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Oh my. Don't they still have to buy the phone to get the perks? They should get a free phone, all costs associated with the switch covered by Samsung and $200 in a visa or MasterCard to use anywhere. And no credit check for those switchers. Lol.
Sir please enlighten us.This seems to be a win for customers to me.There are several other streaming services also included. As far as I can tell, none of the services are paying T-Mobile to prioritize or increase the speed of their streaming. All the data used by streaming services is treated the same it appears.But if I'm not seeing the whole picture please share the knowledge. Inquiring minds want to know.
Really? Are you joking or serious?I would love for AT&T to do this. I have the 30gig plan with 3 lines but I have to stay on my family members not to go crazy. Of course I never told them that we have that amount either. Still...... I'd like to stream more Apple Music and tell them that they can too. I love the service and all my family wants to keep using it after the trial.Time for an experiment. Lol.
Lol!! I was thinking the same thing.
Well said sir.
Nice one.My friends who have Samsung phones are not happy about those changes. None of them have upgraded. Of course I get to tease them about it because those were their selling points. Their issues with my iPhone was screen size but now I'm rocking an iPhone 6 Plus 128gig. So now all they pick at is LCD vs OLED.
Too bad about Prince. I like his music. I'm loving Apple Music though. I'm not really into the streaming thing but I tried Pandora and Amazon Prime Music and Spotify in early times but I really didn't like any of them. I keep finding cool stuff on Apple Music though. Like today I tagged a song with Shazam and then I tapped on the arrow on the right side and I was able to choose Apple Music or ITunes. So I picked Apple Music and it took me there and I could play the...
Hi. I'm not a lawyer or anything. I'm just asking a question here.If you own your digital rights and you only want to put your album on your company service can you be sued for that? Can some other company who wants your album have a court force you to make available to them? Could Apple have forced Taylor Swift to give them access to her album she was withholding?I agree with you though. It is Apple and just because they have so much money in the bank they would be a very...
Apple has gotten free publicity out of this whole thing. It's all over my local news station and all over the web. People who didn't even know of the upcoming service and who definitely don't watch keynote events now know of it. People will try it just on GP (general purpose). Even if you say it's not free because they are paying the artists it's still more than they would have gotten if they had to pay for the publicity. WAY TO TURN THE LEMONS INTO LEMONADE!! Artists...
I'm so sick of companies trying to make a case against Apple using Steve Jobs. I understand they may be trying to present the strongest case possible but it really just rubs me the the wrong way. He's no longer with us to elaborate on the evidence or speculation for himself. And I'm sure it's not a good feeling for his family and friends.
New Posts  All Forums: