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couldn't have said it better myself.  Apple should sue over misleading customers.  what if apple were to publish and ad stating that searching on google gives your pc a virus???
Well, the rumors that Google will be dropping the price to $99 shows how desperate they are.  They're trying to acquire critical mass at all costs but it's not working like it did with cell phones where they sold the highend ones for pennies, shortly after launch.
Remember that Android tablets are "shipped", not sold.  Meaning most of them may be sitting on the shelves at BestBuy.
That's pretty impressive for Apple, given that all the Android phones (even the flagship phones) are offered for $50 or even a penny at Amazon just weeks after they are released.  Anyone who says Android didn't gain because of price is deluding themselves.
Remember when the Android fanboys were going to the apple stores to jailbreak ipads and iphones?  Maybe now the Apple fanboys should go to this store and install one of the many malware apps out there for Android.  Payback's a bitch. LOL LOL LOL
Yes.  It's pretty much the same thing over and over.  Fandroids are the biggest hypocrites.  Siri was stupid because people "look stupid talking to their phones'.  Of course now that Samsung and Google have something similiar, it's "actually pretty neat".   This judge should be disbarred for allowing his personal f'ing feelings to interfere with a legal decision.  The guy is worthless.
If there ever was a time to say it... this is it:  This is going to be DOA.  
"12 smartphones or tablets"   Ummm... it's probably 11.99999999999 smartphones and .000000000001 tablets every second.  
Not to mention the high-end Android phones selling for a penny on Amazon a few months after release.  This has much to do with Android adoption also, besides the wow factor.  
hahahahaha   awesome.
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