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Even non-functional (I presume), I wonder what this would go for at auction.
  Hey Dick follow your own advice.
At the point when you become senile, you should just quit talking.
When Apple does a big announcement like this, the hardware is almost always immediately available the day of the announcement.  With Microsoft, it's always "coming".  That is a big let down to prospective consumers.  Consumers get geared up with the announcement and get in a "frenzy", only to be told they can't buy it.   I personally don't think this thing is going to do very well.  Anything Microsoft sells hardware-wise has generally been a failure.  The kickstand...
They were already losing 20 bucks per kindle fire sold already. This can't be good for their bottom line.
I do video editing and like to be mobile when I do it.  The 17" Macbook pro was perfect for doing so.  With time lines and a video preview it can get tight, but still doable.  If they could keep the 17" line and add the retina display, that would be absolutely perfect.  If they give us a 15" with a retina display and drop the 17" screen, this won't do much good for me because I don't want to sit 2 inches away from the laptop to see what I'm doing.  I'm hoping that rumor...
If this guy ever leaves, I'm cashing in my Apple stock...for a hefty profit I might add.
They are wasting perfectly good energy using a projector for this.  They should protest themselves.
Golden handcuffs, but we don't even know if the guy is in fact golden yet.  As for the barber comment it was funny, but if he can do the job he could have a mo-hawk for all I care.  I'm a share holder.  Seems a bit excessive.
"Lighten up Francis."
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