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I hope they were already working on integration prior to acquiring the business and that it comes to market quickly.
I concur. Lol. I was thinking the same thing.
I really hope that some of the rumors pan out. I could go for a new camera, ram and force touch. I'd also like to see them enable the FM radio. I get tired of streaming music. I love to hear the DJ morning shows. I can stream local stations with Tunein but it's still streaming and eats data when I'm not on wifi. Yeah I know. It won't happen. Wishful thinking.
I guess you're right. I have to be honest though. I did want them to go for it. Every time I get wrong directions on Maps I get a little irritated and have to tell myself that it's going to get better soon. Google maps gets the location for this particular place wrong too though.
It's all about the money. What do they charge everyone else? It's the same ole Apple shake down.
I agree with you. I hope it can go head to head with surface pro tablets or whatever they are called. Scotty we need more power!! Lol.
I'm with you guys. This is just crap. I hate cowards.
Love it. I think I'm going to purchase one and wait. Lol.
I don't think it's a good deal at all. I get 3 lines on AT&T all iPhone 6 plus and 30 gigs of data for $170. My other concern would be Google, the notorious information broker, having access to cell info. I'm sure they have already figured out how they will monetize the venture.
Does anyone know if this applies to the new 13 inch MacBook Pro?
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