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******************** The fix commands that I read look very intimidating. Then there is an applet available ... BUT, how do I know that the command I am to enter or applet to run comes from the white hats ? I hope this is not showing extreme ignorance; but I need to know this fix can be trusted at least as much as an Apple Software Update. Also, I boot into Lion from an external Firewire drive. My internal drive, in my MBP iCore7, runs the latest SL. So, are they both in...
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The whole idea of a Kindle is lost. The reader that works even better under the sun or bright lighting than it does in dim lighting and without hurting your eyes and with awesome battery life...that's what Kindle is all about. What the heck is the Fire for? Is it for failing? I got a Kindle Touch. I love it. Of course, the UI is written by a team that would get a D or F in any college intro-to-programing course: It has dead-ends...
I did AT&T after being assured, by Apple Genius, that it would not deny me any protections normally available through Apple.com. Does anyone know whether I can get AppleCare+ as an ATT pre-order? iPhone4S BLK 64GB --- I hope
Which data? My contacts? photos? banking info notes? ... Why worry about Google scandals or Bush/bama snooping: just turn it all over to a corporation ???!!!! WTH IS WRONG WITH US ???!!!! WHY ARE WE NOT OUTRAGED ?????!!!!!!
Aren't they infamous too for crippling HW features in devices to force us to buy their crappy SW-based replacements ? They did with my first Razor handset. And they had lousy if any concern for me at tech support. ---h
Help me out here, A dark creepy mirage approaches me, from the East, across the sand dunes, and it says it is a revolution, in Arabic looking font, with Arabic sounding music track ... right? Am I supposed to identify? Am I supposed to spit up my grits and call the boys to lock and load? ... Oh! I am supposed to buy an iPhone knock-off !!!! Now I get it ! Eddy Bernais would be proud
If the white paint job is not do-able, then I have The World's Greatest Idea and will share it with everyone now: MAKE A CLEAR GLASS iPhone 4 THAT SHOWS OFF ALL OF ITS LOVELY GIBLETS !!! With laser engraving INSIDE THE GLASS BACK (not on the surface -- you've seen those crystal ornaments with 3D interior laser etching of dolphins, hummingbirds, etc?) of text and /or objects. BTW, the white iPhone4 has tiny holes for the proximity sensor, so it must work OK. ---gooddog
******************************* I already have a rubber bumper. I demand an iPhone4 for it !!! Right now, I get no signal at all, no matter how I hold my bumper
------------------------------------------------------ LOL !, LOL ! LOL! I was amazed at the total slap-down Jobs did on the whole gang of mutts that were nipping at the heels of the champion - Apple. What a transparently lousy version of the Jedi mind trick coming from the mutts! They totally (try to) divert attention from the plain evidence of the videos. Who are we to believe, them or our own lying eyes ? Just the night before, I put the death grip on my wonderful...
Pielframa.com very expensive. Very beautiful --- try blue.
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