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Please don't, apple... Beats is crap and will diminish the brand. Buy a German company instead... Maybe Ultrasone.
yay! finally!!!
Etherington has probably joined the legions of paid google/samesung shills.  Most, if not all, engadget editors display the same sort of bias against apple products.  It's amazing that the lead editors of such blogs allow the sort of biased stupidity that these folks are producing.  Money is changing hands... that's the only explanation.
Great editorial. Definitely shows that the media has a pro-google bias. I would not be surprised if it came to light that both google and Samsung have been paying a lot of those folks. And I hate to say it but AI's own sister blog Engadget is heavily biased against apple and made some of the same flawed claims.
man, google is run by idiots. first the nexus q. then google glass. now this. fail fail fail.
FBI or some other investigative body should look into this. This is just too much of a coincidence.
Let the EU fine this patent troll for at least the 18B.
This just invalidated tens of millions of idiotic arguments by millions and millions of idiot fandroids over the last 4 or 5 years. hahahaha I love it. So much boasting... for what??? so that eventually the numbers align with the user experience??? hahahaha
I hope Samsung and Google get hit hard with this ruling. Rogue, anti-competitive, hypocritical companies should be punished.
  "and a propensity to suck up precious resources..."   Spoken like a true hater who is ignorant of the facts.  Here, read this:   http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/politics/Illegal-Immigrant-Costs-Benefits-Disputed--92549134.html   "There's a significant body of estimations, of literature out there, that shows there's a 'net plus' to having undocumented immigrants," says James Gerber, Ph.D. professor of economics and director of the international business program at San...
New Posts  All Forums: