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Your assumption isn't correct. If there are 8 pins on a side, and the connector gets flipped around when inserted, then 8 pins are available in the same configuration. So if the number 1 pin is on the right of the connector side A, when flipped, it remains on the same end of the connector. Think about turning the device around.So there are still 8 usable different connections, plus the one on the shell, which is likely a ground.
I've been thinking the same things myself. There are a bunch of pins on the old connector that do nothing. Getting rid of some of them wouldn't limit functionality, except for giving Apple extra pins for other uses in the future.What I'm concerned about is that they limited the functionality to the point that devices that connect now won't be usable in the future. I have a device that connects microphones, and acts as a headphone am as well. This is used with a very good...
They were most all of the models they sell here. Most of the rest of the models sold elsewhere are the same models with differing names.
Not in court. Not here. That's a very dangerous game.
Thats simply not going to happen.
I've seen that argument from posters on the financial forums. But they are obviously fanboys from the language they use, and the insistance that Samsung's numbers can't possibly be that bad.A company takes real risks if they submit documents are are false. It's highly doubtful that this is the case here. We can be pretty sure that Apple has their own ways of having some idea as to the actual shipments and sales of Samsung. If they think the numbers are wrong, we can be...
Be a bit more thuthful please. These weren't a "few" models, they were most of Samsung's models, and they likely accounted for a good 75% of what they sold here, including the Win Phone models.
This isn't about US sales numbers, but it illustrates what I've been saying about the uselessness of the guessing going around with Samsung's numbers. You'll notice that Samsung said that numbers were DOWN 10% on all their phones, and that smartphone shipments followed that trend. Yet, the guesses had the smartphone numbers from them going up!http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/story/2012-04-27/samsung-apple-smartphone-sales/54584550/1
Except for this chart of course, the only phone sales numbers Samsung gives out are their total shipping numbers for all their phones, and the occasional numbers for one model they feel has done particularly well. Those numbers could be for a month, three months, or six months. It's also usually their top line, or the one right below it. But other than that, no one knows what they ship, much less sell. A quarter ago we saw guesses from 32 million to 44.5 million. None of...
It isn't possible for any Samsung phone to be the most popular phone on AT&T, except for maybe a day or so. Last quarter, when Apple's sales went down because people are waiting for the new phone, AT&T stated that the iPhone was 73% of their smartphone sales. The quarter before, when people weren't yet thinking about the new phone in significant numbers, that percentage was 78.5%. Phone popularity there is, in order; 4S, 4, 3GS, then a Samsung, at much lower sales numbers.
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