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This is what corporate executives do when they don't have a clue about how to grow the business.
There's no question that console gaming is still very popular and a big business. However, console gaming is no longer just about the the $60 and up flagship titles. It's also about indie games and smaller titles being sold in the various online stores supported by consoles, as well as other media consumption that isn't related to games. I don't think there's much of a question that the new Apple TV can be competitive right away in those latter two categories. Also, keep...
 Yes, technically literate people. Anandtech said in early 2014 that the Tegra K1 easily had the power to run 360/PS3 games. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7622/nvidia-tegra-k1/3 Performance wise, the K1 falls somewhere between the iPhone A8 and the iPad A8X, so the idea that the customized A8 in the Apple TV isn't going to be able to run that level of graphics doesn't make sense. Remember, the A8 has 2 billion transistors, a 4 MB L3 cache, and the RAM in the TV version is...
 I think most people have accepted that a plugged-in A8 that only needs to run a 1080p display is going to be on par with a 360/PS3. 
Educated guess: Siri's search will only be as good as the tags associated with the files. So if your large iTunes library is mainly media that was purchased from iTunes, it's likely to work well. Ripped content is likely to be more limited depending upon what tags were actually entered for the rip.
Again, I think the main issue for companies like Apple and Microsoft is having a comprehensive and consistent approach to due process for digital communication access. They don't want to be treated like a shortcut around due process by government agencies, which is a perfectly legitimate stance to take.
Two things seem obvious:   A. That Apple wouldn't be interested in simply cloning the exact same touch sensitivity approach that Wacom uses.   B. That there's always the possibility that Wacom's touch sensitivity approach could be improved upon.   That said, it's not guaranteed that Apple is really trying to beat Wacom's high end products that are specific to artists. It may be more oriented towards improving the experience for a wide range of uses, including art.
 You're forgetting that the A8 is running games at a higher resolution than the PS3 when used for mobile. Lowering the resolution requirement to 1080p would increase graphic capability. And as the article mentions, an Apple TV with an A8 would always be plugged in. That would eliminate the power consumption concerns that might also limit graphics.
If you're an exceptional company, you won't try to cheat your employees. Or perhaps you're arguing that low standards are okay if you're the boss?
Asking for area standard wages and benefits is a fairly basic request.
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