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Here's one with the Best Resale Value Award http://www.prnewswire.com/news-relea...133957448.html
You seem to suffer from serious reading deficiency, the article I linked has nothing to do with residual or resale value.
JD Power Says Hyundai First in Customer Retention 2012 http://wot.motortrend.com/jd-power-s...ig-157447.html
The USB connector, power adapter, app drawer. These are the things that fb's constantly harp about. But need I remind you again, normal people don't give a rat's ass about these things. Mobile World Congress, the most important gathering of the year of journalists, academians and industry leaders voted Galaxy S2 Best Smartphone and Samsung Best Manufacturer, all in the year of copygate. Go figure. And the Apple Smartcase, turns out it is a copy of...
Toyota Camry recalls every year. So what's your point? http://www.automobilemag.com/auto_re...mry/index.html http://www.mycarstats.com/reports/to...y/recalls.aspx
It's funny, in the realm outside of Apple centrism, industry leaders such as the Mobile World Congress seem to think otherwise. They voted the Galaxy S2 Best Smartphone and Samsung the Best Manufacturer, all in the year of copygate. It must sicken you to know that Apple relies on Samsung for a lot of its most critical components. For fb's like you, I hope change will come soon.
At this point the only people who think so are fanboisMost everybody, as in the Mobile World Congress doesn't think so as they voted S2 the Best Smartphone and Samsung the Best Manufacturer in the year of copygate.
If only Apple wasn't trying to sell TVs like Samsung.
Yes that must be it.
I don't even remember that but if he did it's just more clever talk from Apple. If they had ANYTHING to do with the design they would have mentioned it AS THEY ALWAYS DO with the processors.
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