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I read the article and he's pretty short on detail in regards to the "lost" files and where they actually were. I have a hard time believing that upgrading the application actually deleted 4,700 files from his HDD. That's the same thing that some of the users on Apple's forums believed, and it turned out it was really just a bad .itl file.
 It's looking like it's more of an issue with iTunes Cloud Library than Apple Music. One solution is to just turn off iTunes Cloud Library and restore the previous .itl file that existed prior to the update to Apple Music. That seems to be working for many people. 
 Yeah, it's a head-scratcher when you hear people claiming that they don't know how to get to their own music when the 'My Music' icon shows up immediately when you launch the app. The navigation for the entire app is right in front of your nose right off the bat: 'For You' (scroll through suggested playlists and albums based on your preferences), 'New' (scroll through recently released music by genre), 'Radio' (Beats 1 etc.), 'Connect' (artist connections), 'My Music'...
As the article mentions, they're not really the same product/service. I've used the ad-supported version of Pandora quite a bit and would probably continue to do so even if I subscribed to Apple Music. Sometimes you want to micro-manage the music, sometimes you don't.
 That isn't even correct. Chile, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Poland, and South Korea also tax overseas earnings.
It's a complete fallacy to say that U.S. companies are taxed twice for foreign earnings.  http://www.factcheck.org/2015/06/christies-tax-dodge/
Yeah, that seems to be a complete misunderstanding of Apple. If they really are going to develop a car as a major product category, then the last thing they would do is buy someone else's design for it.
 Is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper portable? Because that's the effective screen size, and Apple has already proven that they can make a very lightweight product. Perhaps that will be the draw for the Pro…the "I can't believe how light this is" angle.
Two different things. Dr. Dre's show is a free-flowing DJ mix, whereas your link is essentially a curated playlist of full songs.
I was impressed with the format for The Pharmacy. I tuned in thinking that I would just sample it to see what it was like and ended up listening to all two hours. It was fun, took some risks, and did a good job at mixing the music, promotional stuff, and introducing the people involved with the show in an informal way. I'm now convinced that this type of content is an essential part of breathing new life into digital music services. More engaging than an algorithm...
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