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Yeah, that seems to be a complete misunderstanding of Apple. If they really are going to develop a car as a major product category, then the last thing they would do is buy someone else's design for it.
 Is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper portable? Because that's the effective screen size, and Apple has already proven that they can make a very lightweight product. Perhaps that will be the draw for the Pro…the "I can't believe how light this is" angle.
Two different things. Dr. Dre's show is a free-flowing DJ mix, whereas your link is essentially a curated playlist of full songs.
I was impressed with the format for The Pharmacy. I tuned in thinking that I would just sample it to see what it was like and ended up listening to all two hours. It was fun, took some risks, and did a good job at mixing the music, promotional stuff, and introducing the people involved with the show in an informal way. I'm now convinced that this type of content is an essential part of breathing new life into digital music services. More engaging than an algorithm...
Apple Music includes access to music that's been purchased from iTunes, so that would involve groups like Alabama Shakes or FKA Twigs. Also, Apple has to get permission to use the video of FKA Twigs for an advertising campaign. They're likely paying to use it as well.
Edward Snowden has already previously admitted that he planned on stealing classified documents from the NSA before he even started working there, so regardless of whether you think his media campaign was positive or negative, it's obvious that he's not a whistleblower. He had a personal agenda regarding the NSA that wasn't based on first-hand knowledge or experience.  
 Did you look at the link I posted? NPR was obviously not prevented from posting a detailed examination of the privacy, surveillance, and data collection concerns contained in the Patriot Act. That article contains every major issue that Snowden talked about...but it's in print 7 years earlier. And the truth is that people were questioning the Patriot Act almost as soon as it was passed by Congress and signed into law. The truth is that Snowden chose his route for...
For anyone who still believes that Edward Snowden was the first to reveal surveillance, privacy, or data collection concerns in regards to the NSA and the Patriot Act, check out this link from 2006...   http://www.npr.org/news/specials/patriotact/patriotactprovisions.html   All Snowden really did is repackage the same issues that had been discussed years and years earlier with a bunch of police state conspiracy theories layered on top.
 Mayweather was the boxer and Pacquiao was the brawler. That was supposed to be what was so interesting about the matchup. However, if you're going to be mad at anyone, it should be Pacquiao with the claims of being injured before he even got in the ring. That's the guy stealing your money.
Total punches thrown: Mayweather 435, Pacquiao 429Total punches landed: Mayweather 148 (34%), Pacquiao 81 (19%)
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