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Yes, I was going to comment on that. In fact, they put over $14 billion away for that last quarter. This can be a confusing topic.
I agree. I've been following this tech for years. It's one that's always a few years from being practical. Of course, that was said about flat screen Tv's, portable computers, etc. but they had serious advantages, such as size and thickness. But these don't offer much. As battery tech improves further, and there are developments that may come to market soon, fuel cell tech will need major improvements to compete.
What really grabbed me about the article, is how snide the writer is. "I was thinking about lunch". Twice! Was that really necessary?
I recently bought a HP m575n, and I'm pretty happy with it. I've got my old CLS8500n still, but don't need the 12x18 printing ability of that any longer. While I can't say much about their home machines, their commercial models are built very well, and work very well.
I hadn't seen that. I suppose they all do from what that says.
The only one I remember is when RIM was threatened by India and some other country about that. If they didn't give a back door, sales would be stopped. A week or so later, the tussle was ended. In fact, in an interview, Lazarious was asked about that, and he walked off rather than answer it. Where was it stated that Apple was offering back doors?
Someone is wrong somewhere. Some other company just estimated that Apple's worldwide iPhone marketshare ended the last quarter at 25.1%, an increase of 1.9% over the same quarter YOY. So who is right?
We don't know if TSMC has done any R&D for Apple as yet. That's just rumor.
They do in some areas. But IBM sells Apple products in its business solutions packages. Since they sold off their PC division, they have become platform agnostic, and Macs have been making a major comeback in large business.
I assume that Apple will be upping their dividend during, or around the time of the shareholders meeting. I wish I could go, but it's always at a bad time for me.If Apple could bring some of that cash back to the US, we would see a much higher dividend, or a large one time disbursement, as Microsoft was practically forced to do several years ago. But with most of their business overseas, that's going to be a continuing problem for major US based companies, that will only...
New Posts  All Forums: