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 You're forgetting that the A8 is running games at a higher resolution than the PS3 when used for mobile. Lowering the resolution requirement to 1080p would increase graphic capability. And as the article mentions, an Apple TV with an A8 would always be plugged in. That would eliminate the power consumption concerns that might also limit graphics.
If you're an exceptional company, you won't try to cheat your employees. Or perhaps you're arguing that low standards are okay if you're the boss?
Asking for area standard wages and benefits is a fairly basic request.
They really just need to iron out the due process requirements for private electronic equipment and come up with a standard that the public is comfortable with. I think the real fear for the majority of the public is the idea that the government has played fast and loose with due process standards after the Patriot Act became law, not that the government shouldn't be allowed to search private electronic equipment if they've followed a fair due process that protects civil...
This is overblown. I think Apple's main concern is really centered around ensuring that due process takes place, and that the company isn't used as a shortcut to the established warrant process by law enforcement.
The first link is just a repeat of material from Dalrymple's original column where he incorrectly assumed he had "lost" a large amount of music and talked about weird issues with his music library. Turns out those kinds of issues were most commonly caused by a corrupted .itl file during the update, and were resolved by replacing it with the prior .itl file. The second link is labelled as "troubleshooting", but 95% of the content is just explaining  the standard way to set...
Apparently you can create a secondary library as a work around to that prior to El Capitan. http://www.imore.com/do-you-have-over-25000-tracks-heres-how-create-secondary-itunes-library-apple-music-and-itunes-match
Although I've read a lot of generalized complaints about iTunes + Match + Apple Music being "confusing", I've yet to see a specific argument made that's very convincing about why it's "confusing". All you have to do is backup the music files on your HDD and never choose to have any of the apps delete files from your HDD and there's no risk of losing something that isn't limited to a Match subscription or an Apple Music subscription.
My reaction to Apple Music after a couple of weeks has been very similar to my reaction to the iTunes store when it first rolled out: it almost seems like it's too good to be true. One of the things that stands out about the service is the curated playlists and content that's generated by people rather than algorithms. I've already come across ALOT of artists that I missed in certain genres…despite regularly browsing those genres in iTunes with the 'Related' and 'Listeners...
IMO, the mini is a product that could easily be eliminated from the lineup. It was a sort of bridge product during the time that the 9.7" iPad was still considered "heavy" and Apple wasn't offering 4.7" and 5.5" screen phones. The introduction of a 12.9" iPad that sold for a premium and a modest price drop on the 9.7" iPad would seem like an opportunity to discontinue the mini.
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