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The stock dropped for one reason, and one reason only; the 5C is $549.I don't see how anyone could have though it was possible to have it any cheaper, considering what it was expected to be, but there you have it, crazy expectations.
I think there are a lot more carriers. But most are fairly small, though in the aggregate they add up to an impressive number.
There are 35 million iPhones on China Mobile's network now. They don't use 3G for the most part either. These grey market phones have been so popular, that China Mobile began a service to cut SIM cards down, and sells SIM cards for the iPhone.And remember that most of those phones were bought for prices that are higher than retail, many for over $1,000 US. If the 5C does go for $550 retail, I will be disappointed, sure, but they will be snapped up there.
One phone everywhere is hardly possible. Unless you expect Apple to put two radios in each phone. Apple buys the most expensive readies, which is why they've only needed two phones to cover everything, other than China Mobile. If you look at other companies, they can have as many as a dozen versions of a phone to cover the same amount of ground. Apple does pretty well.The problem is that no e of the radios available cover all of the bands. They been getting better, and...
I would imagine that in this major overhaul, things like that would stand out, and so would have been fixed early on. If not, that would be a big surprise.
That's because everything is late in West Florida.
It's just not going to happen. Apple came up with the name "Retina screen", and the definition of what they were. For a phone, it's at least 320 ppi. They can't go back on that now. It would be a crippling marketing move.The screen type is IGZO. Whether Apple will ever use them is up in the air.
They have to stick with 16:9 now. There's no going back, even by a little. It makes sense on a phone, though I wasn't thrilled when they did it, but as I've used it over time, I've gotten used to it. In order for them to have a bigger screen, 16:9 makes sense. Otherwise, the screen needs to be way too wide, and difficult to hold. Not happening.
It worked for the 5 because it was just a bit on the top and bottom. Apple couldn't get away with letter boxing all around the screen. At best, it would need to be a very temporary solution. Or they would need to come up with some very sophisticated software to Rez up current apps in a high quality way so that people didn't look at them and think that they looked horrible, while developers, again, rewrote their apps.
Apple hasn't thought about doing that except to elongate the screen and add some pixels to that. It caused minimal trouble for developers. But to maintain a specific ppi would be a problem. Each different screen size would then have a different resolution. Developers don't program to a ppi, they program to a total number. So this would cause a lot of problems. The same as we see with Android, where Google's solution causes a lot of strange on screen problems.
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