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If apple is smart, they will use some of those billions to hire a couple hundred employees to make this happen.  They need:   Apple Television (high-end, simple to use, ideally with a-la-carte programming) Apple TV thingy with the ability to run apps Bluetooth game controller   Move on this asap apple... or you risk losing out if the rest of the industry gets their shit together.
Samsung should be sued out of existence.  So should google.  They're both rogue companies that steal and engage in foul, unfair business practices.
Stupid google is on a propaganda campaign against apple.  They're all taking turns being snarky, smug and insulting.  Well F U google.
Yay! I'm on my way home to grab my 27" iMac that just got delivered. I hope others don't have to wait as long as I did for mine.
It's not about being "rewarded".  I'm sure people like you would just LOVE to have a group of people living in the shadows without the ability to even work legally or drive.  Why don't we also bring back slavery.  Giving human beings a humane treatment is NOT being rewarded... but I'm sure people like you can't understand that.
People like you like to hate people that are different than you on the excuse that they committed the outrageous crime of crossing an imaginary line to feed their family.  But you guys will never mention the real problem... corporations that hire undocumented folks.  Wallow in your hate for human beings.  
Sure, let the other companies innovate so google can just copy everything again.  Friggin jerk.
I'll say.  Ordered mine on 01/02 and it still has the same status as then:  "Processing Item".  Come on apple!  Get a move on!
I'll say... I've been waiting for the status on my 27" to change from "Processing Items".
Finally!!! I've been waiting for this for a while.
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