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Go look at the keynote and see if they say ANYTHING about design it.
If Apple had anything to do the design of the display it would have been in the keynote, where they always tout their design of the processors, even the A4. Sorry, that's just clever advertising.
LMAO.By the way, does anyone here think Apple designed the New iPad Retina screen?
Samsung jacked up the price from $14 to $23 per processor. How much does Foxconn charge to make the ipad?
What is the comparison between the A4 and the Hummingbird?
Apple designed the A4?
That's hot.
Considering Samsung spent more than $100 billion in investments alone in 2010-2012, I highly doubt that would be possible.
The Galaxy S app screen looking like the 3GS home screen. Is that what you are talking about?
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