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It's getting complicated. Samsung copied Apple's packaging, so is this now a copy of their copy?
Ooh, packaging articles!
Ah, I can tell you that being a millionaire isn't what it used to was.
He was pushing something like that. But don't forget that SJ and Ellison were very good friends, and so where do you think he got the idea from?
Most people don't understand just how entrenched iPads have become in the business sector. Two reasons why the Mac didn't make it big in business:One was that they came out two and a half years after the IBM PC. By then, there was a ton of business software out, and the IBM brand was irresistible.Two was that SJ and his "computer as an appliance" was years ahead of its time, and back then, when computer sales were driven 90% by business, the appliance idea wasn't inviting,...
I don't think so. They'll be around for a while. I'm just waiting until the right time. We'll see. It's not that much of an investment to matter.
Microsoft is mostly Office and Windows. If you include server versions of Windows, which is in another division. Then they have software tools. They also have a commercial database.Then, of course, they have the entertainment division, which was merged with the small devices division (keyboards, mice, etc.). They have a couple of other smaller areas as well such as the online division, mostly Bing.Google is an Ad placement agency. They just happen to have their own places...
I read a financial article recently that said that about half of all iPads sold, were bought by business. Half! Over a million were bought in the education market last quarter, more than double YOY. At the same time, there were 1.64 million Windows machines sold there, and 520,000 Macs. A 10% drop in Windows sales, and a 4% increase in Mac sales.These are just two bits of information, but there are many more, such as Mac sales increasing in business over the past year by...
That's all very true. But it's from what we know. It's what we don't know that could change it. IF Apple comes out with the iPad Mini. IF Apple comes out with a Tv. IF Apple comes out with an auto control system. IF...etc.The Apple of today is because of things we didn't know before they were presented to us. I'm reading why entering the Tv business isn't a good idea for Apple:Mature industry.Established players.Apple never made a Tv.Has no relationships with cable...
As Cramer says though; "There is never a bad time to invest in Apple."I agree. Sure, we'll see temporary dips, but the long trend is up. And now, with the dividend, it's sweeter. The dividend is low, by a percentage standard, but will increase regularly. That's something we can be pretty certain of.
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