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I know Apple doesn't move to my schedule but there were some glaring things missing from this launch. Where is the iPad mini retina? Where is the China Mobile deal? Where is the iPad 5? What gives?
If you don't feel you violated the patents then you won't agree.
I'm getting a 27 incher in December and then I'm going to throw my my Q6600 Vista machine off the roof and see if it can fly.
As for stock price, everyone could see when this thing broke minimal support, the shorty hedge funds jumped on this thing big time.  The negative articles started spewing out non-stop.  Everyone is eyeing the $520-530ish level for support.  They are pounding it until then to make money.  Once that hits, and if we get agreement on the fiscal cliff, the stock will make a strong comeback.  I bought in at $50 years back.  Long and strong.
I read somewhere it will have 3GS specs internally (i.e. cpu, etc.).  Look, rumors are rumors, and no one really knows except Apple.  I'm long apple stock but if this thing is released with specs like that it's gonna nose dive even more than the past couple weeks.  I'm waiting for iPhone 5 sales numbers anyways after Christmas and Q4 results and then I'm out most likely.  I like Apple and own a lot of Apple products, but the growth curve is starting to flatten.  And I...
I hope they release the iPad 3 with an igzo display along with the mini with an igzo as well. That would be nice.
This is merely a case of worker incentive to get the job done.  That's how the Chinese roll.  It reminds me of a story I read where the government expected a certain build number from a plant and management fell short of the number.  Management was taken outside and executed.  Before they were executed, the new management was taken outside to witness the event.  Afterwards, the government told the new management to meet the build number.  They did.
I saw other's asked about sim size, but couldn't find an answer.  Did the iPhone 5 keep the same sim size as the iPhone 4/4S?
If this has been planted by Apple the past couple of months and the new iPhone looks completely different...then Apple, I mean really, rules.
  VERNON Who closed that door?   BENDER I think a screw fell out of it...   ANDREW It just closed, sir...   (Vernon looks at Allison in the back.)   VERNON Who?   (Allison lets out a squeak and slams her face onto the table, hiding in her jacket hood.)   BENDER She doesn't talk, sir...   VERNON (to Bender) Give me that screw...   BENDER I don't have it...   VERNON You want me to yank you outta that seat and...
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