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This stupid company (google) should get their comeuppance for ripping other companies off and then playing dirty with FRAND patents.  Sue them to oblivion.
Yup.  Apple could have killed the competition, Android and everyone else and they would have safely locked millions into the ecosystem.  Although I think the price is fair for what you get, it could have been a smart move to price them at $249 and up.  But then, maybe they know more than we do... who knows.  
LOL @ Google. Those dirty bastards trying to cheat companies (read: Apple) using FRAND patents. I hope google get's their assess sued or that they get fined for unfair business practices.
I call b.s.  Though I'm sure it's selling well, anyone can say they're selling a million of this or a million of that if no one's checking and if they don't actually publish numbers.  Me, I have over a million friends!  I just don't feel like naming them all, however.  See how that works?
The problem I see with the patents thing is that I feel everyone copies before the patent is granted to the point that it becomes mainstream and then you have people saying it's so common that the patent should be revoked.  Well... it became commonplace because it was a great idea... that should not preclude issuing a patent for it to the ones who came up with it.
I wish apple would ban engadget.  that site is a circle-jerk of android fanboys.  the editors can't write an article about or mentioning apple without a ton of snark.  they are self-proclaimed android fanboys.  it's not good for apple to let them in.
I think they needed to price it at $299.  If they were to sell 10 Million of these, they're down $300 Million but they knock the competition out of the water and lock 10 million consumers into the ecosystem.  These 10 million are nearly guaranteed to buy the next iteration.  Short term loss for a lock of the market.  They should have done it.
I sure hope so.  Anything above 250 will be a hard sell to the folks in the budget tablet market.  If Apple really wanted to kill their competition, they'd take a hit on this first iteration and price it at $200.  I know they won't but if they did they'd kill all their competitors in one stroke.
It's funny to me... all the filesharing services (Napster, Audio Galaxy, Kazaa) ran into problems when they were providing a platform for sharing copyright material and the "we don't control the content" defense did not work.  Here we have Google making millions by serving ads while providing copyright material.  They should be sued over all those music videos, movies, tv shows, etc. that people get to watch for free.
Apple should partner with Sony for their components.  Sony is a good company and they don't present much of a threat to Apple, like Samsuck does.  Apple, invest in Sony NOW.  
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