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You beat it already? Cool. How's are the graphics? Smooth game play? Do you feel it's worth it?
Thanks. I really appreciate that. I've been considering a switch to t-mobile. I just may do it.
I was just wanting to know what the catch was if any. I'm not a t-mobile customer so the only experience I have with the service is through friends, reviews or people like you on forums. If I were considering switching I'd want to know the skinny. That's all. I know the network capacity has improved and coverage has improved as well but what are the potential negatives? What things do you wish would improve? What thing are great for you as a customer?Their service in my...
Has anyone examined the fine print on this? On the surface it sounds great! I love The CEO's energy. I think that if Verizon and AT&T start to see an outflow of more postpaid customers they may have to compete. And that's good for us all.
Lol. You're right. Lol.
Number sync huh? Att you have piqued my interest. Continue.
Wow. Nice.
I think that if this judge forces Apple to do this it sets a precedent that will affect all tech companies and most of all us the consumers. Apples brand will be tarnished all over the world. What citizen of another country knowingly wants another country to be able to hack their phone? What foreign governments will call bans or access to Apple products for the express purpose of using it against their people and us? This will be a bad thing. The case should be strong...
I didn't know who it was either but I definitely like the commercial. I decided to pass on the 6s Plus but I love the live pictures feature and this commercial does a great job of highlighting that.
I'll be ready to purchase one as soon as it goes on sale.
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