
The apps for the watch look to be able to do more than I've been reading they could do, and a number work without the phone.
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