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lame. netflix usted to have 'nine songs' and other movies one can say are 'porn'. you're really reaching with this article.
Why don't you try to point out your indignation at a phrase offensive to 'many Asians' without using a phrase that's offensive to Mexicans? I get what your doing here... you want to deflect negative attention off of you and put it on the Mexicans instead.
and how do you squeeze both a mechanical watch and the necessary chips, circuit boards, battery, electronics screens, to run android wear and last all day??? they didn't think this through very well... I predict a major major flop. and as usual the insecure fandroid engadget editors, mods, commenters are now saying the opposite of what they said about the apple edition watch. now all of a sudden it's ok to pay thousands for a 'smart watch'. hahahaha TagH going from low mid...
LOLS, good luck selling "luxury" to the android user base...
sign me up.
it's time that iPhone users and Apple consumers in general leverage our collective buying power to demand that businesses support things like apple pay. we need to organize.
It's very simple... if Samsung had not copied Apple and used Apple's IP... they would not have sold so many devices and would not have gained the market share that they did and Apple would have sold more ithings.
Thermonuclear biatch! Jobs' wish is coming to pass.
Thermonuclear biatch!!! Google, your years are numbered.
The entire Engadget staff should be fired.  I have no doubts in my mind that money is changing hands.  They spin everything to make android/google/samsung look good and make apple look bad.  Just recently the Thermonuclear obliteration of Samsung's profits was brushed over and the news was spun to basically say that android has 81% market share.  Way to deflect attention from the real news.  Apple should exclude Engadget from their events.  Engadget is becoming less and...
New Posts  All Forums: