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I've got to say that I would love for Siri to become a more powerful assistant. I'm trusting that Apple is taking it's time either to focus on making other things in the ecosystem better or working on bringing a huge bang for the iPhone 6S and future Macs.
Sometimes the legal system really sucks. Clearly this is a fabricated attempt to get money but the judge can't or won't just throw the whole thing out. This is the type of stuff that we need laws against. If a company truly did something wrong they should be held accountable. In this case we know there wasn't wrong doing. Pirated music, movies or any pirated content period shouldn't be allowed. I know I won't get much help on that one but the studios and artists get...
I was going to ask the same thing. No one is questioning Samscum or Google given the staggering amount of malware associated with android.
This is why I buy Apple products. I love that Apple reacts faster to these things now. I love the walled garden. Lol.
I have this exact same issue. At first I thought it was a hardware problem.
Thanks a lot for the help. It's working.
Does this work with iPhone 5? I'm running 8.1 but I don't have the "forward messages" toggle.
I can't wait!!! Bring on the new products so I can buy more toys to play with. A new Apple TV, MacBooks, Mac Mini, iPad mini and Air!!! My wallet is going to fell it this year and next.
You sir are the Man! My feelings exactly. I had to shutdown a Galaxy Note wielding Best Buy wireless rep today when I tried to order a 6+ from them. She started to spout that bull crap and I just let her have it. Then proceeded to tell her that the guy on the youtube video was straining to bend the phone and that he looked like he was constipated trying to do it. She started to laugh and I asked her why she tried to spread that crap if she didn't really believe it. She...
You're right!! Time to buy more stock!!Damn you're right!! Time to get more stock!! When they release it in China and add to that 10 million iPhones sold we will be raking in more cash. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: