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 The NSA metadata collection was placed under the supervision of the FISC in 2006. The FISC itself has never ruled that collecting metadata was in itself illegal. In fact, it's the FISC ruling that metadata collection was legal that was called into question by the recent PCLOB review of Section 215. However, this is not even close to being an issue that "nobody is arguing". Two federal judges have already ruled that they consider the practice under Section 215 of the...
 The information that I see coming up from that search is specific to declassified FISC court instructions. Obviously if the FISC is providing guidance, it's not going to be for something the court itself considers to be illegal. And again, this is an older document from 2007. 
 All of the NSA domestic surveillance in question per the Snowden classified documents is post 9/11, meaning it's specific to the "war on terror" and the Patriot Act passed by Congress. The most recent PCLOB review that deemed the bulk collection of telephone metadata to be illegal was specific to the language in Section 215 of the Patriot Act. However, the PCLOB also deemed the government's intent for collecting those records to have been in "good faith", i.e., they saw...
 The founding fathers were no strangers to espionage. George Washington had a spy ring in New York called the Culper Ring that reported to him directly on British activity. 
Larger screen, UHD resolution, 4K output capability.
 No, I listen to quite a bit of ambient music. iTunes Radio tends to play maybe 4-6 tracks that fall into that category, and then will make an abrupt switch to another music category, like pop. A bit odd, considering that iTunes has a huge ambient music selection. It also tends to repeat ambient tracks that I already own...perhaps 50% or more of what is played. Pandora is currently much better at continuing to play music that matches the initial artist the user selects in...
 They've got quite a bit of work to do. My own impression from comparing the two is that Apple isn't really trying to compete with Pandora. 
The method and view for quitting apps that are running in iOS 7 is worth the update by itself. So much better than what was used in the past versions of iOS...
I wonder what the issue will turn out to have been. I have a 2nd Gen Apple TV and although the update was unusually slow, I didn't experience any problems with it after it was finished installing.
 The source of the fingerprint is the real issue. If it's supposed to come from the touchscreen itself, then all the user has to do to defeat it is not lock the phone with a print from the hand that they use to operate the touchscreen. If it's supposed to come from another source, then it's unlikely to apply to the standard lost or stolen phone scenario. 
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