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  They've had flexible displays for at least 3 years and foldable ones from 4 years ago.
  Pinch to zoom was demonstrated a full year before the announcement of the iphone.   :46 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89sz8ExZndc
Anything that runs programs that are called 'apps' and has rinky dink specs like 1 gb of ram and 16 gb of space and runs on a smartphone cpu is not a computer.  
  Calling it S-Voice is a bit risky but a little bit of thought will tell you that S is in Galaxy S, as well as S is for Samsung. Then if you think about iPhone 4S having an S, it's LOL.
What letter does Samsung start with?
I don't even think tablets should be considered PC's.  
Well just reported today, RIM confirms that they are behind the Wake Up stunt. Up until now Apple fans were still insisting that Samsung was lying. Funniest thing I have ever seen.
  North America last quarter ; 3D TVs they held 53.3%, in Smart TVs they had 47.3%, both exceeded the market share of the next 3 largest competitors combined. In LED they had 48.2% of TVs 40” and higher.
    Samsung is McDonalds with an 82" Touchscreen costing $60,000?
    Left out LED. All premium baby. If these are McDonalds then little rinky dink iphones and ipads are Sam's Club hot dogs.
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