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That meeting was with Tim Cook after he became CEO in late last year, they decided to extend the deal to 2014 and among other things increase SSD's in the MBAs. Samsung has no reason to "run away" from the contracts. Why would it relinquish the prestige of having its arch-rival depend on it for critical components.
Not really.
Or maybe they should be like Apple and just photoshop the difference.
Samsung is Foxconn.
Does anybody else find it odd that this rumor is released on the same day that Bloomberg reports that the new iPad Retina screens are all made by Samsung. Is Samsung mocking Apple?
The reactions to this post reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwExDG7n7Zg
"O" is for original.Roman ColosseumTulou in ChinaOld Busch StadiumMaracana Stadium BrazilApple Building
Maybe they'll hire someone to photoshop the difference in case they can.
Nobody wants to plug in.
Dear venerable AI memberKeep your delusional insights to yourselves.It makes you, a seemingly intelligent person, and everyone else look bad.
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