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    Is that why Samsung absolutely dominates the 3D and Smart TV sectors?
The number of people involved in farming in China is around 300 million and I wouldn't call them all impoverished seeing as to how China is the largest agricultural producer in the world.  
    Yeah, I'm gonna call BS on that.
Don't worry about it Relic, tech savvy people (android users) know how to get free music, books, movies, etc while clueless Apple people are attached to the store with their credit cards. Everybody rips movies, that's why are there so many sites dedicated to it and so many free programs constantly updated that allow you to do so.  
And if anybody reading this doesn't get the "rectangular shape with rounded corners" reference, it is one of the reasons Apple sued Samsung.
Are you talking about the flip phones that were dubbed "smartphones" back then. C'mon now.
Did Apple invent the smartphone? I don't think so. Samsung is a late comer in the smartphone industry but in just a year they became the leader in unit sales. They won Best Smartphone for the S2 and Best Manufacturer from the World Mobile Congress, all in the year of copygate. And you can't deny Samsung's strength in TVs, something to which Apple aspires. They were the first to introduce LED, the first to introduce 3D, and now will be first with OLED and then...
Actually you can pick up brand new sealed 4S's on ebay from decent sellers for under $500.
"Apple specifically targeted the Galaxy Tab in its legal battle against Samsung and succeeded in winning injunctions against the device in some regions. Samsung subsequently tweaked the device and re-released it as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N." Actually, it was only one region.
The thing is, people don’t mess around when spending the kind of money to buy a car. Some will choose a car just to save $1000 - $1500 spending $20,000+ based on price alone, but those are few. Most will not buy a car unless they believe it is going to be something they can rely on. They will pay a bit more for dependability without giving it much thought. The JD Power Customer Retention showed that Hyundai owners are the most likely to be brand loyal when it comes to...
New Posts  All Forums: